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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In Argentina: Pros & Cons

Courtney C.

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Courtney C.

Last updated : May 21, 202427 min read

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Argentina Tour Guide


If you’re reading this, you probably know all about the sights, foods to eat and overall wonders of Argentina. Or, at least, you know enough to want to see them for yourself. Now that you’re well in your Argentina trip planning, has hiring a guide in Argentina, ever crossed your mind? 


There are benefits. Tour guide services feature a guided trip with either a local or expat Argentina tour guide who knows the culture, language, great places to eat and see, safety tips and who is knowledgeable about various topics that make your trip unique and memorable.


That being said, hiring a guide in Argentina does not suit all travel styles. Want to know whether a guide is for you or not? Let’s go through some pros and cons and find out. 



The Benefits Of Hiring A Guide In Argentina

If you’re a traveler that loves convenience, safety, language assistance and time well managed, a guide is for you…


An infographic with four text descriptions that summarise 4 benefits of hiring a guide in Argentina alongside 4 pictures of different attractions in Argentina.


  • Cultural Insights & Language Assistance: A guide enhances your travel experience by providing valuable cultural insights and bridging language gaps. For example, in Buenos Aires, guides will explain the historical significance of tango in neighborhoods like San Telmo and La Boca, ensuring a more immersive cultural exchange. Since Argentinian Spanish differs slightly from commonly taught Spanish, a guide can help catch the differences and highlight why the language has these variations.  


  • Customized, Expert-Led Itineraries: Guides tailor your itinerary based on your interests, whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, photographer or foodie. In regions like Santa Cruz, known for huge glaciers and winding national parks, a guide can organize a personalized hike, introducing you to hidden gems off the beaten path.


  • Convenient & Stress-Free Tour Day: Guides handle logistics like searching for tickets, checking venue availability and finding the best lunch spots, ensuring a stress-free experience for you on the tour day. This is particularly helpful in regions like Mendoza, where a guide can organize activities and sightseeing based on your preferences, allowing for a seamless and fun exploration day.


  • Optimizing Time & Efficiency: Guides help maximize your time by efficiently planning routes and coordinating activities according to the lay of the land. In Patagonia, for example, a guide can assist in organizing glacier hikes, wildlife encounters and boat trips, ensuring you make the most of the diverse landscapes without missing key highlights.

Why You May Not Need an Argentina Tour Guide

Looking for solo fun and well known tourist sites? Maybe you’re fluent in Spanish and want to test out your skills. Here’s why a guide might get in your way. 


An infographic with 4 text groups, each demonstrating the reasons why you may not ned a tour guide in Argentina, alongside 4 relevant images for each text summary.


  • You Crave Independent Traveler Freedom: Argentina's well-developed infrastructure allows travelers to explore at their own pace. In cities like Córdoba, wandering historic streets, visiting local markets and talking with locals is easy if you’re not a fan of anything structured or want to take some time planning things out.


  • There Are Well-Documented Tourist Attractions: Major attractions like the Perito Moreno Glacier and Iguazu Falls are extensively documented, allowing independent travelers to plan and navigate with some research and effort. Travel websites and forums also provide resources for creating itineraries covering must-see landmarks. If you’re willing to do the research. 


  • You Have Language Proficiency or Prior Travel Experience: Proficiency in Spanish or prior experience in Argentina provides a deeper level of confidence when traveling. English-speaking locals in Argentina, and cultural familiarity allow travelers to explore hidden gems independently, so a tour guide would not be needed for language barriers, but they can still come in handy when it comes to cultural exposure. 


  • You’re Familiar With Digital Maps & Navigation Apps: The use of digital tools like Google Maps has allowed independent travelers to plan routes, find points of interest and navigate on their own. In regions like Salta, navigation apps allow you to discover boutique wineries and scenic routes. Though this does not guarantee quality experiences and local insight, it’s a good starting point. 

Safety & Security With An Argentina Tour Guide


Okay, now that we know the pros & cons, we have to talk about safety. A private tour guide in Argentina serves as more than just a knowledgeable companion; they act as a guardian of safety and security throughout your journey. In cities like Rosario, Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, La Plata and Córdoba, some streets are not as safe as they should be. This is where private guides come in. 


