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Hello everyone, it's Tad!

I was born in Osaka, raised up in Kobe, and came back to Osaka for my university and work.

I studied clinical psychology in my university. I specialize in children who have developmental disorder such as Down's syndrome, autism, ADHD and I care for the left-behind children whose parents can’t look after them due to their work or private reasons. I used to help them with their homework as a student volunteer.

When I was a university student, I went abroad to Australia for the first time in my life, which made me want to know outside world more. I went to see the outside world, which made me get to know the amazing aspects of my own country.

I truly see the beauty of Japan and kindness of people. So that after the graduation of my university, I decided to move to Australia with working holiday visa for two years. In Australia, I bought a car and traveled whole around Australia doing labor work.

During my time in Australia, I was surprised by the beauty of nature and how wide the world is, and I was helped and well treated by locals. Also I realized that Japan has a very unique and beautiful culture.

That experience made me want to share Japanese culture and help you experience Japanese hospitality. I’d like to do my best to make your precious memories in Japan just like how local people in Australia treated me as a part of their family.

After returning from Australia, I spent 3 months backpacking around 17 countries of Europe.

To tell international guests about Japanese culture, history and hospitality, I became a rickshaw runner in Kyoto Arashiyama.

That’s why I became an officially licensed English guide of Kyoto city and decided to live my life as a professional English guide.

As I’ve lived in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto, I’m good at guiding these cities and customizing private tours for FIT (foreign independent travel) guests.

Especially I hold a cultural food walk tour which complies with any special dietary restrictions in Osaka’s night out spots.

【Career Summary】

Bilingual professional tourist guide of officially certificated by Kyoto city.

Hold 5 years extensive tourism experience working with private sector and by myself.

Introducing both history and tradition of Japan to the visitors from Japan and all over the globe (Over 1,500 people).

Generally passionate for the arts and people of Japan.


・Officially licensed English guide of Kyoto city (since Sep 28th 2019)

hence high knowledge about Japanese culture , history and historic site.

・Excellent communication skills in oral and written Japanese and English.

【Summary of your academic and work history】


Kansai University of Welfare Sciences

・Studying clinical psychology (Especially child psychology)


Working holiday in Australia.

・2 years of overseas experience.


EBISUYA Rickshaw

Rikishaw (human powered car) driver in Kyoto, Arashiyama.

・Providing historical guiding and showing beautiful,

historical and famous scenes to passengers.

・Hosted 1,372 guests in total.


Working for a company in Osaka

・Sales person in charge of Australian and Southeast Asian market.


Bukkyo University (in Kyoto)

・Studying at a correspondence course of English Language and Anglo-American Literature to get an English teacher’s license of middle and high-school students.


・Hold Bar hopping activity in Osaka

Hosted 120 groups. Review 4.98 (111 reviews)


・Hold Cooking class activity in my house

Hosted 40 groups. Review 5.0 (34 reviews)