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    Marvellous Full-Day Valletta Tour

    7.5 hours

    See the sights of Valletta on an 8hr private walking tour with a guide who provides insight into the beauty of Malta's capital, providing a mixture of history, art, UNESCO-listed baroque architecture, culture, nature, among others. Explore top attractions, learn fascinating facts about the founding of the city in the 16th century, while hearing interesting facts as you go.

    FROM$150/ per person
    Olympia S.

    Valletta, order of Malta.

    3 hours

    Valletta is a unique city where you will love getting lost in its beautiful streets photographing its historic buildings and landscapes, then you can relax or admire the port considered the most beautiful natural port of Europe from its balconies. We will explore the narrow streets where the painter Caravaggio walked away from justice, in addition to the historic buildings of the beginning of the 16th century. Immerse yourself with our tour in the history of this charming city.

    FROM$40/ per person
    Moises O.

    Innovative walking tour around my home village of Qrendi

    4 hours

    On the tour one enjoys walking in the narrow and winding medieval streets of the Qrendi village in the south west of Malta. Our tour consists of passages in agricultural areas, we visit a beautiful natural area with endemics and indigenous trees. Along the streets we encounter with some local people passing by, with traditional shops, medieval buildings and chapels. The last visit will be a WW2 shelter which through it we end for a lunch of local food (ftira) and sweets (mqaret), tea or coffee.

    FROM$70/ per person
    Olympia S.

    Discovering the beauty of Gozo

    10 hours

    Gozo is the sister island of Malta. Similar to Malta, it offers a mixture of history, nature, beaches among others. However this island is more sought-after due to its retreat-like atmosphere.

    FROM$80/ per person
    Olympia S.