Tetsuya T.

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Aichi, Gifu, Mie (Living), Nara, Shirakawago





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4 hours on average


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About Tour Guide Tetsuya T.

Hello, Everyone. I am a National Licensed Guide Interpreter for English. It is my pleasure of introducing what I am doing as the guide to you. I can offer the following services through my career and experience:

a) Tour Guide - Nagoya, Takayama, Ise, Nara and Kyoto areas.

b) Plant Tour Guide - Metal, Casting, Automobile, Chemical and Machinery

c) Interpreter for Business and Basic Engineering Meetings

d) Bicycle or Mountaineering Guide Tour

I am 62 years old now but quite healthy. I love bicycle ride and go on cycling for 70-100 km/day every weekend. That is why I have included bicycle ride tour in the above selections.

Sorry, due to present working conditions of my primary job, I can only offer you weekend tour, but I am planning to expand available date and tour into more attractive ones in the next year. Check my present tour first ! It's your choice to wait until the next year or to take a chance now. I am sure I will not disappoint you.


Because the guide does not live the major metropolitan cities, If a tour starts from Tokyo or Osaka, please consider covering accommodation and transportation costs for him.


Ise Shrine and Toba Tour - Ideal for Cruise ship's guests

6 hours

The tour includes Ise Shrine (Naiku), Oharaimachi Street and Mikimoto Pearl Island. This tour can be ideal and designed for the passengers of Cruise Ship. The following itinerary is based on arrival time of ship at 10:00 am and can be adjusted on the actual disembarkation.

FROM$129/ per group

Ise Shrine Tour and Oharaimachi - Flexible Tour

6 hours

This tour includes visiting Geku and Naiku of Ise Grand Shrine. From the olden time, correct order to visit is Geku and then Naiku. So we will follow traditional order. Meeting point is selectable from Toba Station or Iseshi station with adjustable meeting time. So, this may be one of the suitable tours for the guest from cruise ship. The tour will be carried out using public transportation. The following itinerary is based on the meeting time of 10:30 at Toba Marine Terminal.

FROM$129/ per group

Tour in Kamishima Island and Mikimoto Pearl Island

6 hours

The tour includes total 80 minutes cruise by a regular liner and walking in the island called "Kami-shima", which is the model spot of Yukio Mishima's novel titled "The Sound of Waves". The island is located 14 km off the coast of Toba, Mie. Only 300 people live there. The beauty of untouched nature and landscapes that you can only find in isolated island shall fascinate you.

FROM$129/ per group

A Virtual Time Travel in Nagoya

6 hours 30 min

This tour includes the following spots, Nagoya Castle, Sakae - Oasis 21, and Atsuta Shrine. We visit two historical sites and modern commercial site. The castle was built about 400 years ago, Sakae is commercial and modernized area in Nagoya city, and then Atsuta shrine which was founded 1900 years ago. So we travel to view ancient style of building, Modern structures and then the building which represents the warring states period like time travel.

FROM$143/ per group

Ise Shrine Tour (Geku, Naiku and Meotoiwa) - Long version

7 hours

This tour includes visiting Geku and Naiku of Ise Shrine and Meotoiwa-wedded rocks. All of the spots are related to indigenous religion - Shinto. Ise shrines are the greatest shinto places and about 10 million people visit the shrines every year. In olden time, when people traveled by walking, everybody wanted to visit there at least once in a lifetime. It is like Vatican in Christian and Mecca in Islam.

FROM$129/ per group

Gozaisho Mountain and Ropeway (Field Athletic as option)

6 hours

If you are fed up with travel around town, or if you want to touch the nature in Japan, this tour will be ideal. Ropeway, which was built in 1959, used to be the longest ropeway in East Asia. You will be thrilled with the view of cliff and valley as wide windows does not interrupt with those sceneries. On the summit area, you can enjoy walking and hiking filled with nature.

FROM$107/ per group



Suzanne W.

