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Travel Like A Celebrity - Luxury Tours In Paris

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Last updated : May 22, 20248 min read

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Paris Tour Guide


The City of Lights already has a dazzling reputation, known for its scenic views, romantic atmosphere, and eclectic vibes. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the Parisian classic, romantic, and luxurious activities you can take part in when visiting the city. 


From relaxing cruises on the Seine River to visiting the world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret - our guides can help you experience Parisian luxury in ways you never thought possible. 


Moulin Rouge 


Catapulted into super-stardom by the 2001 movie hit of the same name starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, the Moulin Rouge is a Paris cabaret located on Boulevard de Clichy. The original venue was built all the way back in 1889, but was unfortunately destroyed by a fire in 1915. It was then rebuilt, and has been serving as one of Paris’s premier cabaret venues ever since. 


You might be familiar with the ubiquitous “can-can” dance, and the Moulin Rouge is widely known as the birthplace of this iconic act. From there, the popularity of both cabaret and the can-can dance spread throughout Europe, and eventually the world. The iconic red windmill that marks the location of the Moulin Rouge still stands to this day, and it is one of the major tourist attractions in Paris. While originally conceived as a somewhat “risque” performance venue, today the club hosts a wide variety of dance and musical entertainment. 


If you’re in the mood to add some spice to your Paris visit, the Moulin Rouge is the place to do it. You can also enjoy the shows, much in the same vein as a celebrity would be forking out a little extra cash to purchase a coveted VIP ticket. This includes a privileged access pass, half a bottle of top class champagne per person, unique gifts, snacks, and a three-course meal delivered to your table. 


Visitors can also take advantage of slightly more affordable tickets, where they can choose to partake in champagne service or not. Since this is a somewhat exclusive venue, though, there are some rules that guests are required to follow. Firstly, when it comes to clothing, for men a jacket and tie is preferred, but not absolutely necessary. Shorts, sports clothes, and flip-flops are not allowed, however. For women the rules are more lenient, but they are still required to wear sensible clothing, so t-shirt and yoga pants are a definite no-go. 


Seine River Cruises


The Seine is one of the most famous rivers in France - and runs straight through the beating heart of Paris. Taking a relaxing river cruise through the city is an amazing and unique way to experience the city and its various sights. 


Both banks of the river have been designated as UNESCO world heritage sites - and features a myriad of alluring shops and cafés. One of the must-see attractions along the riverside is Paris’s famous Bouquinistes - these green metal box-like structures operate as tiny independent bookshops, selling all kinds of curious and interesting pieces of literature. They make for a fascinating browsing experience, and a great place to pick up a few unique souvenirs. 


There are several companies offering Seine river cruises in Paris, following different routes and stopping at various sights. A relaxing day cruise can be a great way to unwind while taking in the city, but we would also recommend an evening cruise. In these, the city lights up from across the water, casting a magnificent view that perfectly accompanies a romantic evening on the Seine. 


As stated previously, there are several cruise options available, including standard hour-long drifts down the river, as well as some more luxurious offerings. For a romantic evening we recommend taking one of the evening cruises accompanied by a full dinner service, champagne, and live music - all to be enjoyed as the sun goes down over the capital.


Parisian Carriages


Feel like you’ve stepped into a classic fairy tale by taking an enchanted private carriage ride through the streets of Paris. The intricately decorated carriages of the Les calèches de Versailles alongside their highly trained drivers and steeds have been taking Parisian visitors on magical tours of the city for years. 


There are several types of rides available, from a short jaunt around the Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars, to a romantic ride around the Champs-Elysées and Grand Palais. Most tours last around an hour, but if you feel like going on a longer journey you can also book the ‘Imperial’ tour, lasting two hours and traveling around most of Paris’s most famous landmarks. Private, group, and customized tours are available, operating Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm to 7pm in the evening. There are other carriage services available as well, so keep an eye out. 


