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Yokoso, Welcome! Hi, I'm Mutsuko. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide and Interpreter.

As 100% Niigataite (born and raised in Niigata City with roots dating back generations), it would be my pleasure to show you my beautiful and unique prefecture. Niigata Prefecture is located on the west coast of the Japanese Archipelago, facing the Sea of Japan and only two hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Niigata Port is counted as one of the first to open to the world after the Edo Period, and historically important buildings are spotted around the old town area, Furumachi. Cross the symbolic Bandai Bridge to the other side of the Shinano River for the modern experience; the Bandai area is where young and old gather for shopping and entertainment such as movies, music, manga and anime and lots more. When you look over the sea, there lies the the breathtaking and historically rich island of Sado. It is 2 and half hours away from Niigata City by ferry and only one hour by jetfoil. While on Sado Island, make sure to enjoy marine sports and take in the beautiful nature.

Niigata Prefecture has four clear- cut seasons. Spring is the time when the snow melts and nourishes our abundant plants and trees. Cherry blossoms bloom in town parks and mountains. Summer brings in the hot weather which turns the city into a playground - join the fun by swimming and sunbathing on one of our many beaches along the long coastal line. Autumn is the time when leaves turn beautiful colors and agricultural products such as rice, fruits and vegetables are abundantly harvested. Finally, winter is the time for skiing and snowboarding thanks to heavy snow. It is the time the prefecture hosts snow lovers from across the country and around the globe. The climate, the mountains and the sea bring us good food and a wholesome environment to live in. People are gentle, and towns and cities are safe. And it is no secret that Niigata is famous for Koshihikari rice and rice wine sake - both, the pride of Japan and served in the finest Japanese restaurants around the world.

With direct trains to and from Tokyo and an international airport, Niigata is easily accessible. I invite you to visit Niigata City and other parts of the prefecture, and while here, it would be my pleasure to help you create unique memories during your stay. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


Central Niigata City 1-Day Tour

6 hours

You are to visit highlights of Niigata City in 6 hours using public transportation and taxi. Choose 5 spots to visit.

FROM$217/ per group

Shibata Castle and Central Shibata

7 hours

Visitors can take the beautiful view of Shibata Castle, and feel the ambience of the castle town by walking along the streets. Please choose 6 spots to visit out of the highlights in central Shibata City.

FROM$236/ per group

Gondola Ride to Mt Yahiko Top and Yahiko Shrine Visit

8 hours

Visitors can enjoy the hike to the top of Mt Yahiko by gondra and a 15-minute walk to the very top of the mountain to visit the uppermost Yahiko Shrine. Please take a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and the vast Echigo Plain. Cherry blossoms in spring and beautiful colored leaves in autumn are marvelous to see. Make a wish at main worship hall of Yahiko Shrine for a good memory.

FROM$269/ per group

Northern Culture Museum, Tsukioka and Fukushimagata Wetlands

7 hours

Visitors can visit the large former Ito Family residence (Northern Culture Museum), and soak their feet in outdoor hot bath in Tsukioka. Please enjoy tasting various kinds of sake, local foods and lunch. Take a panoramic view of vast rice fields spreading in the Echigo Plain from the top floor of View Fukushima standing by the wetlands and learn how Niigata has centered rice in its culture.

FROM$236/ per group

Local Dish Cooking Lesson and 3 Hour City Trip

6 hours

This tour provides visitors with an unforgettable experience by making and tasting local dishes with Niigata Koshihikari rice for lunch and city sightseeing highlights in 3 hours. Niigata is full of high quality rice, fresh vegetables, fresh fish and marine products. Visitors are welcome to experience making, tasting Niigata food and learn history and present Niigata quickly in 6 hours.

FROM$118/ per group



Melissa M.

Jun 3, 2019

very nice tour

We had a beautiful day out in Sado island. We enjoyed our guide and the driver did his job very well. We thank you for the tour!

Mutsuko W.

Melissa san, It is so good to hear from you. I have been worried about one of your daughters health condition. I hope she is all right now. I am glad to know you had a good time in Sado and I hope you also did in other parts of Japan.


Stephen F.

Apr 14, 2019

Interesting time and informative

We focus on history and off the grid local spots. Mutsuko was very knowledgeable and well spoken. Trip timing and planning was exceptional. It was great!

Mutsuko W.

Steve san, Thank you for your great feedback. You two are energetic and curious about things in town. I enjoyed guiding you around the city on such a beautiful spring day! Please enjoy the rest of your trip. I am looking forward to guiding you again.


Sandra N.

Mar 29, 2019

Great Tour

Mutsuko provided us with a very informative tour and meet all of our expectations. We had ask to see and do other things besides the activities on her suggested itinerary. She made it all happen! Plus her English is excellent. Thank you Mutsuko and Triple Lights.

Mutsuko W.

Sandra san, Thank you very much for your wonderful comment on my tour! I'm a lot flattered. I also enjoyed your company and it was another reward for me beside the fun to guide my city. Please visit Niigata again and explore more. I'm looking forward to guiding you and your family next time you visit Japan. Please enjoy the rest of your days in Japan. Please send the best regards for everyone for me. Mutsuko