A local guide ensures a secure and worry-free experience by offering insights into safe neighborhoods, advising on potential risks and providing valuable tips for avoiding common pitfalls. Their familiarity with local customs and awareness of current conditions allows them to create a protective bubble around travelers, allowing them to explore Argentina's wonders with confidence and peace of mind. 

How Do I Hire A Tour Guide In Argentina?


So, you’re ready to head to the ‘Paris of the South’ and are interested in private tours in Argentina, but what do you do next? We’re here to help you find your local guide, and it’s as simple as these steps:


Three images with a three step instruction text next to each image explaining how to hire a guide on the GoWithGuide platform


  1. First, visit our Argentina local guides page where you can choose guides from cities like Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz or Mendoza. Look out for positive reviews, engaging biographies and a friendly personality/smile. 

  2. Once you've found a guide profile that you like, you have a couple of options. If you spot a tour offer you already like, you can book it instantly by selecting the tour and pressing ‘Reserve’, but if you have specific preferences or want to make adjustments to a tour, simply click the blue ‘Message’ button on the right side of the guide profile. Fill in things like the tour date, tour time, guest number and any other preferences. Then press “Send A Message”. 

  3. Now comes the fun part! You and your guide can customize your tour so it suits you – inform your guide about your travel dates, who you’re traveling with and your preferences, then let them do their magic and create a custom itinerary. Once you’ve had a final look, and approve of everything, press ‘Book Now’. ¡Ahí está!! You have turned your dream itinerary into a reality.



Dos & Don’ts with An Argentina Private Tour Guide

Your guide is there to make your tour as smooth as possible, so here are some tips that can help them achieve their goal. 


a comparison infographic with 4 things you should do and 4 things you shouldn




  • Communicate Your Preferences: Do express your interests, preferences, and any specific places you'd like to visit. A private tour guide can tailor the experience to match your expectations, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable journey.

  • Ask Your Guide About Football!: Argentinians are quite passionate about the sport, so learning about your guide's favorite team, or maybe why they don’t have one, is a great way to kick up conversation. Ask questions about the culture, history, and traditions of Argentina. A private tour is an excellent opportunity to gain deeper insights into the destinations you explore.

  • Try Dressing Up A Little: It doesn’t have to be a ballgown or three-piece suit, but Argentinians generally like to dress up for occasions. As long as it’s comfortable (like walking shoes), you can try dressing up a bit during your tour as a sign of respect to your guide. 

  • Get Comfortable With Loud Noise & Conversation: Whether it’s a particularly loud venue with vibrant music, or a passionate conversation between your guide and some locals, Argentinians don’t shy away from anything loud, so don’t be afraid of the loud social scenes. 




  • Being Inflexible About Time: In Argentina, though time is respected on a work basis (your guide will be timely), social situations, including dinner and lunch, are flexible time wise. Don't be overly rigid in your plans when it comes to time, as while it's good to have preferences, be open to suggestions from your guide about the culture surrounding it. 

  • Drawing Comparisons Between Argentina & Chile: While both countries share a border, and the Andes, there are a few sour notes between the countries, so constantly comparing the two, especially if you’ve been to both, during your tour, can make your guide feel uncomfortable. 

  • Being Offended About Personal Space Invasion: As your guide introduces you t other locals, don7t get offended if they are quick to pull you closer, kiss your cheek or give a slight hug, Argentinians are very personable, and the idea of “personal space” is not as strict there. 

  • Raising Your Opinion on Local Politics: Okay, so Argentinians are passionate about their views on politics, but refrain from giving your opinion if these topics come up because they are quite complex and can create a sensitive atmosphere. Adhering to local etiquette ensures a positive interaction with the people you encounter during the rest of your travels.



Argentina Tours for A Fantastic Trip


To get you excited about your own custom tour, here are some interesting private tours in Argentina:


Three images of different cultural experiences in Argentina with text descriptions next to each image.


