GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

How Many Days Do You Need To Fully Enjoy Your Trip To Athens?


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Chloe M.

Last updated : May 29, 20247 min read

Itinerary Ideas

It is a common dilemma amongst travelers to decide just how long one’s trip should be in order to thoroughly absorb and appreciate all an area has to offer. When it comes to Athens, it is indeed a rarity to visit a city with such ancient architecture, monuments, and sundry, all of which stand as testaments to the Greek civilization and the impact it has had on the world.


Visiting “the historic capital of Europe” is a must for avid travelers, zealots of history, and lovers of luxury alike. Depending on your interests, the ideal trip length would vary.  We’ve narrowed down the best lengths to day trips, weekend holidays, and week-long vacations. For your perfect Athens getaway, we’ve also consulted with our local guides to create amazing customizable itineraries


Day Trip


If you plan to travel around Greece but only have time for a day trip to Athens, you can still enjoy the city’s highlights. Plan a visit to the Acropolis, Greece’s most famous ancient citadel perched on a rocky plateau. There you will find a plethora of ruins and remains, including some of the most important examples of grand ancient architecture that are still standing. Amongst these would be the Parthenon, a temple devoted to the goddess Athena. This temple stands as a symbol of democracy and civilization, two concepts intricately intertwined with the legacy of Ancient Greece. 


To put all you’ve seen and heard into perspective, why not cap your escapade to the colonnaded buildings with a stop at the Acropolis Museum? Here you will be mesmerized by the conservation of antiquities juxtaposed with new restoration technology. The museum also holds activities, lectures, and special exhibitions, so no matter how often you may visit, each occasion is destined to be unique. 


In order to make the most of your day trip, we recommend booking a tour with local guides. Many people agree that experiencing any country with a local refines the experience, lessens stress, and maximizes the quality and authenticity of your vacation. GoWithGuide also provides full day private tours to the highlights of Athens.


Maybe you’d not only want to delight in the monuments of the Acropolis, but also stroll through the ancient streets of Plaka, the beating heart of the city. Our tours are customizable, making it an effortless engagement to find the experience best suited to you. Whatever your choice may be, you are sure to love the treasures and secrets Athens has to offer. 


2 Day (Weekend) Trip


TGIF, and you’ve got two whole days ready for a Grecian adventure. Now, to fill up your weekend with meaningful amusement is the goal, but you’re not quite sure which sights and activities to prioritize. In this case, we still recommend booking a guided tour of the city’s highlights for your first adventure, so you can get a full taste of the best and most famous monuments. You cannot just leave Athens without enjoying what it is distinguished and esteemed for. 


For your second day, we suggest you go on a gastronomic feast of your dreams. Start your day with something healthy, like fresh fruits and vegetables colorfully lined up on Athinas Street, exactly where the Central Market of Athens sits. As you weave through the side streets and cobblestone roads, keep a look-out for small stands and kiosks selling traditional coffee; the best Greek coffee is in Greece, after all. 


Lastly, don’t just stick to your gyros, because the country’s cuisine is much more than that. One taste of flatbread dipped with Taramasalata will leave you wanting more of this delicate fish dip with a hint of lemon. As you move on to your mains, you’ll find yourself ogling over the Papoutsakia, or stuffed eggplants, baked until golden and served with béchamel sauce, tomato, and cheese.


To top it all off, your eyes focus on the classic golden dessert called Galaktoboureko, or Greek-style custard pie. Drizzled with cold spice syrup, Galaktoboureko can be enjoyed both in the winter and the summer months. After your weekend Athens trip, you’re definitely going to come home a fan of Greek cuisine.


5 Day (Week-long) Trip


Athens is known for being the capital of Greece, as well as the largest city in the country.  With seven self-administrative districts, this birthplace of democracy, philosophy, and athletics accordingly has scores of activities from the most popular and crowded to the most intimate and exclusive. With five days on your belt, you can really get to know the city and its various districts, each with its own personality and culture. 


On one of your trip days, you may want to sit back in your beach attire and just relax. Exarchia is an alternative district with excellent nightlife frequented by free spirits. This city has many faces, some calling it almost infamous. It is an amazing area to appreciate all kinds of art, whether on the streets or in a museum.   


If you’re looking for a place to wear your best suit, then head over to Kolonaki. Kolonaki is by far the most exclusive district in Athens. The Athenian elite are bound to be seen spending their idle days in upscale restaurants along Kolonaki Square. This district also seats the Parliament in the Old Royal Palace of Athens. Kolonaki can be found at the foot of Lycabettus Hill. If you find yourself there just before sunset, make sure to ride the Lycabettus funicular to the Church of St. George for a romantic sunset view. 


If these adventures aren’t daring enough for you, then take a day trip to Argolis and immerse yourself in Mycenae, once the center of Greek civilization and now an archaeologist’s dream destination. You may think that you’ve heard about this city before, and it’s probably because of the legendary author Homer. Agamemnon was the famous king of Mycenae, the very soldier who led the Greeks to the Trojan War. It’s one thing to read this epic story from a textbook; it’s another to saunter through the very lands in which the story was set. 



And just like that, you are pumped and ready for your Athens escapade! Make the most of your trip with GoWithGuide, providing you with customizable and hassle-free tours with professional local guides to ensure you have the ultimate sightseeing journey. 

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