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Hassan E.

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I'm Hassan from Morocco , Sahara Desert Merzouga , I have found my passion for Culture and Language amongst the majestic sand dunes in the south east of Morocco ” Erg Chebbi”, which is located in Merzouga village. There me and my family led a Nomadic path, wandering through the desert with our family and camels possessing only a tent for shelter. Since then I have attended the University of Meknes, where I gained my degree in English literature and Moroccan history and culture. I'm very passionate about educating and informing the general public about our culture and little-known nomadic way of life and about all the great secrets that Morocco holds. I would like to share with you the life of Morocco and the nomadic people in the Sahara Desert. A way of life in a stunning part of the world which by its very nature allowed you to reconnect with yourself and go home with renewed energy and enthusiasm.                                                                                                                                 

Moha A.


My name is moha, I am 33 years old, born and raised in sahara desert, a Berber village located in the south east of Morocco. The peace and the wonderful scenery had an amazing effect on my personality. I absolutely love Marrakesh and Sahara , Because I grew up in the desert dunes I always feel good, enjoying going there whenever I can. I have been organizing tours from casablanca , fez and marrakech to the Atlas Mountains & sahara desert for many years and I would be very happy to have you on this trip and to share your perspective on the culture and traditions of the region.                                                                                                                                 

Jamal C.


We are a group of skilled tour guides who hold licenses issued by the Moroccan government's Department of Tourism. I'm the guide team leader, Jamal. Our operations are headquartered in Tangier, and we specialize in arranging customized private tours that prioritize safety and personalized experiences throughout Morocco.                                                                                                                                 

Taoumi A.


We a group of professional tour guides that are willing to extend our services with other partners. Our guides are all highly qualified and with universities graduations.                                                                                                                                 

Said L.


My name is Said I, I am a private tour guide in Tangier (Morocco) since 1977, accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism. I practiced my profession for more than 30 years of professional work, I accompanied several tourists from different nationalities from different continents, I offered them high quality services accompanying them during their stays to discover the city of Tangier and its region (Tetouan, Asilah, Chefchaouen ...): nature, history, culture and traditions, gastronomy, etc.. I look forward to your contact. I have the pleasure to welcome you in your second country Morocco for an unforgettable and enjoyable journey in exchange of your trust.                                                                                                                                 

Brahim H.


I'm a tour guide from Sahara - born in Errachidia city and live around Rabat and region. I can welcome tourists from Casablanca and lead them through the city or to the Sahara. I'm between the top 6 tour leaders get chosen from 150 leaders around Morocco , by an international agency that operates in 100 countries (rated by clients)                                                                                                                                  

Toudoum H.


Hi, I am a national tour guide in Morocco, and a local one in the blue city Chefchaouen. I am a licensed tour guide from the Moroccan department of tourism. I am happy to share with all travelers about the beauty of my country. Morocco has a variety of sightseeing places that are well worth being discovered . Welcome and please join the tour with me!                                                                                                                                 

Bassam B.


My name's Bassam I'm a fully licensed, professional tourist guide since 2018. In morocco, and especially in english and french. I graduated at University in french literature Studies, but my passion has always been history and art, not only theoretically but also practically. My spoken English is excellent. In my job I love to transfer to my guest my love for the history and the traditions of my home town Marrakesh that they can really feel it as a true marrakeshi feels it.                                                                                                                                  

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