Keiichi S.


Available Areas

Nagano, Niigata (Living), Toyama



English, Japanese (Native)


Response Time

5 hours on average


Availability Updated




Hello! My name is Keiichi. Please call me Kei.

I was born and raised in Joetsu City, located in the southern part of Niigata prefecture. Joetsu was the former capital city of Echigo Province until the mid 19th century. It has a lot of historic sites and scenic spots, and most of all good people. I love my city very much.

I worked for the Joetsu City office for over thirty years. During my time there, I was in charge of international relations for about ten years. After retiring from the office, I began working as a licensed tour guide. I am very excited to introduce my city to people all over the world.


Joetsu City is located in the middle of Niigata, Nagano, and Toyama cities. If I meet you in these cities, the transportation fee is needed. Niigata and Nagano for 6,000 yen and Toyama for 8,000 yen.