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Hello! I am Manuel, an experienced and professional tour guide with extensive knowledge of the historic city centre of Cambridge.

My walking tours describe men and women whose ideas and actions have affected nearly every area of human endeavour. It is very likely that someone from your region or country is already in this city to either work or study. How can that be possible in a city of less than 150,000 people?

Come to one of my tours and find out. I will ensure that, no matter your background or age, your visit to Cambridge is a memorable experience. I hope to see you soon!


The Cambridge years of C S Lewis

1 hour 30 min

This is a 1.5-hour walking tour covers the years that C S Lewis spent in Cambridge in the 1950s and early 1960s. We shall walk some of the streets he walked, listen to some quotes from his books read out loud, and if anyone is willing, even talk about some of the topics which interested him. Lewis once said "I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once.” This tour will show you that C S Lewis was more than the famous author who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia.

FROM$90/ per group

Cambridge: classic and unique - a 2-hour walking tour

2 hours

This 2-hour walking tour of Cambridge will delight and amaze you. Here's a question: What do atomic research, the translation of the Bible, dental care, the speed of sound, Romantics poetry, night climbing and an anti-slavery campaign have in common? Answer: Cambridge people have played an important and influential role in either their creation, research or application. You will also learn about traditions in sport and music, and even pranks and jokes which relate to the university and the city.

FROM$130/ per group

Cambridge: top secret agents

1 hour 30 min

A walking tour revealing how Cambridge has been a source of secret agents for five centuries. Starting with Tudor England and all the way to the 21st century, the actions of some of these individuals changed the course of several important historical events. To any fans of Agent 007 out there: if you come in this tour be ready for a big surprise about him.

FROM$130/ per group

Cambridge: nido de espías durante 5 siglos

1 hour 30 min

Un tour a pie que revela cómo Cambridge ha sido un nido de espias durante 5 siglos. Desde la época de la dinastía Tudor hasta los conflictos armados del siglo veintiuno varias agencias de espionaje han reclutado personas que residieron en Cambridge. Aunque cueste creerlo, algunas de las acciones de estos agentes cambiaron el curso de importantes acontecimientos históricos . Atención a quienes son fans del agente 007: en este tour os espera una sorpresa (o mejor dicho más de una) respecto a él.

FROM$110/ per group