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    Kamakura Highlights Tours

    Best Memories of Kamakura

    8 hours

    Kamakura used to the capital of Japan during 12th to 14th century. It was the first period governed by the samurai warriors; Shoguns.Since samurai practiced Zen Buddhism, there are many Zen Temples which were built before those in Kyoto.

    FROM$255/ per group
    Yuki K.
    (269) reviews

    Flowers in Kamakura: The Great Buddha, Hasedera Temple, and Eishoji Temple etc.

    8 hours

    Kamakura is a very healing city, which became the capital of Samurai at the end of the 12th century, and has a lot of temples where we can see lovely flowers. We will ride a train for approximately an hour or so from Tokyo/Yokohama/Kawasaki area to visit there. Appreciating the flowers, some temples and shrines, we can also enjoy the beautiful twilight seaview.

    FROM$255/ per group
    Yoko T.
    (69) reviews

    Private tour  "My favorite Kamakura"

    8 hours

    KAMAKURA! What a perfect place to escape from daily bustlness. The town famous for zen-buddhism and as the first de-facto capital ever established by samurais gives us splendid time to enjoy the rustic but solemn atmosphere.

    FROM$255/ per group
    Mitsuru(mark) S.
    (14) reviews

    My favorite Kamakura!

    7 hours

    I've been a guide of Kamakura for a long time, having noticed that the nature adds an extra tastes to the peaceful atomosphere of temples and shrines in Kamakura. Plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, azalea, hydrangea, roses, crape myrtles, colored leaves, moss, etc and Mt. Fuji! Let me choose some best spots by the time of the year!! Green tea and 'Masamune' swordsmith is included in this tour too.

    FROM$210/ per group
    Eiko S.
    (48) reviews

    Kamakura Day Trip Tours

    One day trip to Kamakura

    8 hours

    Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination and has a lot of beautiful places such as Buddhist temples with gardens, and Shinto shrines. The city has a lot of Japanese restaurants which offer lovely dishes. We’ll visit some of the most popular spots in Kamakura, such as Hokoku-ji temple (with a bamboo garden), Hase-dera temple (one of the oldest temples in Kamakura), and Kotoku-in temple which is well known for the Great Buddha. I hope you have a lovely day in Kamakura!

    FROM$274/ per group
    Yoko I.
    (73) reviews

    Kamakura, Your Way

    6 hours

    Kamakura, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, is a beautiful residential area dotted with zen temples. The Great Buddha is another highlight. The Pacific Ocean’s gentle breeze adds to the tranquil atmosphere. We’ll find the most suitable mix of destinations to match your interests and physical exertion level. (See the ITINERARY) A walking tour is good value for money (H1)! We’ll get to experience 5 temples and shrines! For a more leisurely pace, a bus and a taxi are best. See you in Kamakura!

    FROM$192/ per group
    Toshi(t-chan) H.
    (91) reviews

    Kamakura One-day Private Custom Tour

    8 hours

    Kamakura is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Japan, surrounded by the hills and a long beach. With old zen temples and shrines Kamakura reminds us the old days of the samurai. This is a 1-day tour from Tokyo to visit Kamakura’s highlights including the Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple. And the Bamboo grove and the mattcha tea of Hokokuji Temple upon your request.

    FROM$292/ per group
    Junko N.
    (76) reviews

    Kamakura Highlights with Local Expert - from Tokyo

    9 hours

    One day fun tour in Kamakura, a popular, small, coastal city just one hour south of Tokyo. Sometimes called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura offers numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments as well as beautiful beach and forestry hills. I will customize your tour based on your tastes and requests. Count on me, Kamakura specialist! Let's find many hidden gems together.

    FROM$361/ per group
    Tomoko H.
    (103) reviews

    Kamakura Nature & Outdoor Tours

    Kamakura Unique Experience Tours

    Soul-Exploring Trip of Kamakura and Sutra Copying

    6 hours

    Through copying sutra in Hasedera Temple, you get the serenity of mind and feel ready to explore the secret world of Buddhism: Benzaiten in the cave and Hase Kannon on the hill. After watching the imposing Great Buddha, take train to Kamakura, where you can relax and have lunch at various kinds of restaurants to choose from. Then, visit Hachimangu Shrine. and enjoy shopping at Komachidori Street.

    FROM$139/ per group
    Takao M.
    (6) reviews

    Soul-Exploring Trip of Hase Temple, the Great Buddha and Sutra Copying in Kamakura

    3 hours

    Through copying sutra in Hasedera Temple, you get the serenity of mind and feel ready to explore the secret world of Buddhism. In the adjacent cave stand the statues of gods, each with the mission of having human desires achieved. At the top of a hill, Hase Kannon looks down mercifully upon you. Then, seven minutes' walk takes you to the imposing Great Buddha of Kamakura.

    FROM$70/ per group
    Takao M.
    (6) reviews

    Exploration of the world of Seven Lucky Gods in Kamakura

    8 hours

    This tour covers the temples and shrines that house the Seven Lucky Gods in Kamakura one after the other in one day. You can complete this adventure in 8-hour trip from Tokyo. Gathering goshuin, red seal of each spot can also be a good commemoration of your visit to Japan. Moreover you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Mt Fuji beyond Sagami Bay at Enoshima, the first shrine of the tour.

    FROM$344/ per group
    Mayumi H.
    (194) reviews

    Traditional Japan in Kamakura

    8 hours

    Kamakura is about 800 years old town . And it has been infuenced by Buddhism. Therefore there are many temples and easy to spend one day by visiting them. But to deepnen and expand understanding Japanese culture, we will visit many othere places. The first one is real tea ceremony. There are many places to experience Japanese tea ceremony for tourist. But the place I will take you to is real tea master place. Also I will take you to temples, shrine and shopping district.

    FROM$297/ per group
    Hiroshi Y.
    (32) reviews

    Day Trips from Kamakura