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Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Prague


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:CHLOE Miki

Last updated : Dec 02, 20227 min read

Food & Drink

A trip to absolutely any country is never complete without a full on feast of the local cuisine. With influences from various European countries and decades upon decades of tradition in its recipes, the city’s local fare is not one to miss. Join us as we explore 10 amazing dishes loved by our Prague private guides.  

1. Guláš

blog imageCzechian goulash should be at the top of your food bucket list if it is your first time visiting the city. No matter how many days you spend in the city, it is essential that you make time for this well-loved classic. Unlike its Hungarian origins, Czechian guláš consists of more meat and less vegetables. Slow-cooked into stellar perfection, we can tell you that one taste of this will make you want more. Have it in your local restaurant, or go restaurant hopping to find the best goulash in town.

2. Pražská šunka 

blog imageBMK, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Traditionally served as a main dish, Pražská šunka (Prague ham) can also be served in a Czechian style charcuterie board. The locals are mighty proud of this dish, and we can see why. This special ham is first cured, then stewed, and finally smoked, and may only be produced according to specific procedures.  For decades, saying “Prague ham” is like mentioning cooked ham of the highest quality. To this day, European visitors flock to Prague not only for Prague Castle, but for this very dish, and you should too!

3. Kulajda

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Chmee2, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Continue off your culinary journey with a deliciously filling potato soup in the form of kuladja. Usually served with mushrooms, potatoes, seasoned with dill, and topped with a poached egg, kuladja is a household favorite, and especially popular in the winter time. This soup is actually quite light, and is a great appetizer to coat your palate in. Have it right after strolling through the Old Town in the midst of winter to get the full effect. 

4. Chlebíčky 

blog imageIf you are in a rush to see Prague’s must see attractions and don’t feel like having a proper sit down meal, then a chlebíčky from the local deli is a delicious quick fix. Quick tip! This open-faced sandwich is the best at local and old-school delis. There’s nothing like some good ol’ ham, pickles, and eggs to start off your Prague tour!

5. Svíčková 

blog imageNeed something hearty to get you through the day? Some mouthwatering svíčková should do the trick. Braised beef in vegetable puree served with dumplings is usually topped with cranberry or blueberry compote, making a sweet and savory concoction of dreams. Each restaurant will have its own unique recipe for it, and some places may boil the beef together with the vegetables instead of roasting it. Either way, the flavors that come out of it are extraordinary. 

6. Koleno 

blog imagePork lovers will enjoy some koleno, as it is made of pork knuckle marinated and baked until juicy and tender. Typically served in huge portions, koleno can be enjoyed by couples or big groups of travelers. To know more about Czechian dishes and how to order them, book a customizable Prague private tour with one of our local Prague tour guides to get the best and most delectable experience. 

7. Trdelník 

blog imageYou’ve seen these cylindrical towers of sugar as you passed the Old Town, and it smells as enchanting as it looks. Trdelník is a Transylvanian chimney cake common around Central and Eastern Europe. Crisp and light on the outside and chewy and buttery on the inside, trdelnik is a great dessert for those with a sweet tooth. Choose from the more traditional and plain chimney cakes to the more sumptuous and chocolatey ones. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them any which way. 

8. Bramboráky 

blog imageThese potato pancakes are a hit in Czechian markets, fairs, and festivals. Flavored with garlic, marjoram, onoion, or caraway - bramboráky makes this common European potato dish uniquely Czechian. Enjoy these pancakes with sweet or savory condiments fresh out of the kitchen, and feel like a true local munching away on this appetizing street food. Some even call this dish the “hangover soup”! So in case you have a late night out, you know exactly what to order the morning after. 

9. Ovocné knedlíky 

blog imageFor a dessert that isn’t too sweet but appeases the palette, try ovocné knedlíky, or boiled fruit dumplings. A crowd favorite in Prague, ovocné knedlíky are sourdough dumplings filled with fruit, usually strawberry or plum, and served with some creamy butter. In days of old, meat was scarce, and so locals had to eat this dish to stay healthy. Today, you will find them easily in most - if not all - Czechian restaurants in the city. 

10. Buchty 

blog imageOf course, local desserts also have their fairy tales. Buchty, or sweet buns, were a favorite with Czechian heroes, packing these handy snacks away in their bags to save for when the going gets tough. With a variety of fillings from poppyseed and jam to cheese, this sweet dessert is a Sunday morning treat, or else a traditional meal for Christmas Eve. 

BONUS: Czech Beers

blog imageIt is absolutely impossible to enjoy a Czech Republic private tour and not notice their love for beer. When in Prague, make sure to try out some of the most famous and well-loved beers, both local and international. Start off with a classic golden pale lager such as Pilsner Urquell. If you didn’t already know, Pilsner Urquell is actually the original golden beer from which other Pils lagers got their names from. What better way to have a pint than in the very country it was made!


Prague is a luxurious getaway if you look at the right places. These may escape if you blink, so we highly recommend booking a private tour with our professional Czech tour guides. GoWithGuide can provide you with customizable tours to fit your itinerary and fashion your Bohemian escape to be hassle free and worth the trip.

Written by CHLOE Miki

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