If you prefer the increased privacy and quietness of a mechanical steed, however, the city also offers various VIP car tours, with everything from classic sports cars to stretch limousines available for hire. These have the advantages of being a bit more customizable, with your private driver picking you up at your desired meeting point and chauffeuring you around throughout the evening - champagne and romantic vibes included. 


Spend a night in a castle 


If you want to push your luxurious tour of Paris to the maximum, we’d recommend spending a night (or a few) in one of the many “castle hotels” located around the city. Once the opulent residences of the French nobility, many of the chateaus and castles that dot the countryside have today been converted into fancy hotels. 


Here you can enjoy amazing facilities and perks such as private spas, tennis courts, fitness centers, bars, hot air balloon rides, picturesque picnics, and of course exquisite dining. There are many options available, but we’ll give a quick rundown of two big ones. 


The first is the eye-catching Château de Bourron, located about an hour outside of Paris. Constructed in the early 17th century, this amazing 40-hectare property perfectly exudes the French noble aesthetic. From its traditional brick and stone construction to its collection of antique furniture and opulently appointed rooms, you’re guaranteed to feel like true royalty as you explore the grounds. 


For most of these castle stays, one would need to travel a bit outside the city, but there is a place in the heart of Paris where you can enjoy similar royal treatment, the Relais Christine. Located in the center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés on the left bank of the Seine, this elegant 17th century mansion provides amazing services such as a spa, hot tub, sauna, and even fitness center, with all its rooms meticulously decorated to maintain their 17th century decor. Enjoy excellent service fit for royalty while exploring Paris with a stay at this hidden jewel. 



Paris is well known for its romantic and luxurious allure, from its fashion to its culture and its rich history, the city is one of the best locations for those seeking to travel in style. If you are looking for someone to guide you around the city’s various landmarks while you enjoy your stay, feel free to contact any of our vetted private guides to go on a customizable private tour of the city of lights.

Paris Tour Guide - Jillian A.

Jillian A.

5.00 / 5
(1 reviews)

Bonjour de Paris! I'm Jillian, your independent Paris guide, ready to sprinkle some magic on your adventure! Walk with me – your experienced, passionate, dynamic, and undeniably cool local guide. Let's meander through petite cafes and historic wonders, unlocking the secrets to living like a true Parisian! Marvel at hidden gems where the art of the past and present intertwines, making history your playground! Join my small groups or opt for a private/personalized walking tour, because in Paris, the best stories are told step by step. Whether alone or with your favorite people, I'll show you the beauty of Paris. Let's make your time in Paris a whirlwind of joy. Have fun and let the City of Lights enchant you!                                                                                                                                  

Paris Tour Guide - Leo K.

Leo K.

5.00 / 5
(7 reviews)

Hi there! My nickname is Leo, I've been a tour guide in Paris and France for 6 years and I love my job and meeting people from all over the world to share my passion with! My speciality is the museum of catacombs, which is a very unique site. I also do tours of the historical crimes and legends of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Seine river cruise, Chartres and its cathedral, the cemetery of Père Lachaise, Le Marais and much more.                                                                                                                                  

Paris Tour Guide - Ellen L.

Ellen L.

5.00 / 5
(3 reviews)

I am an experienced tour guide and a friendly Franco-American who has lived in Paris for 33 years. Travelers feel comfortable with me due to my fluency in both English & French. I am a trained historian and my tours are well researched, well documented and well presented on high tech material (tablet), a multi-media experience using archival photos, video footage (and when appropriate sound). My tours are not for the first time traveler - I could never compete with the big bucket tours that go to the Eiffel Tower. Instead, I market tours for those who have already seen the sights and want to see Paris beyond the monuments, the real Paris with its private courtyards, quiet cobblestoned streets & hidden monuments that only locals know.                                                                                                                                 

Paris Tour Guide - Julien A.

Julien A.


After a long experience in the Food & Beverage scene in Paris, I would be happy to make you discover the more trendy districts of Paris through a gourmet and festive perspective! Let's discover at the same time Paris history/geography and the best places to have lunch /dinner / cocktails and where to buy tasty food.                                                                                                                                 

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