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    Virtual Tours & Experiences in Indonesia

    Watching the Traditional Process of Making Palm Wine

    One more thing that is unique from the island of Flores is Lontar and Aren or what is known by the local community as Moke or Tuak, a type of alcoholic drink made from Lontar fruit or flowers or palm trees. Throughout the island of Flores the drink moke has many names such as Moke, Tuak, Sopi and Dewe, but the most familiar is Moke. Moke is not just a drink but has a very high cultural, economic and social value. For the people of Flores Island, Moke is a symbol of customs, a symbol of friendshi

    FROM$90/ per person
    Gerard D.

    Online Virtual Tour - Flores Tribal Woven Fabrics

    Flores offers unique woven fabrics for textile lovers. Women not only continue to make traditional clothes on the back of their loom, but also continue to wear them in their daily lives. There is a wide variety of kaleidoscopic designs - each region has a unique & enchanting textile culture, clothing style & motif. We will explore the extraordinary ancestral traditions from the "Bliran Sina" Cultural Arts Studio where textiles are the main form of artistic expression, which still plays a central

    FROM$89/ per person
    Gerard D.

    Online Virtual Tour-Discover 3 Colored Crater Lakes Kelimutu

    What colors can we see today? That is the question often asked by most of the foreign guests we guide when approaching the crater of Lake Kelimutu. The answer is nobody knows! It all depends on the mood of the spirits who inhabit the lake. Kelimutu Volcano with three crater lakes each with "boiling water" can be called Dark Green, Turquoise and Dark Brown if it does not change color to Rred, White and Blue. This color change makes the crater lake Kelimutu a world wonder.

    FROM$84/ per person
    Gerard D.

    Popular Tours in Indonesia

    Private Bali Highlights Tour-Village, Temple, Volcano

    Exploring most visited and best combined sites and attraction of Bali, featuring morning cultural performance, art and craft villages from student's level up to grand masters pieces of handmade souvenirs, enjoying a magnificent view of still active Batur Volcano while having meals, experience afternoon Bali coffee & tea processed traditionally. Last is a Temple called Batuan Village Temple, to learn about structure and lay out of Bali Hindu Temple.

    FROM$60/ per person
    Artawa I.

    Private Banjarmasin Excursions 3 Days/2 Nights

    In this 3 days/2 nights tour, we will mainly explore the floating market, Loksado, experiencing bamboo rafting, and getting touch with local community people.

    FROM$320/ per person
    Mulyadi Y.

    Half-day Private Tour-The Long-nosed Monkey

    In this tour, we will go by motor boat down the river to the sea in the mouth of the Barito river, Kaget island where is habited by a group of proboscis monkey surrounded by the incredibly atmospheric sound by a myriad of insects, birds such as eagles, king fisher, and trees frogs. Your camera will be easier to catch their antique. We will go back along the villages of the country side.

    FROM$45/ per person
    Mulyadi Y.

    Private Tour: Kaja+Bjm+Loksado 7 Days 6 Nights

    After this 7 days 6 nights tour, you will get a deep understanding of the authentic Indonesian culture, food, animals, and especially the local people, to see how they are making a living. We will plan everything for you.

    FROM$495/ per person
    Mulyadi Y.