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About Tour Guide Tulus B.

Hi, I am a fully qualified Indonesia - Yogyakarta badge tour guide. Welcome to my country and explore with me the hidden treasures Yogyakarta has to offer. From world class Archaeological museums and galleries to famous sites such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, The Queen of Boko Palace, Sultan palace, and the Lava Tour of Mount Merapi, I will ensure that you get the most out of your visit. I began my career as a tour guide in the year 2000. Since then I have guided many tourists who came from Western Europe, England, America and Asian sub-continent. With 14 years’ experience working in asset management in the City, I am now using those learnings and analytical skills to the much more interesting world of guiding. I have travelled places like Sumatra - Java - Bali, and explored the Java & Bali Island, so I appreciate how valuable a tourist's time is and what makes a trip memorable.


on July to august is high season tourist so please if you want to go on these month booking me 2 months before, thank you.


Adventure Jomblang Cave and Pindul Cave tubing

11 hours

A 40 meters deep single – shaft with a diameter of 50 meters formed by dissolution and collapse of 15-2 million years old limestone. This occurred after the limestone was uplifted from the sea floor about 1,8 million years ago. Bottom of collapse – sinkhole connected with a horizontal passage that ends at Grubug cave. Grubug cave is a single shaft of about 90 meters, is the deepest vertical cave in java island. The phenomenon of Grubug underground river and upward view from the bottom.

FROM$92/ per person

Semarang port to Borobudur temple

9 hours

One day tour from pick you up at Semarang port to Borobudur temple. Please let me know your docking time of cruise ship and I will pick you up directly in lobby harbor.

FROM$215/ per person

Transfer in and out Yogyakarta airport

1 hour 10 min

Transfer in and out from Yogyakarta airport to your hotel. Just give me information of flight schedule, your hotel address and hotel name. We will be easily able to recognize your hotel, so please give me your detail hotel name and address, thank you !

FROM$45/ per group

Borobudur Sunrise day tour

12 hours

looking for unique sunrise on the top of stupa borobudur temple, you will enjoy the sunrise surrounding the tropical forest and two volcanoes mount Merapi and merbabu only one in the world that's Borobudur Sunrise, start from pick you up at your hotel at 4:00am and go direct to borobudur one hour drive by car , enjoy the sunrise and breakfast in manohara Borobudur, so come and join us !

FROM$160/ per person

Two days one night in Dieng Plateau

2 days

Private tour for two days one night in Dieng Plateau to visit Sikunir sunrise + Arjuna temples complex + Sikidang crater and Colour lake 3,5 hours drive by car from Yogyakarta to Dieng Plateau as long as the way we can see the beautiful panorama potatoes plantation + rice fields + carrot plantation + tea plantation and many more.

FROM$215/ per person

Prambanan temple and Ramayana Ballet show

7 hours 30 min

Built on the ninth Century,Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The first mention of Prambanan was in the Syiwagrha Inscription (856AD). With three main temples for the Trimurti; Shiva the destroyer of the universe,Vishnu the keeper of the universe, and Brahma the creator of the universe.The Prambanan Ramayana Ballet is a performance that combines dance and drama without dialogue,based on the Ramayana story and performed near Prambanan Temple on the island of Java.

FROM$109/ per person