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Hello. I am Kaori! I am a horticulturalist, interpreter as well as tour guide.

As you may have noticed, even in a densely populated area in Tokyo, you can find a small shrine, park, or traditional architecture integrated into a modern landscape. Although our historical monuments has suffered through the history of fire and reconstruction, and not a whole medieval town-scape is preserved as it does in Kyoto, Tokyo still keep its memory of old days thanks to local people's efforts to preserve our cultural value and heritage.

I took a university degree of Landscape and Garden Design in the UK and have a professional experience in the Japanese landscape industry. With my educational, and professional background, I would like let my guests to look into the dynamism of the transformation of Tokyo and uniqueness of local life.

My passion is to conserve natural and cultural heritage in Tokyo. I have hosted numerous landscape walk tours in west Tokyo for national and international residents in Japan.

I also love hiking, growing vegetables, and flowers. So, If you are outdoorsy person or garden lover, please be my guest. In my personal opinion, the best garden to go differs according to season. I would not betray your expectation if you are keen on horticulture.

If you would like to request a customized tour in another specific topic, please do not hesitate to inquire.

As I have traveled many places all over the world, I understand that creating itinerary is fun but time consuming. Also I understand the need for flexibility according to your condition of the day. I can help you to get maximum experience during your stay in Japan.

If the availability on my calendar does not match with yours, please send message to me in case I am able to adjust my schedules (sincere apology in advance if I couldn't).

I am looking froward to seeing you!


5 hours trip to enjoy ancient & modern Tokyo

5 hours

This is a half-day tour to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of Tokyo from 16th century(Edo)- to contemporary.You can see how the landscape has been transformed in Tokyo between 16th-21th century. Also, you can 'experience' the Edo culture by staying, touching, tasting, and viewing.Let's do a time trip together!You can start this tour anytime between 9:00 - 15:30.

FROM$146/ per group

Guide's Best Selections - 1 DAY IN TOKYO

7 hours

In this tour, the guide will create a special itinerary with mixture of major and minor spots according to the result of hearing from customers. I would rather choose places where locals love to visit in week-end.

FROM$204/ per group

Tokyo Night Walk 1 : The Imperial Palace and Asakusa

4 hours

This is a night tour not only for eating and drinking, but also learning history of this 400 years old capital. The guide will take you places where you can feel the dynamism of this rapid growing city as well as our unique syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism. If you have limited time but still want explore Tokyo, please be my guest!

FROM$117/ per group

Tokyo Night Walk 2: Mukojima & Tokyo Sky Tree

4 hours

This is a night tour to explore a traditional residential district and enjoy the dynamic night scenery of Tokyo from the highest tower in Tokyo. Mukojima is a typical residential which dates back to Edo period. Although most of old architectures are destroyed after world war 2, this area still maintains a nostalgic local atmosphere from where you can also enjoy the symbolic Tokyo tower. As Mukojima has the area where Geisya houses are, you may see one of them commuting if you are lucky.

FROM$117/ per group

Tokyo Night Walk 3: Kichijoji

3.5 hours

This is a night tour for the guest who stay around Shinjuku and the other western parts of Tokyo. Kichijoji has ranked in as ‘the best town to live in Tokyo’ many times, having both vibrant shopping district & quiet residential area with affluent green. We will visit a beautiful park with a pond from which the first irrigation channel was constructed in Edo period. After dropping by Benzaiten shrine, we will continue the night stroll towards Gibli museum where the robot stands on the museum buil

FROM$102/ per group

Half day walk in Tokyo with '' Lady Musashino''

5 hours

We are visiting Kokubunji-Koganei area (30mins from Shinjuku by train) walking from shrines, temples to hidden gardens in the fresh air. This is a quiet residential area with numerous water springs and native woodlands. The history and geology of this area is remarkable. You will be surprised how much clear fresh water flowing in this central Tokyo and ancient heritages integrated in modern life.

FROM$149/ per group


Esty P.

Feb 14, 2020

unforgettable 4 hours tour

Kaori is very nice and lovely person. I booked 4 hours tour to Tokyo Skytree and around Asakusa area. We arrived in the evening time. Unfortunately, it was raining all day in Tokyo. When we entered Tokyo Skytree, we couldn't see anything from above :(. Kaori brought us to Senso-ji temple and we had dinner in a very nice restaurant. Kaori has a good knowledge in Japan history. If I go to Tokyo again next time, I will book definitely book her!!


Prue M.

Jan 1, 2020

Tokyo day tour

Stop looking for guides now this is your perfect guide!!! Kaori was fantastic, she took our family of five to all the places and more that we wanted to see in Tokyo. Kaori is so knowledgeable and kind. She helped us with everything!!! Train tickets, our future travel plans , luggage delivery etc. We want to come back and do more sight seeing with Kaori . We can’t thank her enough.


Todd S.

Nov 1, 2019

AMAZING at every level!!! Stop searching, BOOK NOW!!!

First, we cannot thank Kaori enough for going out of her way (literally) in making such an AMAZING customized day for us. She exceeded all of our expectations at every level – communication, prepared visual images, knowledge of Japan’s history, culture, and intense subway system. Likewise, she was an incredibly nice and humble person who made us laugh and feel right at home in an enormous city we hadn’t been to before. If she is available do not hesitate to experience Tokyo or anywhere with her!!! We now have memories that will cherish for a lifetime and a new friend because of Kaori. We can’t thank her enough for gifting us such a special and unique day. Stop your search and BOOK KAORI NOW!!! I promise you won’t regret it.