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About Tour Guide Alvise D.


I was born in Rome, I'm a proud Roman and I've spent all my 62 years in this wonderful city.

I've been running my Fiat 500 vintage car tours experience for the past 8 years.

It's the ONLY company in Rome offering this kind of FANTASTIC treat for experienced and discerning travellers.

From your message and the information gathered from your website, I understand you wish to offer to your customers top quality and real local experiences far above usual touristic mass services.

My promise: to show with passion to your customers the untold and true stories behind the historical Rome.

There a quite a lot of spots and corners of Rome which are unknown to tourists and even to locals.

Astounding places, off the-beaten-tracks, which wait to be discovered by discerning travellers, away from usual itineraries followed by big double-deck buses.

I'm an enthusiast guide and I love passing my passion for Rome to customers that are not content of fast and dull tours.

Narrations of each tour is custom made, according to the interest of each single customer.

If your customers are searching for a unique, local, enthusiastic Italian experience, well, I'm definitely the right person in Rome.

I'll lead them through the MAGIC of Rome aboard our vintage Fiat 500 cars and let them experiencing one of the best 5 tours of their life.

The tours normally include foto shooting with customers cameras, and a creamy double expresso or cappuccino in a true local coffee bar.

Happiness exists, make it happen!



The FIAT 500 90-Min chauffeured Tour

1 hour 30 min

Discover Rome and its sites by riding 90 min. in one of the most beautiful cars ever made: the Fiat 500! Jump in and enjoy amazing sights from the window seat of your colourful Fiat 500: you will be the true star! Come and get to know the classic sites and unexpected places of Rome. Feel like a star on board your Fiat 500 through the streets of Rome.

FROM$310/ per group

The 7 Hidden Gems of Rome Tour In a antique FIAT 500

3 hours

Tour in a Antique Fiat 500! Emotions, thrills, magic! Enjoy a private FIAT 500 vintage car chauffeured tour, for an exceptional experience with you and your friends in the starring roles. With your tour guide, you will discover 7 of the most incredible hidden gems of Rome in a 3 hour tour. The drive includes off-the-beaten-path spots (where big double-decker buses cannot access), mysteries, miracles, legends, architecture renaissance gems, breathtaking panoramic views.

FROM$350/ per group

FIAT 500 self-drive Tour in Convoy

3 hours

Enjoy one of the Top 10 great things to do in Rome. Discover the charm of Rome and its sites by riding in one of the most beautiful cars ever made: the Fiat 500! Jump in and enjoy amazing sights from the window seat of your colourful Fiat 500: you will be the true star! Enjoy a self drive tour in convoy aboard a vintage Fiat 500 along the streets of Rome - Feel the magic of the fabulous 60s, be the star! Feel like a star on board your Fiat 500 and make your friends green with envy!

FROM$340/ per group



Elaine O.

Apr 13, 2023

FIVE STAR - 100% Recommend

My husband and I experienced The Fiat 500 90 minute tour above last week. IT WAS AMAZING! Alex our driver was an amazing driver and guide. He was very funny, knowledgeable and made the experience even more special. 100% would recommend! Really worth it.

Alvise D.

Ciao Elaine, Many thanks for touring with us! We are so pleased to know you had FIATASTIC time with Alex and our cute & tiny Fiat 500 vintage car. Alex is a local and he is such a great and enthusiastic guide, he knows Rome so well. Alex is an experienced paparazzi and he surely took lots of pics with your camera/cellphone, a FREE photo shoot to remember your quest to the 7 Hidden Gems of Rome. Please do share your pics with your friends, colleagues and family members, make them green with envy! :) We hope to see you again in Rome for more 500 experiences! Happiness exists, make it happen! 500 ciao, Alvise Di Giulio Happiness Mgr.


Fred C.

Apr 13, 2022

The best possible tour in Rome !!

Alvise as a super cool ,super fun ,trilling tour Will bring you to sight like no other guide will !!! The self driving tour is unbelievable!! You will go around Like a Italian in the street of Rome going around streets where only a Fiat 500 can go Park Italian style at the main attractions A Must do In Rome Ciao!!!