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    Popular Destinations in Croatia

    Popular Tours in Croatia

    Dubrovnik Panorama and Old Town Private Tour

    5 hours

    Let me take you for the eagle's eye view of Dubrovnik and its environs from a mountain Belvedere to then proceed with the sightseeing across the Old Town. Dubrovnik - the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', that throughout the centuries, preserved its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture would leave you breathless...

    FROM$860/ per group
    Frane V.

    Plitvice Lakes National Park Private Tour

    10 hours

    It's time to go chasing waterfalls! The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia can emit hues ranging from green and grey to blue and azure. Minerals and organisms residing in the series of sixteen interconnected lakes in combination with the shifting sunlight provide this spectacular rainbow dance several times a day. Add to that the waterfall connecting the separate lakes and the surrounding woodland populated by deer, bears, wolves, and birds, and the Plitvice Lakes are something out of a fairy-tale.

    FROM$990/ per group
    Frane V.

    Split and Trogir Private Tour

    5 hours

    Discover two unique UNESCO World Heritage sites: Split (Palace of Diocletian), and Trogir town. Walk across an Islet that is a unique monument of culture, considered to be one of the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic towns of Central Europe. Uncover Split, the second-largest in Croatia, and notable for its Historical Complex with the Palace of Diocletian.

    FROM$590/ per group
    Frane V.

    Hvar Island Private Tour

    Hvar Island
    5 hours

    There is something magical about stepping foot onto Hvar island. In the heart of Europe, Hvar's uniquely sunny micro-climate, unspoiled landscape, and rich cultural heritage made it one of the first tourist resorts in the Adriatic. Effortlessly ranked as Croatia's trendiest summer destination, Hvar became an ultimate must-be spot on a travel map for demanding international travelers looking for an authentic Mediterranean experience scented with glamour.

    FROM$850/ per group
    Frane V.