Julen L.


Available Areas

La Rioja, Navarra, Pais Vasco (Living), San Sebastian, Bilbao



English, Spanish (Native)


Response Time

1 day on average


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Since 2015 I have dedicated myself to offering experiences that I really love in the Basque Country. I am a native of here and my experiences are related to Basque sport, gastronomy and culture. My service is also consumed by Basque people, so not a service made for tourists. If not what it is, a product that came from my heart and really the experiences that I offer are based on activities that I am passionate about and I am the first interested in enjoying them. And the truth is that I already work with an agency that offers unique experiences, but I need to work with more to have more work, and I believe that you can be a good collaborator for me, because it seems that we coincide in our philosophy of offering unique experiences and unrepeatable.