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Hi. My name is Eiichi (Kaba) Kabaya and Iive in Yokosuka, Kanagawa for over 50 years. I've just retired last year but started new job at IT venture company. During my previous job, I had assignment in USA for 9 years. My iterests are photograph and walking as you can see in my photo.

I'd love to introduce all of Japan including my home town.

I can take you to all of famous places like Kamakura, Hakone and Tokyo.

But if you have already visited Japan a couple of times, you must contact with me.

I can introduce more specific tour for you based on your interest.

Looking forward to having you touch deeper Japan.


Walking tour along Takatori-yama mountain

5 hours

Easy day trip from Tokyo and Yokohama area. If love hiking, it is must-try tour. The name "Takatori-yama" means "Hawk caught mountain" and dates to the Edo period (17th to 19th centuries). Everybody from kids to adults can enjoy fresh air and breath-taking views.

FROM$185/ per group

Private zazen session

2 hours

Try your first "ZAZEN" (Zen meditation) here at a Zen temple in Kanagawa. English speaking monk can teach you how to do it including short sessions. Zazen may make you relaxed and refreshed completely. It may be unforgettable experience.

FROM$56/ per group

Walking tour along an old Kamakura samurai road

5 hours

Kamakura was the seat of the Bakufu (feudal government) from the 12th century to the 14th century. Many samurai warriors as well as commoners came and went. Kamakura is surrounded by mountains and they would walk across them. Unfortunately, with urbanization, almost all roads are now paved and widened. But you still can walk on the hill side.

FROM$185/ per group

Perfect Sankei-en Garden

3 hours

Sankeien is a traditional and typical Japanese-style garden constructed by Sankei Hara. He made big success in the silk trade.  He transferred historical buildings from Kyoto and Kamakura to this garden. This garden was opend to the public as ”Sankei-en”in 1906. There are 10 important cultural assets designated by Japanese government and 3 tangible cultural assets designated by Yokohama city.

FROM$93/ per group

Sarushim tour, the only desert island in Tokyo Bay

4 hours

Sarushim, which means the monky island in Japanese, is the only desert island in Tokyo Bay. There were historical remains of battery's which were built more than 100 years ago. It locates in 10 minutes by ferry terminal at Yokosuka.

FROM$93/ per group



Scott W.

Jul 15, 2020

Eiichi was a pleasure.

Eiichi was very friendly and came well prepared for everything I had communicated to him that I wanted to see and do. His English is excellent and I never felt embarrassed to ask him to repeat or to repeat my questions. I HIGHLY recommend Eiichi to anyone, especially those English speakers, that want a private guide and are interested in Japanese culture.

Eiichi K.

Scott, thank you for your review. I really enjoyed the tour with you since you helped me a lot. The weather was not so cooperative but I hope you could touch a little bit different aspect of Japan.