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Welcome !

My name is Koki.

I'm English tour guide in Kimono.

I already visited more than 60 nations so far.

I can speak some Manderin & Cantonese too.

Let's enjoy real Japanese Kimono culture & history with me.

I would enjoy with you real Samurai history, Kimono culture, local traditional festival, temple,shrine,Japanese tea ceremony, food and Sake.

If you would like to more understand Japanese castle,

I can attend you and teach you about how appreciation point of Japanese castle and garden.

Let's travel with me!


Nagoya & Gifu castle one day tour

8 hours

Let's enjoy Gifu and Aichi premium Japanese castle with me. I picked up from Japanese 100 premium castle and succeeding Japanese 100 premium castle. Nagoya castle, Gifu castle, Inuyama castle, Okazaki castle, Ogaki castle, Gujohachiman castle, Iwamura castle, Mino Kanayama castle, Komakiyama castle, Kiyosu castle, Yoshida castle etc. Please contact me !

FROM$143/ per group

Discover the Water city/Gujo Hachiman one day tour

9 hours

Gujo Hachiman a Castle town where people live with clean water. Gujo city is situated at the uppermost region of the Nagara river. Local people cherish and preserve the clean water and beautiful streams as the pride of their hometown. We would enjoy real clean water city!

FROM$143/ per group

Nobunaga's Castle story half day tour #1 Kiyosu Castle

3 hours

Kiyosu city is ancient Aichi's capital city by around 400 years ago in Aichi pref. This city is very close Nagoya. Just 10 miutes by JR Tokaido line from Nagoya. Most famous Daimyo, Oda Nobunaga kick off for act unify nation in war contry era around 450 years ago from Kiyosu castle. We visit Kiyosu Castle and Kiyosu park. Walking around this historical area.

FROM$90/ per group

National treasure Inuyama Castle & Nobunaga's Komaki yama Castle one day tour

8 hours

Inuyama Castle is most old style original National treasure Teshu tower. Komaki yama castle is Nobunaga's original first design around 400 years ago in Aichi pref in Komaki city. Komaki city is close Nagoya around 30 miutes by Meitetsu & Nagoya city underground from Nagoya.Most famous Daimyo, Oda Nobunaga build Komakiyama Castle feature for big stone wall and nice view in center of Nobi plane.

FROM$143/ per group

Nobunaga's dream tour in The battle of Okehazama, Nagoya

4 hours

Visit 450 years ago's the battle field of okehazama & arimatsu old downtown district. okehazama is one of famous battle field in japan. it's miracle win of battle by oda nobunaga. arimatsu is post station town of old tokaido highway.

FROM$179/ per group

Cormorant fishing on the Nagara river tour in summer night

6 hours

Gifu Nagara river's Cormorant fishing/Ukai has 1,200 years long history. We can enjoy this unique fishing style on the Nagara river during May 11 to Oct 15 on every year. We would enjoy this historical fishing style on the boat. Before starting cormorants fishing, You can enjoy local food & drink on the boat. Especially Ayu fish & Gifu local sake is wonderful !

FROM$135/ per group