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Hugh C.

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Hiroshima (Living), Okayama, Shimane, Yamaguchi



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Thanks for reviewing my profile.

I am Australian, from Sydney originally but my life with Japan and its culture and history spans 30 odd years and I have been a Hiroshima resident for 18 of those 30 years.

I joined Triple Lights just recently but be assured I have led many tours in Hiroshima and more widely throughout metropolitan and regional Japan, sharing conversations about the unique society, its fascinating culture and history. I also have written several tourism blogs for inbound tour companies and also the Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Bureau.

I speak fluent Japanese and I have immersed myself in the experience of living here in modern and traditional culture and spent many years studying martial arts Aikido and Iaido. I also have a strong interest in Buddhist teachings. My Japanese calligraphy work over the years has been received recognition and several awards and commissions both in Japan and elsewhere.

I'm looking forward to spending a great experience sharing the culture and history of Hiroshima with you.


A Canny Day in Hiroshima

8 hours

The overall plan for a day in Hiroshima: Join me on a very memorable stroll through the history and culture of the "shrine island", designated one of the three most scenic sites in Japan and a World Heritage SIte, before returning to Central Hiroshima to tour Peace Memorial Park, it monuments and museums or, if desired, I am happy to discuss customising your tour to include other attractions.

FROM$240/ per group

A Chauffeured Tour: Mitaki Temple, Sushi, Kintaikyo Bridge

8 hours

Peaceful MItaki Temple, then sushi en route to the famed landmark Kintai Bridge, the elegant, wooden bridge of five bold arches spanning massive stone pillars across the Nishiki River. Afterwards, as an option, we will drive up into the hills to the thatch-roofed restaurant Irori Sanzoku, an elaborate Japanese themed restaurant for a relaxed, delicious meal before returning you to your hotel.

FROM$267/ per group

Okayama and Kurashiki

8 hours

A day tour includes visiting Okayama castle (where you might like to try your hand at making a ceramic or get a photo of yourself in a kimono) and the elegant Korakuen gardens followed by a visit to Kurashiki and the old preserved quarter there. There is an option for a lovely cycling experience across the Kibi plain along riversides, past temples, and shrines.

FROM$244/ per group

Craft Beer Fest and Tavern Crawl Hiroshima

3 hours

We will navigate a 3-hour stroll through the back streets of the entertainment district of Hiroshima trying excellent craft beers and sake and stopping off at bars, pubs and an izakaya, a traditional drinking house where locals gather with friends and colleagues to enjoy mouth-watering, small-plate dishes along with free-flowing drinks.

FROM$92/ per person


3 hours

Sakagura is the grouping of breweries in a particular district. The word sake by itself is a generic term for alcohol and Japanese call the clear alcohol unique drink brewed in Japan nihonshu, which has played a central role in Japanese life and culture for 2,000 years. The town of Saijo is one of the premier sake-producing regions in Japan; this tour is a delightful stroll through the district and includes tasting at the breweries.

FROM$92/ per person



Lee M.

Apr 17, 2022

A fantastic day and tour, enjoyed by all

We found Hugh to be a wonderful guide, with a fantastic knowledge of the area and local culture. We put ourselves completely in his hands and were thrilled with our tour. He is fluent in both English and Japanese, and his affable and engaging nature makes him the perfect guide for both small or large groups. For any Aussies visiting Hiroshima- this is your guy - don’t look any further! Thank you Hugh for a brilliant day. We can’t recommend you highly enough!

Hugh C.

Thanks so much for such a glowing review! It was a real pleasure sharing the day with you all. ????


Hina F.

Jan 16, 2020

An Amazing and Unforgettable visit to Hiroshima and Miyajima

I was initially conflicted while considering various tour guides and debated if it will be worth choosing a guide who is not Japanese but I am so happy that my concerns were unfounded. Hugh has a warm and friendly demeanor, great sense of humor and he is a walking encyclopedia. We enjoyed our conversations with him while he guided us around. We felt that our day was filled with special experiences, may it be food, or a temple or a shrine or just a deer walking by. Our children, 3 and 6 year-old had equally good time with him. We highly recommend him.

Hugh C.

Hello Hina! Thanks for the glowing review. It was a pleasure. Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead. Best, Hugh .

James F.

Nov 25, 2019

Facinating Hiroshima and Miyajima Island

Hugh was a superb guide with lots of information and understanding of the events that shook Japan and the world on August 6, 1945. This is a must-see place for solemn reflection on the horrors of war and the peace that has followed. The sights of the temple on Miyajima Island were also a very enjoyable to visit and hear Hugh's stories on the history. I would recommend Hugh to any traveller to this area. You'll get a lot more appreciation for this area with a guide than you would without one.

Hugh C.

Hello James! It was a pleasure spending the day with you. Thanks so much for the glowing review. Best regards, Hugh

Richard chais C.

Nov 18, 2019

Guided Tour in Hiroshima, Japan

Our November 2019 guided tour in Hiroshima was a truly unique and memorable experience. We were on a Viking ocean cruise and used the standard ship’s tour on the first port day to visit the typical tourist sites (the Peace Park, etc.). We then had Hugh as a private guide on the second day. Unlike other native Japanese tour guides, communication was a breeze as Hugh is a native Australian. But Hugh also was fluent in Japanese. What was especially delightful was that Hugh first took us to a fabulous shrine complex that was well off of the beaten path. In fact, Hugh was just a bit upset that there were a handful of other tourist as he thought of the site as more his private respite. A standard feature of the entire day was Hugh’s ability to inform us about both the history of the sites we visited and, perhaps more importantly, Japanese cultural aspects. We left the tour with an enhanced and very insight understanding of how the Japanese think and act. And I would be remiss if not mentioning our lunch. We ask Hugh to pick a restaurant for a more traditional meal. We ended up a local establishment where, after passing through an outdoor seating area with a waterfall view and locals cooking their food, we sat down inside on stools. Speaking Japanese, Hugh was able to explain the dishes and order for all of us. This was truly a memorable meal! In case it is not obvious from the above, we highly recommend selecting Hugh on a future tour.