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About Tour Guide Ritsuko Y.

Hi, I'm Ritsuko. I started guiding for tourists as a local volunteer guide and has been serving as a national certified guide since 2014.

I really like meeting people from around the world. Nothing is more fun and valuable than listening to them and sharing views and thoughts.

I was born and raised in Shimane. I lived in other cities in Japan and abroad for my career and study. Shimane's abundant natural beauty brought me back here, then I started working as a guide.

In my earlier career, I had served as a speech and communication therapist at hospitals for 11 years. I provided individual rehabilitation programs for patients who has various language problems and needs. I have met a lot of people in different generations. Personality, interest and background are different from people to people. Through my career, I have acquired skills to catch what he or she needs and provided suitable service for them.

My current clients are happy with my smile, attentiveness and easy-to-understand guide. In my tour, you can not only go to spots and learn history and culture, but you have a lot of opportunity to experience such as climbing up a high light house, choosing your favorite Japanese sweets for matcha green tea, meditation in an old temple, etc.

So, ask me if you have a plan to visit Japan.

I will help you enjoy every minute of your stay in Japan.

I hope to see you soon!


Please inquire my latest availability.


Spiritual Tour in Izumo

4 hours 30 min

This is a short walking tour around Izumo Grand Shrine, one of the most sacred and important shrines in Japan. If you want to refresh yourself in great nature or you have interests in ancient Japan, Izumo is the place for you. You'll have a glimpse of ancient Japanese culture still exists here. At Hinomisaki, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of blue ocean along with the highest masonry lighthouse in Japan.

FROM$248/ per group

Trip around Izumo Grand Shrine

7 hours 30 min

If you want to steep yourself in natural beauty or you have an interest in the history of ancient Japan, Izumo is the place for you. Izumo has been known as home of gods since ancient times. We visit old shrines that enshrines the most important deities in Japan. Enjoy the tranquil and spiritual atmosphere of Izumo. The museum shows you rich ancient culture and people's life in this region. Then enjoy the scenic beauty at Hinomisaki with a soaring lighthouse standing by the blue ocean.

FROM$441/ per group

Matsue Castle and Sightseeing Boat Tour

5 hours 30 min

This is a historic walking and boat tour around Matsue Castle, one of the only 12 original castles existing in Japan. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of castle town. I'm sure you feel as if you are time traveling to the old days. A sightseeing boat tour around the castle at any season will give you special moment. I will tell you about the history of Matsue and how people live here cherishing their local heritage.

FROM$363/ per group

Trip around Adachi Museum of Art

7 hours

In this tour, you will enjoy natural beauty in Shimane with wonderful arts and gardens in the museum. Yasugi city, where the museum is, offers activities as below. Choose from according to your interests and the season. I can customize the tour for you. *options: meditation or sutra copying at the temple, hot spring, indigo dyeing experience, making or observing pottery, grape harvesting (from the end of July to September, peer harvesting (September)

FROM$441/ per group

One day trip in Eastern Tottori

7 hours 30 min

Enjoy the abundant nature in Tottori to the full! In this tour, we visit eastan part of Tottori. The sand dune and sand art museum and the sightseeing boat tour are all must-see and experiences there!

FROM$558/ per group

A World Heritage Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Walking Tour

8 hours 30 min

A walking tour aound the nostalgic Omori town with silver mine shafts: UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine produced 1/3 of the world production of silver at its peak period. You will enjoy the distinctive townscape of Omori and how silver from here attracted and connected the world in the middle ages. If you like nature walking and traditional Japanese culture, this place is highly recommended. Omori townscape  https://www.all-iwami.com/feature/detail_58.html

FROM$461/ per group



Mark E.

Jan 8, 2020

Shimane tour

I enjoyed two and a half days of customized tours with Ritsuko visiting multiple temples, shrines, caves, rivers coastline and waterfalls around the Izumo and Matsue regions. The days were very well organized and more than fulfilled my wishes to visit sacred places in Shimane. I’m grateful to Ritsuko for her easy and informative companionship and for ensuring a very happy few days stay.

Ritsuko Y.

Dear Mark, I'm so happy with your nice review.Thank you so much again for visiting here. You inspired me a lot with profound understanding and respect for different cultures. Each spot was memorable for me too but I will always remember the freshness and coldness of the water you got from the waterfalls. It was a great pleasure to be able to complete the year 2019 with an amazing guest. I hope you keep exploring Japan I'd like to share your views and ideas again. Ritsuko


Alan L.

Sep 16, 2019

A most excellent guide

I was a Lucky man today in Sakaiminato to have found a nice, informative , and flexible guide. Perfect English. I was shown some of the most beautiful sights. A day to remember. Thank you again Ritsuko and the Big boss man. Most highly recommend.

Ritsuko Y.

Alan, Thank you so much for the great review. We were so glad to have you in Tottori and Shimane area on a day with nice weather. Each spot has become even more impressive for us by accompanying you. I will remember your kindness and smiles you gave us and other people during the tour. I hope your upcoming journey will be wonderful as well. Ritsuko

Mary O.

May 4, 2019

Superb Guide

We arranged a day tour with Ritsuko from Azamara Quest docked in Sakaimenato. Ritsuko arranged a wonderful trip for us with our own car and driver to the Adachi Museum of Art with its stunning garden. Then we went on to visit the beautiful castle at Matsue, followed a boat ride around the moat. The boat has a roof that comes right down as you go under the low bridges - great fun! We also went to the fascinating Lafcadio Hearn Museum and his home. Lafcadio was the first European to gain real insight into Japan and write about it for the European market. An amazing man! Also fitted in a quick visit to the Samarai House. Had a delicious Japanese lunch too. Ritsuko was a superb guide, who arranged a great day for us. She Is a very knowledgeable, fully qualified guide who speaks excellent English as well as being a pleasure to be with. It was very easy to communicate with her beforehand via Triplelights to arrange exactly the itinerary we wanted - a very packed day! Book a tour with Ritsuko and you should have a great day.

Ritsuko Y.

Mary, It was great for me to guide you and your husband in Matsue. I am very glad to know you had a great fun there. I was so happy we arranged the tour together as you like not only on the web, but also on the day. You chose Lafcadio Hearn Museum and his home instead of matcha green tea, that you had already experienced. I was inspired by your deep interest in our culture. Thank you for trying the pleasure boat around the moat of the castle even on the chilly day. It was good they provided us a blanket! Take, the taxi driver, let me know he sent you off at the port without a problem. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity. I was so happy to have such nice and considerate guests like you. Ritsuko