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Spiritual Tour in Izumo

4 hours 30 min

This is a short walking tour around Izumo Grand Shrine, one of the most sacred and important shrines in Japan. If you want to refresh yourself in great nature or you have interests in ancient Japan, Izumo is the place for you. You'll have a glimpse of ancient Japanese culture still exists here. At Hinomisaki, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of blue ocean along with the highest masonry lighthouse in Japan.

FROM$225/ per group
Ritsuko Y.
5.00(3) reviews

Trip around Izumo Grand Shrine

7 hours 30 min

If you want to steep yourself in natural beauty or you have an interest in the history of ancient Japan, Izumo is the place for you. Izumo has been known as home of gods since ancient times. We visit old shrines that enshrines the most important deities in Japan. Enjoy the tranquil and spiritual atmosphere of Izumo. The museum shows you rich ancient culture and people's life in this region. Then enjoy the scenic beauty at Hinomisaki with a soaring lighthouse standing by the blue ocean.

FROM$375/ per group
Ritsuko Y.
5.00(3) reviews

Matsue Castle and Sightseeing Boat Tour

5 hours 30 min

This is a historic walking and boat tour around Matsue Castle, one of the only 12 original castles existing in Japan. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of castle town. I'm sure you feel as if you are time traveling to the old days. A sightseeing boat tour around the castle at any season will give you special moment. I will tell you about the history of Matsue and how people live here cherishing their local heritage.

FROM$319/ per group
Ritsuko Y.
5.00(3) reviews

A World Heritage Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Walking Tour

8 hours 30 min

A walking tour aound the nostalgic Omori town with silver mine shafts: UNESCO World Heritage Site. Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine produced 1/3 of the world production of silver at its peak period. You will enjoy the distinctive townscape of Omori and how silver from here attracted and connected the world in the middle ages. If you like nature walking and traditional Japanese culture, this place is highly recommended. Omori townscape

FROM$425/ per group
Ritsuko Y.
5.00(3) reviews

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