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Hello everyone I am SHIN. I am a National Government Licensed Guide with English(EN002150) and German(GE000104). I live in Kawasaki (near Tokyo)

and Kyoto my home town. After having retired from steel company in 2015, new life as a tour guide started.

Japan is an unique country. Upon turbulent period of Meij Restoration mid 19th century, it dramatically changed from isolated nation to modern country by learning western knowledge and mixed them with original culture. So that there are a lot of unique tradition and arts.

Beautiful landscape gardens, Onsen hot spring, Sake tasting, Washoku cuisine, lovely cherry blossoms, autumn color foliage, shinto shrines, philosophical Zen temples, friendly local towns, and sleepless big cities.

My tour areas are Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto etc.

Shall we make an only one tour plan together ? Now is the prologue to start journey !

S'wondeful, s'marvelous I'd like to see you soon !


Hallo! Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch zu meine Webseite. Ich heiße SHIN. Ich bin staatlich zertifizierte Reiseleiter und Reiseplaner. Ich bin nicht Samurai, der ein Schwert hat. Aber mein Vorfahr war einer der berühmten Samurai namens Sozen Yamana, Anführer des Bürgerkriegs in Kyoto im 15. Jahrhundert.

Er soll eine große Katana-Schwertkunst haben. Aber ich habe keine Ahnung, ein Schwert zu benutzen, trotzdem bin ich stolz auf Kochmessermeister, um leckere japanische Mahlzeiten im Hause für meiner Frau zu servieren.

Ich habe drei Kinder und sechs Enkelkinder, ja, es ist eine große Familie trotz der heutige sinkenden Bevölkerung Japans. Und ich lebe in den zwei Häuser in Tokio und Kyoto und fahre ich für Kunden zügig mit dem Hochgeschwindigkeitszug namens Shinkansenzug hin und zurück.

Ich war ein Ingenieur eines globalen Stahlunternehmens für 35 Jahre lang. Nach meiner Pensionierung im Jahr 2015 ist mein Lebensziel gekommen, Reiseleiter zu werden. Das ist eine neue großartig Welt für mich.

Japan ist ein einzigartiges Land. In der stürmischen Zeit der Meij-Restauration Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts wandelte sich das Land dramatisch von einer isolierten Samurai Nation zu einem modernen Land, indem es westliches Wissen erlernte und es mit der heimische Kultur mischte.

Damit wurden viele einzigartige Traditionen und Künste geboren.

Wunderschöne Landschaftsgärten, Onsen heiße Quellebaden, lecker Saketrink, Washoku-Küche, schöne Kirschblüten, bunten Herbstfarben, heilige shintoistische Schreine, philosophische Zen-Tempeln, freundliche regionale Städte und schlaflose Großstädte mit hochen Volkenkratzer.

Meine Tourgebiete sind Tokio, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto usw.

Ich möchte gern einen originale Tourplan zusammen machen.

Jetzt ist der Zeit von Prolog, um unseren Reise zu beginnen!

Ich freue mich auf Ihren Mail.

Wundervoll Leben, wunderbar Reise, ich würde dich gerne bald sehen!


Kyoto one day tour

10 hours

The ancient capital Kyoto, there are so many attractive spots. Golden temple, Bamboo forest,Fushimi-inari shrine,Kiyomizu temple,Nijo castle,Nishiki food arcade, Kimono dressing,tea ceremony, and my villa. Besides, snow valley in winter, cherry blossom in spring, crimson leaves in fall. I think you'll have tight schedule. I'd like to customize your original tour. Please contact me now !

FROM$386/ per group

Tokyo must-see tour for first-visitors

8 hours

This course consists of the most famous shrine, Meiji-jingu, Shibuya shopping district, Samurai Museum and 150 meter-high-observation-floor in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. And there are additional choices such as Robot Restaurants and Shinjuku-Gyoen landscape garden.

FROM$232/ per group

Hakone one day tour

10 hours

Hakone is one of the well-known hot spring resorts in Japan. It is located about 100 km southwest of Tokyo by one hour train riding. The attractions of Hakone are not only relaxing with hot springs but also breathtaking beautiful scenery such as snow capped Mt.Fuji, cruise at Ashinoko lake and rifined art museums. Even a day trip is possible to fully enjoy its all charms.

FROM$309/ per group

Nara one day tour

10 hours

Nara is one of the greatest center of Buddhism in Japan. In the 8th century, it flourished as an ancient capital based by Buddhism under the Empeor Shomu. You can find what Buddhism is and feel peaceful atmosphere. Todaiji temple, Kasuga shrine are must-see as well as deer park. Please don't miss the memorable visit, Nara.

FROM$386/ per group

Kamakura one day tour

8 hours

Kamakura is one of the three old capitals of Japan from 12 to 14 century, along with Nara and Kyoto. This are is famous for Zen Buddhism and temples such as Hasedera, Kencho-ji, Hokokuji and Tsurugaoka shrine etc. Along with traditional atmosphere you can refresh with beautiful nature. It takes one hour from Tokyo by train.

FROM$232/ per group

River Cruise Tour: Odaiba, Japanese Garden, Tokyo Tower

8 hours

Let’s check the hustle and bustle of Tokyo from the peaceful river. A comfortable breeze and a lot of seagulls welcome you. This tour starts passing the stunning Tokyo Bay Bridge and the Yurikamome, an automated train line with no drivers. At Odaiba, you will enjoy amusement spots like Madame Tussaud wax dolls, Legoland, and the iconic Gundam. Take the cruise from Tokyo bay and head to the Hamarikyu Japanese garden. Enjoy the amazing sunset view from Tokyo Tower.

