GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!
GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Berlin Private Tour Guides

Contact a private tour guide to plan your Berlin itinerary and Book Online.

Popular Berlin Tour Guides

Berlin Tour Guide - Silvia H.

Silvia H.


Willkommen, Bienvenu – Welcome! My name is Silvia – your private guide to Berlin. I am fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German. Being a Berliner, it will be my pleasure to take you on fascinating journeys through this beautiful and exciting city and make it yours. Join one of my tours on different topics, or, if you prefer the tailor-made individual experience: just let me know what you would like to see, and I will design a personal program – just for you. Of course, I can also extend or complement one of my regular Berlin Tours with your ideas and wishes – before we start, or just on the go. Your total satisfaction is my goal. Just contact me and let’s plan your tour through my hometown! See you soon Silvia PS: I have the experience, contacts and know how to organize and accomplish a schedule for your Berlin, Potsdam or/and Sachsenhausen trip General city tours by bus, car or bike Walking tours Incoming Transfers from/to BER Airport, central train station Hauptbahnhof to your hotel and/or back Booking for groups: hotels, operas, theater, varieties, concerts, etc. Shopping and a lot more ... Awaiting all your questions, which I’ll answer immediately!                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Sartor R.

Sartor R.


I’m doing this work since 8 years in Berlin and I love to be with people and explain the history of the city. This is why jetbike Berlin is a perfect combination of everything I love to do.                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Janna R.

Janna R.


Dear travellers, I'm Janna, a professional, "senior" Berlin tour guide since 1994, so I can truly say I have a lot of expertise, experience and qualification for an in-depth view of Berlin. German history is challenging and my job, as I perceive it, is to be open about our complicated and partly truly dark history. However, we can also just have a fun day with your family or enjoy the museums. My topics are wide-spread, and we can work out a customized tour with your ideas and interests. We can also just meet, I get a feel for you and devise a tour on the spot. I'm happy with supporting you to organize any bookings of show or museum tickets, or restaurants, plus van or bus transportation, airport transfers. I also like tour guiding in Germany and Europe. If I'm not guiding, I love creating art, dancing and enjoying the rich cultural life of Berlin, and the quiet countryside around Berlin. Looking forward to meet visitors from all over the world! See you in Berlin!                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Amir L.

Amir L.


We exist since 2013 and offer tours in Berlin and the surrounding area: The classic tour - getting to know Berlin Following the Third Reich Alternative tour - street art and graffiti Culinary tour Market tour Berlin Wall Story Tour Potsdam and Vila Wansee Day tour to Dresden A tour of the Spreewald nature reserve                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Kai A.

Kai A.


I'm a tour guide in 4 cities around Europe. My tour style is informative yet untraditional and alternative. I like to believe that the tours are a walking comedy show, but you'll have to join us and confirm this! As fellow traveler myself, I created the experience I would enjoy when visiting a new city - a fun, uncensored look at history!                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Georg S.

Georg S.


Since 2000 i offer guided tours through Berlin - a city with many faces - once a divided town with a wall arround Westberlin -an "island" in the former GDR in the "cold war time" - a unique situation in germans history. I like to show the tourists the exiting developement of Berlin, the history and the modern one - period of Germany as a kingdom, to the Nazi period, the divided city after the 2nd world war, the reunification until the nowadays attraction for people from all over the world                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Juan P.

Juan P.


Hi, I'm Juan from the sunny island of Majorca, I first visited Berlin on a sunny Easter in 1999, when only ten years after the wall came down, so the traces of the division were even more visible than now. Someone recommended me, before you decide to live in Berlin, you should spend a winter first, and so I did. It was only going to be a couple of years and here I am, after 25 and having seen the changes the city has undergone in the new millennium. Berlin is unique in the world because has an amazing history mostly in the last 100 years. After being 80 % destroyed in the 2WW many people thought the city will not make it and would be placed somewhere else. But like Phoenix from the ashes it become again the city that it was before but that was not that easy . Now you have a collage of historical buildings, modern architecture (some nice & many not that nice), dozens of small cities called neighbourhoods & the tracks of the destruction and division. Nowadays is the city where everything is possible and the feeling of freedom and tolerance is stronger than never before. One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the Berlin landscape, always on the lookout for the latest exhibitions, cultural events and hidden green spaces. As a Berlin aficionado, I've delved into the city's rich history, from its classical roots to its modern transformations. Whether it's iconic landmarks or little-known gems, I love sharing my knowledge with curious explorers. And when it comes to neighborhoods, I know them like the back of my hand. So if you want to immerse yourself in Berlin's culture, history and hidden treasures, I'm here to make your experience unforgettable. Let's explore this dynamic city together! I offer tours in English and Spanish.                                                                                                                                 

Berlin Tour Guide - Jeff M.

Jeff M.


I am a social scientist, speaker, tour guide, sex educator, and freelance writer born in Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg and living in Berlin, Germany. I studied sociology and gender studies (B.A.) in Trier and Göttingen (Germany). I focussed my studies mainly on human sexualities, queer studies, and human-animal relations. In Berlin, I finished a training to become a certified sex educator in 2023. I have more than ten years of experience as a freelance writer and public speaker. I have been speaking publicly and writing for magazines such as SIEGESSÄULE (Berlin’s highest-circulating city magazine, as well as Europe’s most-read LGBTIQ magazine) or the Lëtzebuerger Journal, as well as for non-profits such as the German AIDS Service Organization (Deutsche Aidshilfe). I have been volunteering and working for several NGOs, including the German AIDS Service Organization (Deutsche Aidshilfe), Luxembourg’s HIV-Berodung and Stop AIDS Now / ACCESS. Since 2018, I have been successfully hosting my critically acclaimed guided tour Berlin’s History of Sex, supported by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld. I have been working with educational institutions like Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) or the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. I am also currently studying gender studies (M.A.) at the Humboldt University in Berlin, focussing my studies on human sexualities.                                                                                                                                 

GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

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Our local guides are ready to help you plan, customize and realize your ideal tour in Berlin. All GoWithGuide guides are real locals who know the area on a deep and personal level, and they can’t wait to share their knowledge with you. When traveling, everyone wants to get the most bang out of their buck. How to do that? Ask the right person to be your tour guide, of course! As opposed to fixed itineraries that are too formal and geared towards large groups, arranging a trip with the help of a local guide will mean the trip will be about what YOU want to see and do. Go ahead and send a message to one (or several!) of our local guides. They would love to show you their Berlin!