GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!WithGoGuide
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Hiring a Guide in South Korea - Pros and Cons


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Chloe M.

Last updated : Apr 11, 20248 min read

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South Korea Tour Guide


Let this sink in: the United States is over 97 times larger than South Korea. Yet in this tiny East Asian peninsula, a deluge of fascinating history, deep-seated culture, and unity of tradition and modernity prevail.


With the influences of KPop and KDramas igniting an overwhelming flame of interest worldwide, it is no wonder tourists flock to South Korea year round. Whether you are there for the bibimbap and kimchi, for the next NewJeans public appearance, or for the uncountable temples sprinkled throughout the nation with a South Korea tour guide, it is of utmost importance to be fully prepared for your South Korea adventure.


Hiring a Guide in South Korea - Pros and Cons




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In order to get the most of your K-culture immersion, we suggest booking a private tour with a local guide. In this way, you will not lose time getting lost in translation (or simply lost on the subway!). Save your stress for another day by traveling with a guide who knows the language, the culture, the sights, and the sounds. Is hiring a tour guide for you? In this article, we collated a list of frequently asked questions about hiring a tour guide. 


Hiring a Guide in South Korea



Q: Is hiring a tour guide worth it? 

A: The answer is more often than not, yes! Having a tour guide elevates your experiences and eliminates all chances of miscommunication, stress, and cultural hurdles that may come your way. If you are one to stick with a group, then group tours are your best bet for a wonderful time. Otherwise, private, customizable tours of any length are also available for personalization with GoWithGuide. 

Of course, going on a private tour may not be for you. This is why we created a list of pros and cons of hiring a tour guide. 


Is hiring a guide worth it?


Q: What are the advantages of hiring a tour guide?



1. Local guides are experts at navigating through the nooks and crannies of the region. If you are looking for a particular activity, event, or experience, our professional tour guides are happy to recommend the best places for your wishes. 

In particular, food lovers will love our street food walking tours in various villages and markets. If you are in search of some culture, sign up for a historical tour through Hwaseong Fortress, Doseon-sa, or other parts of Seoul.  

2. Although some South Koreans do speak English, Korean (or Hangul) is still the most spoken language in the peninsula. If you do decide to hire a private tour guide for a customized tour, then any and all issues of miscommunication are zero to nothing.  

3. The cost of hiring a tour guide is not as expensive as you might think! By choosing the duration of your tour, you can save a lot of time and money. Three hour tours are available for street markets and other savory adventures, whilst half-day and day-tours are also viable options for those who seek a little bit more. 

4. By hiring a tour guide, you actually have more time to explore at your own pace. There is no need to be stuck in a bus with 40 other tourists. Nor is there need to be rushed from one attraction to another. On the other hand, if you do not have enough time, a private guide can breeze you through the attractions you are not too keen on, and give you more time to visit the places you really want to go. Our professional guides are trained to cater to you and your expectations. 

5. Your tour guide is your fount of knowledge. No longer is there a need to trudge along whilst nose-deep in a travel book just so you can understand the art and history or get to your next destination. Information on the local culture and knowledge is available right next to you! For recommendations as to where and when to go, just ask your guide.

6. Finally, having a tour guide is perfect for those who value privacy and exclusivity. Whether you are traveling with family, searching for some adventure, or simply crave to see South Korea’s beautiful culture in leisure, then hiring a tour guide is 100% for you. 


What are the advantages of hiring a tour guide?


Q: What are the disadvantages of hiring a tour guide?



1. Private tours may not be the best way to meet a lot of new people. Although it is possible to chat with some friendly locals and fellow tourists, private tours are definitely exclusive and can be very private. If privacy is what you are looking for, then this is definitely an advantage. Although, if meeting new people is one of your non-negotiables, then we suggest joining a group tour, as South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world 

2. Group tours, on the other hand, can have inflexible tour schedules. This would mean that you would be stopping off and visiting some places that may not be in your bucket list. In fact, 47% of visitors to South Korea go for the culinary experience. If this is not your cup of tea, then private and customized tours are the best options moving forward. 


Q: What does a private tour mean?
A: A private tour is a tour exclusively for you and your family or friends. This means that you are familiar with everyone in your tour group, making it a very comfortable experience. Private tours are also very flexible when it comes to time management, itineraries, and travel dates.


What does a private tour mean?


Q: How much are private tours? 

A: Private tours are actually not too expensive! They can be even cheaper than group tours if you look well enough. Depending on your itinerary, private tours can range from $20 to $450. This figure will change relative to how long you want the tour to be, as well as how many people will be joining the tour. 


