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    Inca Trail Private Trekking Tour-4 Day 3 Nights

    Inca Trail
    4 days

    The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu snakes its way through the Andes Mountains, tiny villages, following winding rivers and ruins that were abandoned long time ago. Explore The Inca Trail, hike through isolated communities with the best itinerary, best food, best porters, best tour guide!

    FROM$2,860/ per group
    Hernan H.

    Day Tour from Cusco, Peru to the Colorful Rainbow Mountain

    12 hours

    A wonderful one day trek from Cusco to visit the increasingly popular natural, multi-colored "rainbow mountain" (Vinicunca). You have the option to hike or ride a horse through the beautiful Andean valley to the top viewpoint. Along the way you will see snow capped peaks, herds of alpaca, glaciers and birds of prey, all set within this incredibly stunning mountain range at 5,200m above sea level. Sediment of minerals give the mountains its distinctive turquoise, lavender, gold colors.

    FROM$195/ per person
    Michael L.


    10.5 hours

    Vinicunca means "mountain of colors". It is also known as Rainbow Mountain. It is located at 5200 meters above sea level and belongs to the Ausangate mountain in the Vilcanota mountain range, it is the fifth highest mountain in Peru. Its coloration is natural due to the large amount of sedimentary stones in erosion, what makes it so beautiful and impressive is how these stones are formed to give it the appearance of a rainbow (7 colors).

    FROM$420/ per group
    Hernan H.

    Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Private - 4 days/3 nights

    Machu Picchu
    4 days

    Hiking to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail is an incredibly spiritual journey that you won’t soon forget. Trekking through the beautiful cloud forest, sleeping at campsites overlooking the magnificent Andes mountains and the sense of personal achievement when finally reaching the Sun Gate leading to Machu Picchu make the challenge completely worthwhile. We want you to leave with wonderful memories but also with some knowledge of the history and culture of Peru and the ancient Incas.

    FROM$1,199/ per person
    Michael L.