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About Tour Guide Michiko N.

Hello, I am Michiko , the same name of Japanese ex-Empress. I am a government certified tour guide.

I have lived in Nagoya ( located between Tokyo and Osaka) for 35 years since I got married.

I worked for JAL as a flight attendant in my 20's. After retiring JAL, I have taught English and Mathematics to junior and senior high school students for 20 years.

I love traveling very much both domestically and abroad and enjoy walking around each city and talking with local people so that I can find out the way how to they live and think about their life. It's quite a fun for me. I also love hiking and mountain climbing in spring, summer and autumn, and skiing in winter.

In the countryside of Japan there still remain those farming and fishery villages where people have been rooted in their land and community, living the way handed down from generation to generation.

You can also enjoy the original Japanese landscape there.

Why don't you get out of the hustle and bustle of your busy life and have a rest rich in nature in the rural Japan enjoying beautiful scenery and local food.

I'm waiting for you!


I can guide you in Ise in Mie prefecture and in Takayama & Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture, if you pay the transportation fee of mine.


Two days trip to Takayama and Shirakawa-go from Nagoya

2 days

This tour takes you to a typical Japanese old town, “Takayama” and a rural farming village,”Shirakawa-go”. Takayama is a traditional old town called “Little Kyoto” which is famous for its beautiful and gorgeous “Yamahoko floats festival” held in April and October, being similar to “Gion festival” in Kyoto. Shirakawago is a historic village deep in the mountains with unique traditional “Gasshouzukuri”farmhouses survive 200 years. Shirakawago is a World Heritage site.

FROM$286/ per group

Nagoya 1 day Grand Tour

9 hours

I am a National Government Licensed Tour Guide in English. I have lived in Nagoya City for more than 3 decades and I can guide you in tourist spots in Nagoya such as Nagoya Castle, Osu Kannon Temple & shopping arcade, Oasis 21 & TV Tower in Sakae and so on. Also, I can guide you to Takayama & Shirakawa in Gifu and Magome & Tsumago in Nagano and Ise in Mie, all are 2 days' trip from Nagoya.

FROM$215/ per group

Iga Ninja Museum one day tour from the Port of Yokkaichi (for cruise passengers)

6 hours

This is a special tour for cruise passengers landing on the Port of Yokkaichi. It starts around one hour after your arrival time and ends two hours before your departure time. Your guide will meet you at your ship site and take you to Iga Ninja Museum in Iga city by taxi taking about 1.5 hours. In case you have any time left, you would visit Iga Ueno Castle next to Ninja Museum.

FROM$143/ per group

Pilgrimage tour to Ise Jingu from Nagoya

9 hours 30 min

This tour takes you to Ise Jingu, the most prestigious shrine which is related to the Japanese Imperial Family. This sacred shrine consists of 125 shrines centering on the two main sanctuaries: Naiku and Geku. You will visit these two sanctuaries surrounded by natural forest. After visiting shrines, you will go to Oharai Machi and Okage Yokocho, where you can enjoy the townscape unique to Ise and shoppings and local food.

FROM$215/ per group

Toyota C. Museum of I. & T and Tokugawa Art Museum

7 hours

In this tour you will visit 2 popular tourist destinations in Nagoya, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology and Tokugawa Art Museum. "TOYOTA" was not an Automobile company at the time of founding!!! What?! Let's go to Toyota Museum to find out the truth there! After enjoying the Toyota museum, you will visit Tokugawa Art Museum which is a treasure trove of samurai armor & arms and traditional Japanese art works such as tea ceremony utensil, paintings and calligraphy.

FROM$107/ per group

The exploration tour to the site of the Battle of Sekigahara

8 hours 30 min

Do you know “the Battle of Sekigahara” ? If you are a Japanese samurai fun, I think you have heard of it and the Battle field is must-see! Why don’t you come with me to the memorial site in Sekigahara where the greatest field battle in Japanese history was taken place. Why don’t you come with me and let’s find out what happened in a tiny village central Japan 420 years ago?

FROM$215/ per group



Thou hoe L.

5 / 5
Oct 18, 2022

Friendly, energetic and thoughtful guide

It has been our pleasure having Michiko-san as our guide. Her friendly and energetic personality made our 2 days 1 night trip to Takayama truly enjoyable! She is very caring and responsible, ensuring that our needs were properly addressed. She is also very knowledgeable and thoughtful with planning our itinerary. Her excellent command of English made it easy for us to converse well. Most importantly, her patience with our family of five was very much appreciated. A big Thank You to Michiko-san for a wonderful experience!

Michiko N.

Hi Terry and other family members, First, thank you very much for the finest review for me. I’m truly honored to be such highly regarded by you. I’m glad that I could be your help during the trip to Hida. Actually, I really enjoyed myself during the trip together with such a lovely and wonderful family like yours. I appreciate your kindly understanding and cooperation with me, which made our trip comfortable and efficient without much time loss. It definitely will be an unforgettable and wonderful memory to me. Thanks again all of your family members. Fondly, Michiko


Kenny pang cheong L.

5 / 5
Dec 29, 2019

Half Day Tour in Nagoya

Michiko is very patient and understanding of my client's story. she also planned a very meticulous and thoughtful day trip for the family and full assisted them along the way. The children and parents enjoyed her company and insight into Japan and really appreciated the heartful experience touring around Nagoya with her. During the planning, she was very efficient and quick in planning and gave many good insights that are also economical! Thank you Michiko :)

Michiko N.

Dear Vanessa, Thank you for choosing me as the tour guide of Kenny Lee family during their tour in Nagoya and the fine review for me as wel. I also had a great time with them. The paremts are very friendly., thoughtful and cooperate. Marcus is quite independent and helps much his parents with big luggage. Alasdair is A Wishing Child and he always goes his way naturally. I love his way. I'm sorry I made a mistake in calling his name sometimes. A little girl, Arissa is so so cute! She is really an angel and a kind of princess. She is loved by everyone. Oh. I miss everyone in Lee family. I really enjoyed myself with them. Thanks again. A Happy New Year❗️ Michiko


Zachary E.

5 / 5
Aug 6, 2019

Thank you very much!

Michiko is an excellent guide. She is very flexible to requests, communicative, and her knowledge of the areas she guides as well as English is superb.

Michiko N.

Hi Zack, Thank you very much for such a fine review. Hopefully I had another chance to guide your clients. Best regards, Michiko

Joanna F.

5 / 5
May 17, 2019

Michiko and our tour to Shirakawago

Michiko was a very good communicator and joyful to be around. Her easy going personality made our trip even more pleasurable. She was informative, organised and knew exactly where to go for views at Shirakawago and also where to eat! She was very helpful as my husband and I travelled with 2 young children. She was very kind and I highly recommend her for a tour. She is highly knowledgeable and we ask many, many questions!

Michiko N.

Dear Joanna, Thank you very much for having chosen me as your tour guide this time and written a fine review for me. I'm happy to know that you enjoyed yourselves yesterday in Shirakawago. I also had a great time being with such wonderful people like your family. I hope you will continue your trip in Japan joyful and safely. Let's keep in touch!! Thanks again. Michiko