Kelly T.


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Bahia, Rio de Janeiro (Living), Salvador, Itacare



Portuguese (Native), English, Spanish


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Less than an hour


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About Tour Guide Kelly T.

I have a background MA in Arts Management at the University of Oregon in the USA and I am a professional tour guide since 2014 in Brasil.

I am passionate about nature, culture and the arts. I am an ever adventurous person, always looking forward to connect with diverse cultures and valuing their traditions. I seek and invite you to try out the unexpected, to feel the flavors and vibes, to experience live music, the scents of coffees and cachaças’ spirit, fresh food, and the lush scenery of Rio. Come experience our cultural ancestry through nature and material and immaterial traces. I live each moment with enthusiasm and I share it with people who want to live the same, worshiping life with passion and connecting with others.

Storyteller, arts educator and tour guide, three main activities that Kelly Tavares, born and raised in Rio, has been practicing for years. Photography, art and traveling three hobbies she has cultivated since graduation at the School of Fine Arts of Brazil. I am a Community Cultural Producer, multicultural facilitator and language teacher, three professional activities which have been part of my life since graduation from the University of Oregon, USA.

I work with love for the causes I believe and I will share unforgettable moments in Rio, through authentic experiences, mixing present and past, personal and cultural history, and a bit of everything you can imagine.

I have been running presentation and livestreamed virtual tours for two years already, having developed and used different transmedia methods, such as audio guides, virtual livestreamed and multimedia presentations to showcase and present Rio de Janeiro.


I can work anytime as long as we have specific cut off time to reserve for specific days. Thanks



7 hours

Come to the northeast of Brasil with me while I tour around Itacaré beach town. In May and June I will be traveling to my favorite state of Brasil to share the wonders of a lively culture from the tropics. Located in the “cocoa coast” Itacaré town became one of Bahia’s popular travel destinations. With a population of 25.000 people it stands for its warm paradisiac tropical beaches, welcoming visitors from all over the world for the practice of surfing and relaxation on a small town style.

FROM$140/ per person


Rio de Janeiro
1 hour

In the core of the modern city of Rio de Janeiro a natural landmark stands by the Guanabara Bay. The Sugar Loaf Mountain holds the story of the city’s foundations by the time of the colonization and the stories of its original people. Come on this adventure and enjoy the views and stories surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Please get in touch to suggest your group’s best date and time.

FROM$10/ per person


0 hours 50 min

On this virtual trip I will show you the treasures of “Salvador de Bahia” and the joy of its people. The colorful streets with colonial houses and streets covered with cobblestones showcasing numerous artists and live music. Join a local guide and get some great travel tips with a local expert with a perfect blend of history, culture, and sightseeing.

FROM$10/ per person


1 hour

Stroll through the city's escapes, learn about its history and connect with a local guide, try different flavors and exotic fruits, shop for local arts and crafts, artisan chocolates and savory spirits. P.S.: Please get in touch if you want to suggest another time.

FROM$10/ per person


1 hour

Come on a virtual trip to the northeast of Brasil and get to know the southern part of Bahia on this travel series. Tour guide Kelly Tavares is traveling to her favorite state of Brasil to connect with locals and nature while sharing the wonders of a lively beach town from the tropics.

FROM$10/ per person