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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
Tour Guide - Beyene A.

Beyene A.

GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

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Addis Ababa (Living)

GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!



GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

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About Tour Guide Beyene A.

Hello dear travelers. This is Beyene. But please call me by my nick name, 'Bayu'.

I was born and raised in Gondar, a historical city in north western part of

Ethiopia known for medieval history and culture, but now working and living in Addis Ababa since the last 16 years.

I joined the hospitality business when I was in my home town as a local guide taking tourists around the city and to the breathtaking Simen mountains national park.Then this coincidence of meeting many tourists from different countries, eventually grew up and motivated me for further education which I finally came to Addis Ababa to attend tourism college. Here I studied and got diploma in tour guiding techniques and travel operation. With this the Federal Government of Ethiopian Tourism Commission has certified me as a national tour guide to escort travelers all over the country. In addition, the Amhara reginal state tourism office has also licensed me as a local guide. This time, I am a member of Ethiopian professional tourist guides Association based in Addis Ababa.

For me travelling is just more than a business and is simply a source of excitement by meeting new people and make them happy through social and intercultural exchanges.

Ethiopia's long history, divers culture, ancient tradition and beliefs, stunning geography, archeology, unique nature and the society's way of life are the main factors that attracts tourists all year round. This condition always makes me to go off the beaten-truck and discover places which are beyond the routine destinations.

In line of this, I'm became very much keen on travelling and familiar with almost all destinations in the country, which is from the historic route in the north to the cultural destination to Omo valley tribes in the south; from the adventurous Danakil depression and Eta'ale to trekking in the Simen and Bale mountains National parks; from coffee tours in the Ethiopian rift valley system to the bird watching activities across the country.

Above all, Addis Ababa is my favorite city where I got a better knowledge about Ethiopian tourism in general. lt is a vibrant city where diversified ethnic groups all over the nation are living together in peace and harmony. In addition to being the capital of Ethiopia and Africa the whole, it also served as a commerical and political hub of the country hosing local and international organizations. Such as:- AU/African Union, EU/European Union, ECA/Economic Commissioned for Africa including embassies and consulates of different countries in the world.

Because of that Addis Abeba became one of the best tourist stops in the country where a short and long term travelers are coming for their holidays.

The city encompasses many things to be seen either in a half or full day city tours including day trips to a nearby places.To mention but few are:- the national Museum where the 3.2 million years old Lucy is located, mount Entoto where the old grass thatched roof palace of king Menellik ll is still standing, Trinity Cathedral from which the remains of emperor Hailesilassie and his families are rested, Markato the busiest and largest open air market in Africa, St. George church erected up to recall the victory of Adewa over Italy in 1886. Plus historical monuments and squares; coffee houses and traditional restaurants; amusement parks and night life clubs are the few spots on which travelers shall have a life time experience.

Therefore, when ever you have a chance to visit Addis Ababa/Ethiopia or a short transit at Bole intl airport, please contact me anytime to join my tour and let we together uncover the hidden wonders!

I look forward to welcome and spend a wonderful time with you.

See you soon!

Tour guide and travel organizer in Ethiopia


As I am working in the travel business, I work from Monday- Sunday. But in the month of May 2023, I am not available in Addis Ababa for I fly to Gondar. In case if your are coming there by that month, I can arrange you all the necessary things for the city tour of Gondar and trekking or day trip to the Simen mountains NP.

Also, I'm happy to create a special itinerary for you and your family, friends or loved ones up on your request. Thus, please feel free to contact me at any time when you schedule to travel Ethiopia.



Combined tours to Harar & Omo valleycover image

Combined tours to Harar & Omo valley

Addis Ababa
7 days

This trip covers history, Islamic religion and culture of Omo valley tribes. The history of Harar is mainly shrouded with legends and tradations told by its local inhabitants, especially the period on which Harar estabilished is still unclear. But according to a 14 th C manuscrip, the history Harar begun in the 12th C because of its oledest mosque built in that period. Harar, by Ethiopian Muslims considered to be as one of the hoilest cities in the world next to Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem.

FROM$2,900/ per person
Adventure trip to Surma/Suri peoplecover image

Adventure trip to Surma/Suri people

Addis Ababa
9 days

This adventure tour takes you to some of the green and lush routes of Western Ethiopia where coffee originated. The journey also get you acquainted with the tribe of Surma/Suri, who are culturally so vibrat and untouched by many travelers due to their location. Compared with thos ethinic groups in lower Omo valley, the Suri people are more indignious and are still intact with their own rituals and way of life. Men are doing stick fighting contest with one snother when they are about to marry.

FROM$3,883/ per person
Combined tours to Historical route, Harar & Omo tribescover image

Combined tours to Historical route, Harar & Omo tribes

Addis Ababa
13 days

This itinerary covers history in the north including ancient churches & monastries, IIslamic religion in the east & culture of Omo valley tribes in the south. The northern route tiuches:- Lake Tana monastries, 17th century medieval history of Gondar, Scenery of Simen mountains NP & the 12th C rock hewn churches of Lalibella. While to the east is the history of Harar & iits Muslim inhabitants. The southern part of Ethiopia is characterized by culture of diversified ethinic groups.

FROM$2,732/ per person
Trekking in Simen mountains NP.cover image

Trekking in Simen mountains NP.

Addis Ababa
10 days

The Simien Mountains NP in Northern Ethiopia is ewuiped with diverse faunal & floral distribution as well as exceptionnal landscape. This became an appropriate habitat for different species of wildlife: such as the endemic Walya Ibex, Ethiopian wolf, Gelada Baboons & Meniliks bush including several birds of prey like Lammergeyer, Ruppel's voltures and etc. In addition, the human population living in the area with harsh climate and scarce natural resources make visitors to have life time memorie

FROM$2,840/ per person
Adventure trip to Danakil Depression and Ert'ale cover image

Adventure trip to Danakil Depression and Ert'ale

Addis Ababa
4 days

This trip is going on through a unique geological places where ancient lava fields stretching out for many kilo meters with a depth of 5 kms in some places are still be seen. Most importantly, it is a region that the major paleontological sites where Lucy an oldest hominid fossil (3.2mya) and many others are discovered. Besides, the Danakil Depression and Ertale which of course both are so unique and exceptional that one should see for life time experiences.

FROM$3,800/ per person
North or Historic route, church and naturecover image

North or Historic route, church and nature

Addis Ababa
14 days

This is a route to the major historical sites in Ethiopia, church history of Ethiopian Orthodox religion and Simen mountains National park, home to endemic mammals like Galada Baboons, Waliya Ibex and Ethiopian wolf.

FROM$3,652/ per person