GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring A Guide In Singapore: Pros & Cons

Moritz Leon Hingott

by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Moritz Leon Hingott

Last updated : Apr 25, 202412 min read

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Picture this: you're sitting next to the water-spitting Merlion, in awe of the breathtaking architecture in front of you, while eating a delicious Kaya toast. You close your eyes in this perfect moment… but when you open them again, you look at the million+ tabs on your computer, and your Singapore bubble bursts. Your head spins as questions start swirling around. Should I do 2 weeks or 3 weeks of travel? This hotel, or that one? A Singaporean tour guide, or not?


If planning your trip feels more like taking on the Rail Corridor on a boiling August day, relax, grab a (cold!) tiger beer, lean back, and let us do the work. After reading this article, you'll know everything about the good and the not-so-good sides of hiring a guide, how to get the right one, and if it’s ultimately the right choice for you. Ready?


Pros of Hiring A Guide:

With a certified expert by your side, convenience comes in many ways.

Guides Are…


A graphic with reasons for hiring a guide that features a photo of noodles, an indoor green space, and Singapore


  1. Delicious Food-Finders - Laksa or chili crab first? Which Hawker Center has the longest queues and the best Hokkien Prawn Mee? You'll never be hungry, or out of options with your guide by your side. 
  2. Master-Storytellers - While strolling through Cloud Forest, prepare to hear your guide's stories about the captivating history of Singapore. From being a fisherman and pirate island, to its time under British control, to eventually turning into the most futuristic city in the world, your guide has the keys to Singapore’s past.
  3. A Walking GPS - Singapore might be the smallest state in Southeast Asia, but there's still plenty to see! So it's good to know someone who's fluent in speaking MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and knows when to get off and where to find what.


Your Guide Is A Sensei in…

A graphic highlighting how a singaporean guide can make you feel like a local, with pictures of a panda, downtown Singapore, and colorful Singapore buildings


  1. Making You Feel Like A Local - Want to have a lively conversation with the older man at Maxwell Food Center, but he only speaks Singaporean Mandarin? With a local guide by your side, starting a discussion will be a breeze. 
  2. Breaking Language Barriers - Although English is widespread in Singapore, Mandarin and different Chinese variations are still prevalent. Don't want to run into awkward encounters and “Lost in Translation” moments? Your guide will help you out!
  3. Time-Saving - Visiting Singapore Zoo, Marina Bay Sands, and Universal Studios Singapore is excellent…booking tickets and making reservations is not. Go from one site to the next without worrying about ticketing, restaurant reservations, or anything in between.

A Traditional Tour vs. GoWithGuide

Maybe exploring the Gardens by the Bay with a guide by your side doesn't sound like a bad idea. However, if you still think that going on a guided tour means jam-packed crowds, boring sites and impersonal experiences, we’re here to update you. Our GWG tours run a little differently:


A graphic comparing traditional tours v.s Go With Guide tours with small pictures of drinks, people watching a sunset, and a phone
  • “I know this site from Instagram '' - Especially in the age of social media, there are soooo many sites that we've already seen countless times. Spending your tour at those places might not be as magical for you anymore. 

With GoWithGuide… - You'll get the hidden gems that will be perfect for your insta-feed! Simply ask your guide for a recommendation, and you’re at a secret hideout in no time. 

  • “Can you please not stay on a phone call during the entire tour?” - With a traditional tour, you don't know which people will join in. They could be nice, but they could also be loud, unfriendly, and ruin an otherwise interesting tour.

With GoWithGuide... - The group dynamic is yours to decide. Invite the people you'd love to travel with, and don't fear that the wrong ones will join you.

  • “Can we stay for a little longer?” - It's always uncomfortable if you just arrived at the site and then you have to leave immediately. Unfortunately, rushing through places is still a common thing in traditional tours.

With GoWithGuide… - The tours start and end when you want them to. Need more time for a photo or just simply want to enjoy your Singapore Sling (delicious cocktail!) for a little longer? No problem! Your guide will wait.

  • “Honestly, I thought this would be a little more fun” - No room for questions, constantly rushing from site to site, huge crowds and little time…tours should actually be fun…right?

With GoWithGuide…- Convenience is on your side. You pick the size of the group, so your itinerary, and time, will always be on your side! The tour is tailored for you, no compromises.


You're Not A Guide Person If…

Even with all the benefits of having a guide, at the end of the day, it's a personal thing. You're maybe better off without a guide if…

A graphic detailing why a guide in Singapore might not be for you, with pictures of the Singapore skyline


  1. You’re A Solo Traveler - Going on an adventure with your group can be awesome. But it also means giving up every improvised idea in your head. If you are likely to follow your gut and trust your instincts, then a guide might minimize your spontaneity.
  2. You're Up For A Challenge - Crazy Rich Asians is your favorite movie, and you booked a ticket, hoping to find your true love in the city. Probably, your guide will not be the most suitable wing man.
  3. You Need To Figure Out The Vibe - You must have the proper companions when going on a journey. If traveling with a guide sounds scary to you because you don't know if you're getting along together, it’s always best to comfortably talk to our local guides beforehand to see if it's a match. Want to know how it's done? Here are three easy steps.

How To Book A Guide In 3 Steps - Singapore Edition

A visual explanation of how to hire a guide on the Go With Guide platform


  1. Check Out Our Local Guides - Simply go to our website and check out the Singapore guides. Check if the reviews are to your satisfaction, watch their introduction video, and see if the tours sound interesting.
  2. Hit Them Up - Okay, so there's a tour that you like, but do you have a follow-up idea? Click on the guide profile and send them a message with the “Message” button on the right-hand side. Tell them all about your crazy travel ideas!
  3. Start a Conversation and Plan Your Travels - If your guide is available at your preferred time, you can pitch them additional wants and needs and start planning your trip together!

Getting Along With Your Guide - Dos and Don'ts:

Singapore can be a futuristic wonder world with traditions and customs you're unfamiliar with…and the same probably counts for your guide. If you're unsure how to handle that, simply follow these guidelines:

A graphic detailing do

Let The Tour Begin! Singaporean Tours With Your Guide

Okay, enough talking! Where should your guide take you? These are some tours you should keep in mind.

A graphic highlighting potential tour venues in Singapore with pictures of the night sky, and Singaporean greenery
  • Singapore At Night - If you think the city is beautiful throughout the day, wait until you see it at nighttime! Check out local stores, try national dishes at the countless food courts, and let Marina Bay's lights enchant you.
  • Singaporean Nature - Whether you're up for a relaxing stroll through the Singapore Botanical Garden, or a hike through Mount Faber Park, there is an abundance of possibilities to explore and connect with the nature of Singapore.
  • Pick n' Choose: Singapore Edition - This city has an overwhelming amount of sites, but if you're only here for a limited time, don’t worry! On this tour, you’ll see all the excellent sites without wasting a second walking around without a plan! 


Seems like you're all set for your Singapore adventure! Head over to our Singapore tour guide page now and work on your itinerary to make those travel dreams a reality today.

Written by Moritz Leon Hingott

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