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    Popular Tours in Turkey

    Must See Places in Istanbul

    7 hours

    It's always a good idea to see the highlights of the city during the first day of your visit to Istanbul for a good introduction accompanied by the stories of this stunning city blended with history, culture, mythology, geography and cuisine. For someone who is visiting a new city for the first time it's a place people are just passing by. When it comes to the exploring the hidden gems you may need a company.

    FROM$250/ per group
    Duygu G.
    5.00(2) reviews

    One Full Walking Day in Izmir

    9 hours

    Guess what! We will meet at the İzmir Clock Tower ( : Than you will get lost in Kemeraltı. At that moment you will hear a voice within you that is actually me (: that tells you what not to do. While walking through the asymmetrical streets of Kemeraltı you will touch souvenirs, taste local foods, smell bazaar and special shops, hear bazaar shoppers and see museums and memorial houses.

    FROM$50/ per person
    Emre K.
    5.00(1) reviews

    Topkapi Palace and Harem

    3 hours

    This tour is for the travellers who want to know Topkapi Palace deeply with its harem. There has always been two different life in this palace, one for the men of the court which includes Sultan, all other politicians, soldiers, Enderun students, other one is for women including wives, concubines, daughters of Sultan. Throughout history very few people entered into harem, this has been the reason of curiosity. We will picture the life in harem together.

    FROM$100/ per group
    Emine F.
    5.00(1) reviews

    Taste The Local Food in A Turkish Way

    3 hours

    Tonight is the time that you will try the Turkish food in a local way. We will go to different places like locals do.We try Simit, Turkish Alcohol Rakı, Turkish Tea, Turkish coffe and more. While you are trying the Turkish food you will have the chance liste to different stories about the food.It will be a walking tour.

    FROM$159/ per person

    Turkey Private Tours & Local Tour Guides

    Traveling to Turkey? With a private tour guide you will be shown Turkey through the eyes of a local. Traveling with a local allows you to experience Turkey as authentically as possible, to appreciate and understand the culture in a deeper way. We can arrange for you to visit areas specific to your interests, all you have to do is contact one of our private guides and they will work with your interests and requests. Let us know what you are passionate about and we will help you plan a truly unique and memorable trip! The smartest way to experience Turkey is with your own private tour guide from GoWithGuide, so do not hesitate and let them help you create an unforgettable travel memory.