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Travel Like a Celebrity - Luxury Tours in Dubrovnik

Peter Skov

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Peter Skov

Last updated : May 15, 20249 min read

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Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, this nickname for Dubrovnik is imbued with impressions of opulence. Once a wealthy city state that traded around the Mediterranean and with the Ottoman Empire, Dubrovnik was known for several things, including its power and liberty, its unique shipbuilding skills, and its unbreachable fortifications. Indeed, Dubrovnik was the envy of rival ports like Genoa and Venice. Present day Dubrovnik is a resort town thriving off its spectacular historic sights and rich scenery, and if you prefer things on the rich side, then Dubrovnik offers an array of options from luxury accommodation, exotic tours, exquisite local cuisine, and excellent wines.


During your extravagant tour of Dubrovnik and its environs, hiring a private guide to take you on a personal tour away from the crowds might be just the thing to make you feel like a guest of honor. Here are some ways to experience Dubrovnik like a celebrity.

Sumptuous Accommodation

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Hotels in Dubrovnik often fall into one of two categories. One takes the form of converted 16th and 17th century apartments that has had their interiors renovated, providing modern comforts for guests while maintaining the original stone and wood features of the original buildings. Many of these places are located within Dubrovnik’s famous fortifications in the Old Town or just outside the walls. From some of these hotels, you can see the walls from the window of your room or look out at the old limestone buildings and stone-paved streets, and most of the Old Town attractions are within a ten-minute walk. The rooms are charming and have been redesigned subtly, combining contemporary appeal with burnished historic character. 


The food and drink is indulgent, with home-baked breads and pastries as well as local cuisine and wines, and some such as the Pucic Palace have their own restaurants. Some apartments also come with kitchenettes, where guests can prepare simple meals if they wish. There are plenty of boutique hotels, and many of these refurbished apartments can be rented out to serve as a cozy place to call home for a few days.


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If you are looking for something with more of a grand resort atmosphere, then Dubrovnik also has an appreciable stock of modern hotels set on the cliffs and slopes above the seashore. Imagine sitting by the poolside under the Adriatic sun with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below, and Dubrovnik’s medieval fortifications and terracotta roofs greeting your gaze across the azure waters. Surround yourself with deluxe contemporary comfort while at rest, and save the historic scenery for your daily adventures.


Though they are located away from the historic Old Town, you’ll find an enticing selection of fabulous hotels within a few hundred meters of the city gates. Or, go a little farther along the coast where there are resorts featuring private beaches and relaxing gardens such as ‘Sun Gardens Dubrovnik’. Some of these resort hotels provide enough comforts and indulgences that guests may opt to spend an entire day at the resort and forgo the trip into town.


Needless to say, the staff at either type of hotel are professional and friendly, and trained to perfectly attend to the needs of their guests.

Take to the Sea in Style

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With the Adriatic Sea at Dubrovnik's doorstep, it's no surprise to find an enticing menu of boat cruises and tours. There are private boat and kayak tours of the city walls and Lokrum Island, but for that high society feeling you can take your pick of luxury seafaring vessels. Cruise the Adriatic in a top-class yacht like the Lidia 34, the Maiora 29, or the Aleksandra 29 (among many more). These ships look sharp and fancy with a sleek modern design. Looking for something on a larger scale? Try the Ouranos 50 from Admiral Yachts, and you’ll feel like James Bond should appear on deck adjusting his cuffs. Perhaps you’d prefer to let the wind fill your sails as you cut across the waves?


Then climb aboard the Riana 41 or the Rosa 24, two of the sailboats for hire in Dubrovnik. Or, in keeping with the historic character of the region, how about a 16th century wooden ship? The Karaka will take you out for a dinner and sunset cruise and make you feel like a 16th century seafarer. There is a vast array of options at Dubrovnik when it comes to boat hiring. There are even private speed boats for those who really want to feel the wind in their hair!


Choosing your vessel is part of the excitement, but so is deciding where you’ll go. Popular tours include a visit to the enchanting scenery of the Elaphite Islands, with a relaxing stopover on the secluded Lemuni Beach of Mljet. There are also cruises down the Dalmatian Coast to marvel at the fantastic scenery of Montenegro, a stop in at Boka Bay and Kotor, or a visit to Korcula, also known as Little Dubrovnik and the birthplace of Marco Polo! You might not want to miss a speed boat tour to the Blue Grotto, a truly remarkable natural sight!


Whatever your preference, your skipper will be able to tell you about the local scenery and history. A private guide will be a nice touch when you go ashore if you plan to spend a bit of time becoming acquainted with one of the seaside towns.

Wine Tours

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With all the fabulous scenery and history, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the Dalmatian region is home to many vineyards. A premium wine tour is a perfect and not-to-be-missed addition to your ritzy experience around Dubrovnik. Visit the Peljesac Peninsula for a chance to sample the best wines in Croatia. Private wine tours will take you to different wineries for a tour of the facilities, a chat with the families that run them, and of course, sampling the wines both red and white. The Peljesac Peninsula also offers scenic country roads and medieval towns. 


Visit the town of Ston which has its own historic walls running across over five kilometers (around three miles) of hillsides around the town. There you can enjoy not only the local wines, but also tasty oysters fresh from the oyster beds. Is it possible to visit three wineries in three different countries in one day? You bet! They have tours for that too, taking you to wineries in Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Konavle. 


Many of these tours take a full day, so be sure to set aside a day in your travel itinerary for a tour of the wineries and countryside and a chance to sample and bring home a bottle of the best wines the region has to offer. Some tours also include scrumptious meals, and travel is provided in style with comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. A knowledgeable guide makes a great asset to the outing.

Luxury Auto Service

Auto hiring companies have a range of vehicles to meet your needs, from private cars to vans to mini-buses. Luxurious motor vehicles will not only ensure your safety and comfort during your tours, but also add a mark of class. There’s also the option to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubrovnik for that grand entrance at the resort.


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There is no doubt that Dubrovnik can guarantee you a trip with celebrity status. Whether relaxing in a charming room with baroque decor or adjusting your sunglasses at the poolside with access to an outdoor bar, Dubrovnik can satisfy your luxury accommodation preferences. Take to the sea in your choice of high-class vessel and tour the coast. Sip the finest wines of the region and feast on savory dishes. Even if it’s only for a short trip, Dubrovnik can make you feel like a star.


With so many options and so much to see, do, and try, hiring a private guide who will be available for just you can help ensure that you get everything out of your trip. It can also enhance the feeling of traveling like a celebrity. Check out what our guides can do for you!

Written by Peter Skov

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