FROM$232/ per group


Vaidyanathan S.

Feb 2, 2020

Tokyo, Kamakura and Sumo Wrestling

Mr. SHIN was amazing, polite, insightful and very hard working by going above and beyond to give me the best experience of Japan. Even before I landed in Japan, Mr. SHIN on his own send me different routes options to come from airport to my hotel. He even visited my hotel a day before my arrival to understand what’s near my hotel and send me details and pictures of my hotel. Even before my tour with Mr. SHIN started, I was overwhelmed with his superior proactive customer service. He really wanted me to have a very good time in Japan. A day before my tour started, I came to know there is Sumo wrestling tournament in Tokyo where all the tickets were sold out. I asked Mr. SHIN if there is any way I can get to see Sumo as it was bucket list item for me. Mr. SHIN did his research and picked me from my hotel early 6:00 am to the line up outside the Sumo stadium in snow-rain conditions as they had 300 open ticket for that day’s tournament for folks who lineup early morning outside the stadium. Ticket counters opened at 7:45am and we were 247th in line and did get the tickets to experience amazing Sumo tournament later that day at 3:00pm. Mr. SHIN knowledge of Tokyo is amazing, and he took effort to understand my interests and mapped the tour as per my interests. On day 2 based on my interest in shrines and culture we made a last-minute plan change and took off to Kamaukura in train and my boy it was amazing experience. Mr. Shin covered Tokyo and Kamakura in 2 days for me. Every morning we started very early and stayed outside late. I was inspired by Mr. SHIN’s energy and enthusiasm. He really wants his guest to have a good time in Japan and get the best experience of his country. He is truly a great ambassador for his country.

Shin Y.

Hello Mr. Vaidyanathan Seshan. Thank you very much for your nice review. I think your busy Japan tour has been successfully completed. I’m so happy. As you say, especially first visitors need various information like transportation, shopping, dining as well english communication situation. I feel good when my guest can have a smooth tour. Remembering some activities of our days, especially the Sumo match,I never forget your great passion! I really appreciate your patience in snowy cold morning to get limited number of tickets. Lucky us we made it! But it’s worth waiting in a long line to get it because Sumo shows us a lot of interesting things. Small wrestlers sometimes kick out bigger guy. We can feel great power and guts through that. Thank you again I wish happiness of you and your family ! SHIN.


Lisa K.

Jan 2, 2020

Shin is family!!!

As a guide, Shin went above and beyond for our group. We had some specific requirements, and he had no problem mapping out the perfect route. Shin is your family member in Japan. He invited us to his home for tea and sweets. Generous with his time and heart. Besides being a guide, Shin kept in touch with me way in advance to help me plan this trip to Japan. He went above and beyond to help us deal with transporting our luggage through Yamato. Words cannot describe his generosity and kindness. You are not only hiring a guide with shin, you are gaining a personal pal to help you on your whole journey to this amazing country! Arigatou gozaimasu!

Shin Y.

Hello Lisa san, Our tour time was short and is already gone, but now is the time to remember a lot of memories in Kyoto. Thank you very much for your sincere and nice comment. I am so happy to know your Japan tour has been successfully ended and already flied back to the home. In 1000 years old capital Kyoto, we experienced historical temples and shrine visits, tasting green and plum team, happy hour at local vegetarian restaurant. I wish you and your friends happiness and prosperity in near year 2020. Arigato gozai-mashita, mata aimasho !


Baron S.

Oct 15, 2019

A great representative of Japan!

Shin was amazing! I hope to see him again next time we are in Japan. He truly cares about you enjoying Japan. He did a lot of things on our tour that were way beyond what was expected just to make sure we enjoyed our time there. When we look back on our time in Japan, the kindness of Shin will be one of the things we remember the most!

Shin Y.

Dr.Baron, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Despite a half day tour from Osaka sea port, we enjoyed Osaka castle, the samurai history in the 17th century, and at Sumiyoshi shrine we could feel the sacred Japanese shinto atmosphere. I am looking forward to seeing you again hopefully in the season of cherry spring. I always wish you happiness and prosperity from Japan.


Shelly P.

Sep 26, 2019

Unique perspectives and insights!

Shin provided a customized day in Kyoto for us. As our plans changed, Shin was able to adapt the itinerary to include a tour of a sake brewery and squeezed in a quick silk kimono fashion show! The Fushimi-inari shrine was as dramatic as expected, the other shrines we visited were lovely, we enjoyed some great street snacks and a fascinating traditional lunch. All in all, our time with Shin was a highlight of our nineteen days in Japan.

Shin Y.

Hello Shelly san, I really appreciate wonderful review. Getting to know your long day Japan tour successfully ended, I feel so happy. And I am glad we could visit many unique places in Kyoto not written on a guide-book, super off-the-beaten-paths. Though Kyoto is small town, so many charms are orderly packed inside like a jewelry box. Springs of the cherry blossoms, summers of the festival, falls of color foliage and winters with crispy fresh air offer beautiful seasonal faces all the time. I am listening nice songs produced by your son, nice musician, and also my grand kid enjoys 3-D picture book every day. I am looking forward to seeing next chances from my heart. Thank you very much ! SHIN.