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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Top 5 Best Shopping Spots In Prague


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:CHLOE Miki

Last updated : May 27, 20248 min read


As much as Prague is filled with historic and culinary delights, it graciously leaves room for an amazing selection of shopping locations that give a unique Bohemian flair to your experience. Take a break from sightseeing and touring the must-see landmarks of the Czech Republic’s capital, and enter the magical world of retail and leisure. 


To be sure, the city center has an abundance of fun stores, shopping malls, and luxury boutiques catering to every kind of shopper. If you add the cobblestone streets completing the backdrop of your shopping escapade, picking up some souvenirs will prove pleasing to the eyes and the heart. Here are some of the best shopping areas you can enjoy alongside our Prague tour guides.


Na Prikope - The Boulevard of Retail Dreams

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Na Prikope is a boulevard of retail dreams. Connecting the Powder Gate Tower and Republic Square with Wenceslas Square, Na Prikope combines modern luxuries with Prague’s historic architecture and long-established culture. Not only will you find stores encased in Baroque and Art Nouveau styled buildings, you will also notice a number of malls perfect for one-stop shopping. 


The Myslbek shopping center is an eye-catcher, made fully of glass and steel and housing dozens of shops. For luxury fashion items, head to Slovansky dum, where brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Armani are in residence. If you’re looking to stroll through somewhere more historical, try out Cerna Ruz, a mall built right in a Baroque Palace. Its facade is beautiful, standing out as one of the few malls still showing its original architecture. 


Paris Street - Prague’s Avenue Montaigne

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Pařížská is the Avenue Montaigne of Prague, minus the fountain and adding its own unique Bohemian panache. It is conveniently located near the city center, bordering the Old Town Square and Vltava River. Paris Street is an easily accessible fashion haven for those who wish to splurge on bespoke and boutique wear. After finishing off a tour of Prague Castle with one of GoWithGuide’s Prague private guides, a productive walk through this street filled with Neo-Baroque buildings can only make your trip even better. 


Take your shopping assistant with you and make an appointment at Boucheron. Or else, check out some of the in vogue designs at Ermenegildo Zegna, Pinko, and Valentino. Indeed, it is definitely on Paris Street where you will find the high life of Prague. Various internationally acclaimed brands can be found here, but take note that the majority are French and Italian. If you are on a budget but still wish to visit the boulevard, fear not, for aside from the designer brands lining the road, Paris Street is also an important landmark for Art Nouveau architecture as well as Jewish heritage.


You will also find some amazing restaurants scattered throughout the boulevard in case you get hungry after picture taking. Our Prague guides suggest that you pass by this iconic street, even if your goal is not to shop designer. 


Palladium - A Historical Surprise

blog imageMarketing Palladium, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Just a few minutes away from Wenceslas Square is the one and only Palladium. This shopping center is quite modern for Prague despite its exterior, hiding in its wings over 150 stores to explore. In truth, the Palladium’s location used to be the Josef military barracks, giving this mall an interesting historical twist. The interior, on the other hand, is a totally different story. The building’s interior has been transformed into a modern wonderland, with stores like Sephora and Apple. The Albert Supermarket, where you can find local ingredients for local recipes, is also located here. 


The Palladium is one of the Czech Republic's largest malls. Our local guides say it is non-negotiable to pass by here during the Christmas season. This is because aside from the Christmas cheer, wooden huts and stalls appear right in front of the mall to sell handcrafted goods and festive food and drinks. If the locals love it, so will you!


Farmer’s Markets - Shopping the Local Way

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“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is the age-old saying when one is traveling to foreign lands. We 100% agree! For countries like Prague, it is important to have a taste of local culture and local produce, and what better place to do so than in one of the many farmers markets?


Havels’ Market (Havelské tržiště) is an open-air market which can be found in between Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Ever since its origins in the 1200s, Havel’s Market has charmed locals with its handcrafted goods and fresh produce. Because of its prime location, many visitors will find it easy to come over and pick out some cheap souvenirs to take home. It is also a great meeting place for starting off your trip.


On Saturdays, Naplavka Farmers Market is the place to be. Marinating in deliciously sweet smells of butter, the market is famous for its baked goods, as well as its fresh produce, dairy products, and cold cuts. The market also enjoys riverfront views, and so it’s a great photography destination. 


Finally, Prague Market (Holešovice Market) also holds a special place in every Czechian’s heart. With over 75 vendors selling both local and international produce from neighboring countries like Germany and Austria, Prague Market is the place to go on Sundays if you want a lively morning. Of course, the capital has other amazing markets you can visit, and everyone has a different idea of a great vacation. Thus, contacting a local guide and booking a private customizable tour may be your best bet to find the perfect itinerary for you. 


Craft Beer Shops - Pick Your Ale

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You can’t go through a travel brochure of Prague and not see beer in it. Rightly so, because in recent years, the Czech Republic has grown in acclaim for having one of the highest beer consumption rates per capita. Of course, this can only be so if the beer is actually golden and delicious.


For a drink or two with a view, head on over to Letná Beer Garden, where you can savor a few pints of Pilsners while snacking on some local delicacies and enjoying some nature.


If you’re aiming to hit two birds with one stone, then get your drinks on while enjoying some black beer in one of Prague’s oldest breweries: U Fleků. If you’re looking for some to take home, visit any of the numerous beer shops scattered all over Prague. Grab some craft beers, try the world-famous brands, and take your pick to bring back home to your loved ones. Talk to our professional Prague tour guides to find out more about the best beers in town. 


There is so much to explore in Prague, and planning for a few days of shopping will definitely be eventful. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly shopping experience or a full on designer haul, Prague can and will accommodate you with open arms. You are sure to walk away with bags of goodies, souvenirs, and some amazing memories for keeps.


To learn more about the A to Z’s of traveling around Prague or the Czech Republic, find out what our Czech tour guides have to say and start planning your Prague private tour today! 

Written by CHLOE Miki

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