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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In The Czech Republic: Pros & Cons

Moritz Leon Hingott

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Moritz Leon Hingott

Last updated : May 24, 202411 min read

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Going on a trip is always fun…until you have to start making decisions. 

Should I travel during summer or autumn? Should I bring my film camera, although I don’t have any space in my backpack? Hmm, a guide would be an excellent idea, wouldn’t it? If you’re planning your trip to the Czech Republic now and the "hiring a Czech tour guidequestion still pops up repeatedly, this article is for you! 


We discuss the pros and the cons, the etiquette when it’s good to hire one (and when not), and how to find your dream guide in 3 easy steps. Are you ready? Pojďme (let’s go)!


Pros Of Hiring A Guide 

The Pros of Hiring A Guide In The Czech republic With Small Illustrations


  • No Language Barrier - Prosím (please)? Since only 10% of Czechs speak English in the country, communication can be a real hassle. Don't want to run into awkward encounters? Your guide will talk you through it all. Beyond language, each cultural tradition makes Czechia unique. Respecting that is a given, but if you’re not sure about the customs, a guide will patiently explain everything to you.
  • A True Time Saver - As fascinating as the Punks Caves are, and as delicious as Brno's cuisine tastes, buying tickets and making reservations is draining. Inform your guide about your preferences, and they'll handle it from there, or guide you through the easiest route. 
  • A Hidden Gem Expert - So you’ve seen every cool Prague site on your Instagram already, and want to see something fresh and exciting? Ever heard of Brno or Olomouc? If you want to explore outside the capital (and you should!) but are unsure how to get there and what to do, simply ask your guide. They know spots that you have never heard about, but shhh…keep them a secret afterward! 
  • Expertly Indulging In Food - The dishes hovězí guláš, Smažený Sýr, and česneková polévka sound as delicious as they are unfamiliar, but don’t worry! Your guide will know everything about it…including where to get the best versions and tastes!


Cons: You're Not A Guide Person If...

Not everyone likes to have a guide on their side. If these points apply to you, maybe consider leaving them out of your Czech experience.


Reasons Why A Guided Tour Isn


  • Lost in Translation is your favorite film - Do you like getting lost and meeting exciting people along the way? Then someone whose job it is to know the country might stop you from having those random experiences.
  • You're a solo traveler at heart - If the thought of spending your time with someone else on your travels sounds restrictive to you, then it's best to stay away from a guide.
  • Planning is your Kryptonite - We all have strengths and weaknesses. If your plan for your journey is not to have a plan, then input from your guide will disturb the beautiful chaos that will be your travel.


Okay, so maybe you’re on the fence. You like the idea of a guide tour, but can’t get the image of a stressed out guide herding dozens of tourists from site to site out of your head. That’s where we’re different.


Traditional Tours v.s GoWithGuide Private Tours: Counting The Difference 

So, what actually sets our tours apart from the usual ones? That's a great question! If you think that tours mean…


Traditional Tours


  • The Group’s Too Big - There are moments when disappearing in a crowd is a perfect thing (my 7th grade math class, for example). However, a tour with a large group will give you no real benefits other than having no time to ask questions and enduring time with people you might not like.
  • Not the Sites You Want To See -If the tour says “hidden gems,” but the first place you go to is Charles Bridge, then you know it's not the tour that you want.
  • “The Tourist Feeling” - Being a tourist is one thing, but unnecessarily feeling like one is another. With traditional tours, you are spotted immediately.
  • Not The Best Timing - No, there is no real reason why the tour should start in the middle of the day and end at the most inconvenient time.

GoWithGuide tours, on the other hand, actually look like this!


A Comparison Between Traditional Tours and GoWithGuide Private Tours With Illustrations

GWG Private Tours

It’s About You - Your tour, your group size. No unwanted guests. Only the people of your liking will join you & your guide on this adventure.


  • Based On Your Interest - Czech Republic isn't only Prague…the second you realize this, your itinerary will be filled with exciting places. Your guide is the perfect person to ask about the lesser-known spots in the country.
  • The Local Charm - Speaking of exciting places, your guide will also gladly share all the locally beloved spots and authentic insider information with you to make you feel like a real Czech.
  • Ready When You Are - You love your hotel bed a little too much (we’ve all been there), and you don’t want to start your trip in the early morning? No problem! Your guide will start the tour when you want it.



Okay, if you are starting to like the idea of a guide but are still unsure about the finding process, that’s understandable. The vibe has to be spot on. But you’re stressing yourself for no reason. Just follow these 3 steps:


Hiring A Guide In 3, 2,…1

A Step By Step Visual Guide On How To Hire A Czech Tour Guide On GoWithGuide


  1. Begin with our Czech local guides and look for a profile that speaks to you. See an itinerary that you like? Check! Reviews are good? Check! You can book the tour right then and there, or…
  2. If you like the tours that they’re offering, but there's one or two things you think are missing, press the “message” button on the right-hand side of the profile and pitch them your plan, including your travel entourage and personal preferences, challenges, etc.
  3. So you’ve texted your guide with the unique needs you have? Perfect! If the timing aligns and the guide’s updated itinerary with your added features looks good, then you’ve created your very personalized travel bucket list with them!


The Guide To Guided Tours: Dos & Don'ts 

Okay, so a guide is the way to go for you. Great! Guides are very easy to get along with, but if you’re still unsure, here are some tips that’ll help navigate your time with them.


Dos & Don


Okay, Enough Czech Chat (that sounded funnier in my head), Show Me Some Tours! 

4 Tours You Can Take With GoWithGuide (Prague, Castles, Vltava River included )


  • The Essence of Prague - Unique beer, unique castles, unique libraries, unique stories. There's a reason why everyone is so crazy about this city. Want to know why? Prague based tours will be a good start.
  • Czech Republic's Medieval Charm - Can't get enough of the medieval vibes of the country? Then, exploring Cesky Krumlov with a knowledgeable guide will enchant you for sure!
  • Cry Me A (Vltava) River - Explore the old and the new town, the astronomical clock, the John Lennon wall, or the Jewish synagogues alongside Czechia’s longest river.
  • Between Tranquility and Tradition - Not far from Prague lies Karlovy Vary, a city with a rich history (built in the 14th century) and an even richer spa culture (over 80 springs).



If a guided tour sounds like it’s your thing, then, Czech out our Czech tour guides page to make your travel itinerary for tomorrow a reality. Hodně štěstí (good luck)!

Written by Moritz Leon Hingott

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