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    Caesarea: Romans, Jews, Christians, Crusaders and Mamelukes

    Tel Aviv
    7 hours

    Caesarea was the Roman capital of the area in the time of Herod, Pontius Pilate, Paul, Bar Kochva and Rabbi Akiva. The center of commerce, revolt and ultimate destruction. Saladin fought here. So did King Louis IX of France. A short day trip to see the restored ruins and hear the stories. So how is Caesarea pronounced?

    FROM$800/ per group
    Jeff K.

    Jerusalem- tour of the Old City and other highlights

    Tel Aviv
    10 hours

    I will pick you up at your hotel (anywhere in Israel), bring you to a wonderful overlook of the Temple Mount, see sights on the Mt. of Olives, then continue on foot from the Jaffa Gate. We will walk through Mt.Zion, the Armenian, Jewish, Moslem, and Christian Quarters, learning about the incredible history of this city that is holy to three of the great religions. At the end of the walking tour we will drive around the modern area of the city to see its highlights before returning to your hotel.

    FROM$858/ per group
    Reuven G.

    Exploring Tel Aviv and Jaffa with a private guide

    Tel Aviv
    5 hours

    Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a double city which is also two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city is unique by its amazing combination of the old and new. And exploring it is an ultimate pleasure and interest

    FROM$795/ per group
    Levi Z.

    Discover the Negev Desert!

    Tel Aviv
    11 hours

    I will pick you up at your hotel (anywhere in Israel) and we will drive south to the Negev Desert, where we will visit Ben Gurion's home, tour the ancient city of Avdat, and explore the Ramon Crater in an exciting off-road experience. Throughout the day we will be travelling through the unique landscape of this high desert. Return to your hotel in the evening.

    FROM$858/ per group
    Reuven G.

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