  • The Highlights Of Buenos Aires-City Tours: These private tours of Buenos Aires are with a professional guide, with some including private transportation. Discover iconic landmarks such as Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Caminito and Recoleta Cemetery, and explore diverse neighborhoods, delving into the city's rich culture, history, art, architecture and current affairs — an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant and fascinating city of Buenos Aires.

  • The Flavors Of Argentina - Tasty Food Tours: When it comes to cuisine, and wine? Argentina is king! These food and wine tours range from the glitzy capital of Buenos Aires, to the wine lands of Mendoza, so wear some loose pants and discover the heart of Argentinian living…it’s the food! 

  • Argentina’s Elements - Unique & Off The Beaten Path Tours - If you want to meet the lesser seen, or not as celebrated sights and sounds of Argentina, check out these unique & off the beaten path tours. From a photoshoot on a Buenos Aires rooftop, to an exhilarating tango class with locals, you’ll end your day feeling refreshed, and learning something new. 




Feeling inspired? You can create your dream Argentina itinerary with us. GoWithGuide pairs numerous tour guides and tours with travelers, whether it’s a Santa Cruz tour or a food trip through Buenos Aires, there’s something for everyone!


So book one of the Argentina tour guides and see how you can personalize a trip to make it the journey of a lifetime. See you there!

Buenos Aires Tour Guide - Paola D.

Paola D.

5.00 / 5
(11 reviews)

After being a professional as an Accountant for some years, I decided to change my life and follow my passion: Buenos Aires. I've been a tour guide since 2011. I'm passionate about showing every corner of my city and passing on everything I know about it. I was also, for some years, guided touring professor at San Martín National University. I am studying a master's degree in world history, and I have a Diploma in Buenos Aires History and Argentinian Culture. I really love Buenos Aires and I hope you do so…. I love art, history and photos. . . I'd like to share all of this with you. I also have a car (Volkswagen Suran) so If you want we can move around in it. I'm flexible and all my tours can be customized according to your own interest.                                                                                                                                 

Buenos Aires Tour Guide - Nani N.

Nani N.

5.00 / 5
(2 reviews)

My name is Fernando, and I love to share all type of experiences with travelers in my hometown. We can visit the main spots if you are a first time visitor, or we can go off the beaten path whether you have some special interest. During the tour you will be inspired to ask any type of question about Buenos Aires, and porteños (the way the local people are called), and my challenge will be to answer in detail all of them, you will learn a lot about the local culture, lifestyle, art, music, sports and food. My solid experience of 13 years in the industry, my academic background (degrees in Economics, Business, Tourism and Languages) and multiple travels around 15 countries are my best credentials. I'm also a polo player and instructor, you can also book to take a polo lesson or watch a polo match, and experience the Sport of Kings in Buenos Aires, which is considered the polo capital of the world. It is impossible to get bored doing this profession as every day brings a new adventure. This job enabled me to meet people from over 100 countries. I am also a host of a travel show broadcasted on streaming, which helps me to stay updated. Last but not least I love not only horses but also dogs, enjoying very much to help animal shelters. My dog is called Charlotte and she is very cute :) Thank you for reading my bio, if you have any question or comment please contact me!                                                                                                                                 

Mendoza Tour Guide - Lucio  V.

Lucio V.


Come and visit the best wineries and olive trees in the province of Mendoza, we offer the most comfortable and safe way to do so. With our electric bikes, ecological and top quality you can tour and visit the different wineries and olive trees that you like. Anímate a recorrer y conocer las mejores Bodegas y Olivícolas de la provincia de Mendoza, nosotros te ofrecemos la forma mas cómoda y segura de hacerlo. Con nuestras motos eléctricas, ecológicas y de primera calidad podrás recorrer y visitar las diferentes bodegas y olivícolas que mas te guste.                                                                                                                                 

Mendoza Tour Guide - Claudio  P.

Claudio P.


Hi! I am Claudio, a wine lover, who has lived in Argentina, and Uruguay and has visited Chile many times. I have self-educated myself in wine, and I have developed my professional career in leisure and travel. My team consists of passionate people about wine, they used to work in other fields, one day not so long ago we decided to give up our day jobs and dedicate ourselves to what we really love – wine and the culture surrounding it.                                                                                                                                 

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