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    Israel Highlights Tours

    Jerusalem’s Highlights : in Jesus Footsteps

    10 hours

    In this tour, we will visit the most must-sees in Jerusalem, including Church of Dominus Flevit, Garden of Gethsemane, Mary’s Tomb, Church of the Holy Sepulcher (a must for Catholics), Garden Tomb (revered by Baptists), the Wailing Wall, and much more. This is a classic and efficient tour you can't miss especially when you come to Jerusalem for the first time.

    FROM$330/ per group
    Dalia A.

    Medieval Acre - Capital City of the 2nd Kingdom of Jerusalem

    2.5 hours

    In this tour we focus on the medieval city, visiting sites that are mostly below today's street level. These sites are almost 1000 years old, part of Acre as the capital city of the 2nd Kingdom of Jerusalem! The two main sites we'll visit are: The Knights' Halls (citadel - UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Templar Tunnel! In this tour, we discuss history, archaeology, daily life, industry, food, art, architecture & more!

    FROM$225/ per group
    Andrew A.

    Acre - Ins & Outs

    8 hours

    This tour is an all-around tour of Acre, covering the Medieval (Crusader/underground) city and the Ottoman city, discussing all sorts of issues, from history & culture all the way to current social issues, politics & daily life. In this tour, you don't only meet the tour guide, but you also get a chance to meet other locals (depending on their availability) as we go, be it artists, entrepreneurs, social activists, laborers, etc, as we go through the hidden gems of the city!

    FROM$600/ per group
    Andrew A.

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