5 / 5
Mar 9, 2023


Tetsuya was an amazing professional guide. He communicated with us quickly and frequently, and provided a detailed itinerary for our group. Tetsuya met us promptly at agreed upon time (fron a cruise ship port in Toba) and the adventure began! He helped with train tickets, provided a power point presentation of Toba's history, explaned the Ise shrine's significance as we walked through it, shared his beautiful culture with us in excellent English. We even enjoyed an authentic meal of udon in a nearby restaurant. Tetsuya always watched the time and got us all back to the Peral museum and ship with time to spare. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an informative and professional guide. どうもありがとうございます

Tetsuya T.

Dear Ms. Suzanne and all of your friends who I met today. Thank you very much for your warm and kindful comment. I am flattered by too much praise. I really appreciate you wrote about my presentation with iPad. It was a grateful day to talk with each of you during the tour. Mie is not big prefecture in area wise, but shaped like a cross which expands in four directions. Other that Ise shrine, there are more attractive areas. For example, Iga is famous for Ninja and Suzuka is famous for car racing. In addition, Kumano is the place which is registered as the World Heritage site. If you have a chance to come back to Mie again, please try to visit those areas too. If you need, I would be happy to guide you. Thank you again and please enjoy the balance of your tour. Bon voyage. Tetsuya

Jeanie M.

4 / 5
Oct 21, 2022

Visit to Ise Shrine and Mie area on a rainy day

Being able to visit Japan was such a treat after being closed for visitors for nearly 2 years. Tetsuya was very helpful to help coordinating a tour based on my schedule and travel to the area. He gave me many interesting facts about the temple and toured the nearby shopping area. Had a nice lunch at a local restaurant with the local visitors. We also visited a pearl museum with a free diving demo that was fun to see. The day had a lot of rain so some of the sight seeing was done running from place to place to stay dry. Even with the rain in was an interesting day to explore.


Nina T.

5 / 5
Jan 24, 2020

Full day excursion in Toba

My group of 6 visited Toba on a private shore excursion with Ted. He was extremely knowledgeable with the area and guided us through the Ise Shrine on one of the busiest days of the year. We enjoyed a delicious local lunch and visited Mikimoto Island & the shops. Our tour went overtime but Ted was most gracious and stayed with us throughout the day without extra charges. He made sure we got back to our cruise dock to catch the last tender boat. We highly recommend Ted to all those visiting Toba & the surrounding areas. You will not be disappointed.

Tetsuya T.

Dear Nina-san, Thank you very much for your nice and warm comment. I also have enjoyed guiding you all to those areas. Ise-shrine was exceptionally crowded this year and so people were lining everywhere and moved slowly. I really appreciate your patience. Regarding the overtime, I just adjusted the closing time after finding the last departure time of tender boat, as the ship arrived at the port late in the morning. If you have a chance to visit Japan again, please remember my name as I handle not only Ise and Toba areas but also Chubu region and some Kansai areas too. I hope to see you all again in the future.

Wendy Y.

5 / 5
Jan 24, 2020

Informative and efficient tour to Ise Shrine, etc. from Toba

Tet did an excellent job touring our group of four from Toba to the Ise Shrine and market using public transportation. He provided good information about Shintoism and a comfortable pace to cover what we wanted to see. Tet speaks English well and is recommended for cruise passengers stopping in Toba.

Tetsuya T.

Dear Wendy-san, Thank you very much for your nice and warm comment. I truly enjoyed the guiding you to those areas. Only an unfortunate thing was Sengu-kan museum was closed on that date. If we had visited there, you could have easily drawn a clear picture on magnificent size and view of the main shinto building in Geku. If you have another chance to visit there, please visit it. Not only I handle Toba or Ise areas, but also I handle the areas in Chubu region although my tours on those areas are not listed in Triple Lights. But I am ready for those areas if you give me an inquiry. If you have chance to visit Japan again, I would really appreciate your remembering my name. I hope I can see you and your friends again in the future.