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    Popular Tours in Gifu

    Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River & paramount night views from Gifu Castle

    Gifu Castle standing on the Mt.Kinka provides visitors with nice panoramic views day and night. They can also enjoy watching a traditional unique event Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River while eating dinner in a viewing boat. Sir Charlie Chaplin visited Gifu twice to enjoy this event. Besides, a photogenic street Kawara-machi and the Great Buddha statue in Shoboji-temple move you so much.

    FROM$146/ per person
    Tetsuji Y.
    (18) reviews

    Discover Authentic Japan in Tsumago & Magome, Nakasendo

    Strolling around the most famous traditional post towns takes you back to nostalgic Japan. The moment visitors enter the towns on the Nakasendo highway, they will feel as if they are in a time warp back in the Edo period, where local people spend their daily lives as well as welcoming tourists, preserving buildings and the landscape. You will find authentic Japan walking through two cozy towns in a one-day tour from Nagoya.

    FROM$155/ per person
    Tetsuji Y.
    (18) reviews

    Best Choice for one-day Takayama tour

    Takayama is a small city in a mountainous area which many tourists visit throughout the year. This tour will give you more satisfaction than others. Because the tour includes some healing spots in addition to popular tourist spots. The tour includes Miyagawa Morning Market, Higashiyama Walking, Old Town and Hida-Furukawa. I'm sure you’ll be able to see why Takayama mesmerizes tourists so much.

    FROM$146/ per person
    Tetsuji Y.
    (18) reviews

    Takayama half day tour

    In the Edo period, for the first 107 years Takayama was ruled by the fuedal lord Kanamori. For the latter 177 years the Tokugawa Shogunate directly ru...

    FROM$256/ per person
    Takashi M.
    (17) reviews

    Day Trips from Gifu