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    Popular Tours in Ethiopia

    Full day Addis Ababa city Tour

    Addis Ababa
    8 hours

    Explore Addis Ababa with a local tour guide. Sightseeing its cultural & historical attractions, taste Ethiopian food & coffee from its origin, driving modern car while observing the cites neighborhood , walking over selected parts of the Capital and visiting pottery center.

    FROM$220/ per group
    Biruk Z.

    Once-in-a-lifetime cultural and travel experience tour

    Addis Ababa
    10 days

    Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic nations with diversified cultural mosaics. One of the most important locations for these tribal cultural experience is the lower Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia which is home to an astonishing mix of small, contrasting 16 different ethnic groups such as the Gangatom/Nyangatom, the Karo/Kara, the Dassench/Dassanach the Bodi, the Mursi, the Suri/Surma, the Arbore, and the Hamer/Hamar tribe's. They offer the opportunity to authentic cultural experience.

    FROM$2,500/ per person
    Amanuel C.

    Out-of-this-world colorful landscapes of Ethiopia

    Southern Ethiopia
    4 days

    Both the highest lands of Africa and the lowest point of the continent situated under sea level are in Ethiopia. The Danakil Depression situated under sea level is a surreal landscape rich in geothermal features. It is one of the geologically most active areas on the planet and has some of the most awe-inspiring and surreal landscapes made of salt, geysers, springs and fumaroles, and the Great Salt Lake where salt mining and trading has been going on with camel caravans.

    FROM$1,300/ per group
    Amanuel C.

    Full day Addis Ababa city tour

    Addis Ababa
    8 hours 30 min

    Addis Ababa is not just the capital city of Ethiopia it is the capital of Africa as well. addis Ababa is the 4th capital city in the World with the highest altitude, The average altitude for Addis Ababa is 2400 meters from sea level. Addis Ababa is surrounded by Mountains from north mount entoto, from east mount Erer and west mount chicha. Visiting Addis ababa gives you a chance to experience the culture and way of life of Ethiopians.

    FROM$120/ per person
    Mehammed Y.

    Ethiopia Private Tours & Local Tour Guides

    Traveling to Ethiopia? With a private tour guide you will be shown Ethiopia through the eyes of a local. Traveling with a local allows you to experience Ethiopia as authentically as possible, to appreciate and understand the culture in a deeper way. We can arrange for you to visit areas specific to your interests, all you have to do is contact one of our private guides and they will work with your interests and requests. Let us know what you are passionate about and we will help you plan a truly unique and memorable trip! The smartest way to experience Ethiopia is with your own private tour guide from GoWithGuide, so do not hesitate and let them help you create an unforgettable travel memory.