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Top 7 Most Popular Foods In Athens


by GoWithGuide travel specialist:Chloe M.

Last updated : May 27, 20247 min read

Food & Drink

The heart of Greece is said to be the wellspring of civilization. It was in these very lands where great philosophers of old were born. As the capital city of Greece, Athens lives up to all expectations, historical or otherwise. Athens is not only a museum of a city, it is also home to a lively and delicious food scene. If you’re asking yourself what to try first in the land of the gods, then this list is just for you! Get to know all seven of these specially curated dishes whilst on an Athens private tour with one of our local Greek tour guides

The Appetizers



It is said that the Greeks love their choriatiki/horiatiki so much, they make sure to have it on the table at every dinner. The dish’s full name, ‘Choriatikisalata’ is a mouthful for English speakers, but this village salad is a hit in most Greek households and restaurants. Using classic ingredients including tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and of course feta cheese, choriatiki is a great starter or side dish. The holy grail of Greek cuisine is a healthy drizzle of olive oil, and Choriatiki absolutely does not miss out on that!


Depending on the seasonal vegetables available, local restaurants may add other elements to the dish, such as carrots and cabbage. Otherwise, this healthy and budget friendly appetizer should cost you about €3 (about $3 USD), depending on the type of restaurant you choose. 




If you are in search of a hearty soup that will keep you going whilst venturing through the Mediterranean wilderness, then a steaming bowl of fasolada/fassoulada will appease your stomach. Fassolia beans are cooked together with other vegetables like carrots, celery, tomatoes, and potatoes. Although made from simple ingredients, the soup is surprisingly rich in flavor. This is probably due to its long cooking time - requiring at least four hours to make the perfect fasolada. 


If you’ve noticed, legumes are a staple in the Mediterranean diet. This is great, because while traveling, it is important to get some healthy sustenance to stay alert and ready. Legumes are usually low in fat, have no cholesterol, and are high in potassium, iron, and magnesium. For a health boost, our Athens private guides recommend a healthy portion of fasolada!




It is absolutely sacrilegious to move on to mains without mentioning taramasalata. If you’re in Athens for long enough, you’ll understand just how iconic this fish roe dip is. Served with some flatbread, this creamy, smooth sauce topped with olive oil, lemon juice, and sometimes grated onions is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. 


Some other classic Greek dips include tzatziki, feta cheese (Tirokafteri), and Greek eggplant (Eggplant Dip). If you’re looking to upgrade your Mediterranean experience, then we suggest you hire a private chef for a night to not only taste quality, but also learn amazing recipes from an expert.


The Mains



The Mediterranean and the Balkans love a good moussaka. Although the dish is common, Greece does it a little differently. Introduced to the region during the early 20th century, moussaka can be cooked in various ways, but the dish is usually oven baked. Consisting of juicy sautéed eggplant, minced lamb, and fried pureed tomato, moussaka is decadently topped with a drizzle of béchamel sauce. 


If you’re looking for the best moussaka in town, the rule of thumb is “the more local, the better”. Head to a sleepy taverna or some hidden restaurant in an out-of-the-way alleyway, and you’ll be greeted with divine smells, delicious food, and the friendliest of people. 




Best home cooked, dolmades are charming stuffed vine leaves filled with rice, dill, and other vegetables. If you’re on a multi-city Greecian adventure, you will have the privilege of trying out different varieties of dolmades since each region makes them differently. These aren’t usually a staple in touristy magazines, so you can definitely fly back home knowing you’ve eaten like a local. 


After admiring the history and beauty of the Acropolis and weaving through the eclectic streets of Exarchia, our local guides suggest moving away from the crowds and finding a small bar or restaurant for some relaxation. Dolmades are great from small family-run restaurants and cafés! Quite close to the Acropolis is Karamanlidika, a well-recommended convenient restaurant to feast in after a tiring bit of sightseeing. 


The Dessert



As you make it to the end of your gastronomic journey, be sure to make space for dessert! Athens does them amazingly, and one taste of galaktoboureko will leave you wanting more. This Greek-style custard pie is drizzled with cold spice syrup, making it a crowd favorite throughout the seasons. 


Along one of the less touristy streets of Greece is a hidden gem called Stani. Since 1931, this patisserie has served dairy-based products such as yogurt, rice pudding, and cream, and has since been awarded the gold medal in the International Food Exhibition of Thessaloniki. 




Don’t let their dinky sizes fool you. Loukoumades are forces to be reckoned with, of course best when homemade and fresh! These traditional Greek donuts are generously soaked in honey or syrup, making for a fantastic sweet treat. These bite-sized sweets are crispy and golden, a fun snack to keep your little ones (or your sweet-toothed friends) happy. 


It is not difficult to find loukoumades in central Athens. Just follow the smell of honey and fresh pastries, and you’re bound to pass by some. To know more about the ins and outs of food culture, we suggest booking a private customizable Athens tour with one of our local Athens tour guides. In this way, you can fully enjoy the Mediterranean experience without the hassle. 



Traditional Greek foods are a definite must-try. If you fancy something a little different and out of the ordinary, let our seasoned guides do the work for you. Make sure to check out our food tours that are not only customizable, but are led by our professional Athens private tour guides who are native to the area. Whatever season you choose to venture out into the Greecian peninsula, you’re sure to have a grand time.

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