Q: Can you hire a tour guide in South Korea? 

A: Absolutely! Local guides who speak various languages are available throughout the Korean Peninsula. These guides are professional, kind, and very willing to share their culture with you. 


Can you hire a tour guide in South Korea?



Having a local tour guide who speaks the language and knows the ins and outs of the area will not only land you in the most popular restaurants and the best attractions, but it will also ease your burden whilst traveling from one spot to another. 

With K-beauty, K-fashion, and the whole of K-culture taking over the world, it is expected that more and more travelers will flock to the Korean Peninsula in the next few years. Be the first to share these valuable tips and advice to your friends and family. They’ll absolutely love you for it!

Seoul Tour Guide - Paul K.

Paul K.

5.00 / 5
(6 reviews)
South Korea

Hello everyone, I am Paul, a tour guide in Seoul. Seoul is a fascinated destination that seamlessly blends the old with the new. I'm excited to show you some of the best things to make your trip fun and unforgettable memory, through my deep knowledge about culture and history of Korea and exuberant experiences in tour. My primary tourist destination is Seoul and metropolitan area, consisting of 5 palaces, Royal Ancestral Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village, National museum of Korea, War Memorial of Korea and other museums & galleries and contemporary architectures, and Namsan Mt. with N-Seoul Tower, traditional & trendy market places such as Gwangjang market & Hondae street, and also Korean Folk Village & DMZ tour. Center of culture and tour is architecture. Architectural style represents spirit of times. We can see as much as we know about spirit of times. For example, without knowledge about Christianity, the spirit of medieval Europe, we cannot fully appreciate beauty and value of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Confucianism was the spirit of Joseon Dynasty. Architectural style of Gyeongbokgung represents Confucianism. Confucianism culture of Joseon Dynasty is unique characteristic of Korean culture, compared to Chinese, Japanese and European culture. Hence, my tourist information is based on Confucianism. Thank you for your interest! As your guide, I hope to see you soon in Seoul.                                                                                                                                  

Seoul Tour Guide - Thomas K.

Thomas K.

5.00 / 5
(11 reviews)
South Korea

I am Thomas, a licensed tour guide in Seoul, Korea since 2016. I am optimistic, easy-going and open-minded. Before being a tour guide, I had worked at a major company as a personnel manager for almost 30 years. I learned how to get along with people through my job experience. Now, as a tour guide, If you let me know what you are interested in, for example, places to visit, activities to do, and food to eat. I will do my best to make everything you imagine come true. I offer the best services; High Quality and Customized tours, Free transportation service and Free photo service. I also guarantee a comfortable, pleasant, safe and memorable tour. Enjoy the moment at your own pace and time in Korea, I will capture it as a photo. Thank you                                                                                                                                 

Seoul Tour Guide - Hans K.

Hans K.

5.00 / 5
(1 reviews)
South Korea

Hello Everyone, My name is Hans, I've been living in Seoul Korea over 40 years and working as an officially certified English speaking tour & trekking guide since 2015. I have various experiences in city tours including history, culture, religion, foods and so on, and I met lots of tourists with Private and Group from the world, and understand of what they want to see and do. As a result, I can bring tourist to those major tourist spots and believe you will be satisfied with my tour, and back to home with forgettable memories after the time with me. My tour coverages are Seoul City tour with DMZ, Unesco world heritages, National park trekking, country side cycling tour, and nationwide multiple days tour with my van.                                                                                                                                 

Gyeonggi Tour Guide - Alice K.

Alice K.

South Korea

Hello! I am Alice. I live in Incheon, South Korea. It's very close to Seoul. I want to guide my clients through the charming city of Seoul. Especially when introducing the five grand palaces of Seoul, I would like to invite a professional photographer to capture beautiful moments. I can help them dress in hanbok and create stunning life shots. I also want to guide them through Kyeongju, a city that breathes with a long history. I lived in Kyeongju until my teenage years. I want to introduce UNESCO-listed Kyeongju, a city of culture and history. I have traveled to Jeju Island more than several ten times. I also want to introduce Jeju Island. My clients can go anywhere they want in South Korea. There are many well-preserved cultural heritage sites with a long history in Korea, and they can also experience the convenience of fast-developing Seoul. Come and visit Korea. Let's explore Seoul and travel together anywhere. Traveling in Korea will be a memorable and cherished experience. Best regards. Alice.                                                                                                                                  

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