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Takano Y.

5.00(28) reviews

Obtained my National Guide License (English) in 2010 and my MBA from University of Michigan's Ross School of Business decades ago, when I had more hairs to allow me to choose variety of hair styles. In the past, have lived outside Japan for the total of 12 years in such cities as Boulder, CO; Ann Arbor, MI; Washington DC (USA); Manila (PHI), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Bishkek (Kyrgyz) and visited 40 countries----I stayed in Kyrgyz Republic between October 2018 and Feb. 2019 as my 40th country. Examples of my tour destinations are Tokyo where I live, Nikko, Mt. Fuji 5th station, Lake Kawaguchiko, Aokigahara Forest, Hakone, Kamakura, Mt. Takao, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route, Kanazawa, Gokayama, Shirakawa-go, Takayama and Niigata prefecture. Foreign tourists/media who visited Tomioka Silk Mill (World heritage site) with me were interviewed by NHK TV crews at Tomioka, and my guests and I appeared on NHK Greater Tokyo Area evening TV news. Since foreign travelers enjoy talking to local people who live in the areas, travelers are welcome to go out of their comfort zone and try to talk to local students on the street, housewives with shopping bags and small shop owners. Currently live in Suginami-ku, western side of residential area in Tokyo with my wife and a Norfolk terrier. Able to reach Shinjuku or Shibuya areas in less than 30 minutes, Tokyo station area in 45 minutes, door to door from my residence by train. Tours will be conducted using public transportations or taxis or private cars in some cases as needed. According to your interests, physical/health conditions and duration of your tour, I will tailor-made your tour and arrange destinations. I can meet you at your hotel and take you back when the tour concludes. Consider myself as one of the most experienced travelers who have survived many difficult situations without getting into any serious trouble. Can be a good tour guide for business persons or retired business persons or travelers who like walking/outdoor activities/taking photos/wine or sake tasting/finding healthy food ---fresh seafood such as sushi, sashimi--soba or buckwheat noodles. Also, at the end of tours, travelers will be bringing home their photos taken by my CANON R6 camera during the tour.

Fujiko M.

4.97(30) reviews

Hello! My name is Fujiko Maeda. I'm a national-licensed tour guide. I was born in Sado Island, off the coast of Niigata Prefecture. I once worked in tourism industry for about 10 years when I lived in Tokyo. Now I'm a persimmon farmer but when time permits I'm happy to guide you here in Sado mainly but also other places, too. We have a lot to offer like beautiful nature, historical sites, local specialties, traditional performing arts, festivals, islanders smiles and so on. If you'd like to know real Japanese lifestyle, please visit Sado. I'm sure you'll be satisfied. Let's explore Sado or other wonderful and beautiful places with me! Also, if you have any questions about Sado or Japan as a whole, please don't hesitate to email me.

Yoshiko K.

5.00(2) reviews

Hello, my name is Yoshiko Khan. I was born and brought up in Niigata. As we have high mountains, plains, clear rivers, the sea of Japan and islands, you can enjoy diversity of nature and its blessings in each season. Dubbed as a snow country, very patient people in this prefecture have produced many high quality specialties in agriculture, fishery, traditional arts and industry. Enjoy delicious, healthy food and sake here in Niigata. It's only two-hour bullet train ride from Tokyo. I am very much looking forward to seeing you!

Noriko Y.

4.67(3) reviews

National licensed English tour guide (born in 1977). Main job is freelance book editor and writer based on Kyoto. Utilizing various past works and articles from historic spots, off the beaten track, traditional crafts, contemporary arts to hip restaurants, I offer unique and interesting tour. Since I have the qualification of “International SAKE (rice wine) tasting master”, I can guide to the SAKE brewery and nice SAKE bars. Also I am interested in Ethnology, I will guide you to once a year festivals or rare religious rituals.

Keiichi S.

5.00(4) reviews

Hello! My name is Keiichi. Please call me Kei. I was born and raised in Joetsu City, located in the southern part of Niigata prefecture. Joetsu was the former capital city of Echigo Province until the mid 19th century. It has a lot of historic sites and scenic spots, and most of all good people. I love my city very much. I worked for the Joetsu City office for over thirty years. During my time there, I was in charge of international relations for about ten years. After retiring from the office, I began working as a licensed tour guide. I am very excited to introduce my city to people all over the world.

Mutsuko W.

5.00(3) reviews

Yokoso, Welcome! Hi, I'm Mutsuko. I'm a National Government Licensed Guide and Interpreter. As 100% Niigataite (born and raised in Niigata City with roots dating back generations), it would be my pleasure to show you my beautiful and unique prefecture. Niigata Prefecture is located on the west coast of the Japanese Archipelago, facing the Sea of Japan and only two hours away from Tokyo by Shinkansen. Niigata Port is counted as one of the first to open to the world after the Edo Period, and historically important buildings are spotted around the old town area, Furumachi. Cross the symbolic Bandai Bridge to the other side of the Shinano River for the modern experience; the Bandai area is where young and old gather for shopping and entertainment such as movies, music, manga and anime and lots more. When you look over the sea, there lies the the breathtaking and historically rich island of Sado. It is 2 and half hours away from Niigata City by ferry and only one hour by jetfoil. While on Sado Island, make sure to enjoy marine sports and take in the beautiful nature. Niigata Prefecture has four clear- cut seasons. Spring is the time when the snow melts and nourishes our abundant plants and trees. Cherry blossoms bloom in town parks and mountains. Summer brings in the hot weather which turns the city into a playground - join the fun by swimming and sunbathing on one of our many beaches along the long coastal line. Autumn is the time when leaves turn beautiful colors and agricultural products such as rice, fruits and vegetables are abundantly harvested. Finally, winter is the time for skiing and snowboarding thanks to heavy snow. It is the time the prefecture hosts snow lovers from across the country and around the globe. The climate, the mountains and the sea bring us good food and a wholesome environment to live in. People are gentle, and towns and cities are safe. And it is no secret that Niigata is famous for Koshihikari rice and rice wine sake - both, the pride of Japan and served in the finest Japanese restaurants around the world. With direct trains to and from Tokyo and an international airport, Niigata is easily accessible. I invite you to visit Niigata City and other parts of the prefecture, and while here, it would be my pleasure to help you create unique memories during your stay. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

Naoko T.


Hello. I am Naoko. I live in a snow country region in Niigata. I read snow country by Yasunari Kawabata at least 3 times. Sorrounded by beautiful mountain sceneris and rice terraces with fresh air, I hope that you will enjoy our hot springs, traditional fabrics, traditional food and sake. I know how to wear kimono, how to make maccha and how to ski.

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