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Makoto Y.

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Kyoto, Nara (Living), Osaka, Mount Koya, Kobe





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Hello, I’m Makoto (Mac) and I'm a national-licensed tour guide.

My previous career as an automotive engineer, gave me the opportunity to learn English and to live in the US, Germany, and England. After I retired, I learned more about the Japanese history especially focusing on Nara and Kyoto to become a historical specialist of the Nara area. I now live in Ikaruga town in Nara prefecture, where the UNESCO World Heritage, Horyuji temple is located. I regularly offer guides on the Fujinoki tumulus, which is located near the Horyuji temple. It contains very interesting Archaeological findings from the end of the Kofun Period.

Recently, there are many foreign tourists who come to Japan, and I hope they enjoy learning about the culture and history of Japan. I would like to help tourists have a broader and deeper understanding of the Japanese culture and that is the reason why I decided to become a tour guide to help and support their experience in Japan.

Nara is the place where Japan started. The capital was located in Asuka, Fujiwara and Nara before it moved to Kyoto. Therefore, there are many places to visit in Nara to trace the original history of Japan, which I have a depth of knowledge.

Let’s explore the roots of Japan together!!


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Kyoto 1 Day Tour covering Most Popular Spots

7 hours

This tour covers the most popular spots in Kyoto with scenic beauty.The spots are selected from Fushimi area, Arashiyama area, and Kitayama area of Kyoto.From the point of scenic beauty, you will see Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine, Arashiyama Bamboo grove, and Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion, whereyou can take memorable pictures.

FROM$168/ per group

One day trip of Nara Park

6 hours

-Nara Park is famous and known as Deer Park, and more than one thousand deer roam freely in the park.-Numerous important temples, shrines, gardens and museums are within minutes of one another within the park.-The most famous sites are Todai-ji temple, Kasuga Grand Shrine, and Kofuku-ji temple.-These temples and shrines were originally built in Nara period, 1,300 years ago.

FROM$144/ per group

One day tour of Osaka

7 hours

Osaka has been developped as international commercial city historically. People have developped the special culture in food, entertainment. This tour covers the historical sight-Osaka castle, Downtown-Dotonbori, and new Osaka station area with Umeda Sky building. We may add somemore spots depending upon the interests of the customer.

FROM$168/ per group

Kyoto Historical Tour --- Memory of Emperor & Shogun

7 hours

As emperor has stayed at Kyoto for more than one thousand years, there are so many historical places related with emperors in Kyoto.Also at samurai period, Muromati Shogun had stayed at Kyoto, and Tokugawa Shogun built the castle in Kyoto.This tour will visit Nijo-jo castle, Imperial palace, Kinkakuji temple, and Ninnaji temple to learn the history of Kyoto related with emperor and Shogun.

FROM$168/ per group

One day trip of Horyu-ji Temple

4 hours

-Horyu-ji Temple was founded by Prince Shotoku in 607(Asuka period). -The location is about 16 km(10 miles) southwest of Nara city -The temple structures are the oldest wooden buildings in the world. -The temple was the first place in Japan to be designated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. -It would take three hours minimum to see the major areas of the temple.

FROM$96/ per group

Nara Yakushi-ji Temple/Toshodai-ji Temple --- UNESCO World Heritage Temples

5 hours

- Yakushi-ji Temple is located about five kilometer south west of JR Nara station. - Two major UNESCO World Heritage temples(Yakushi-ji & Toushodai-ji) are located here. - After meeting at Nishinokyo station, we walk through Yakushi-ji, and Toshodai-ji Temple. - As an optional tour, we can visit Mausoleum of Emperor Suinin, next to Toushoudai-ji Temple.

FROM$120/ per group



Carol R.

Nov 6, 2022

One Day Tour of Kyoto with Mak

Our tour of Kyoto's highlights with Mak was a joy. He was everything an excellent guide should be. He was efficient, and knowledgeable of course, and also extremely personable with a great sense of humor. Clearly he enjoys his job and and by the end of our tour we felt sad to have to say goodbye. He went above and beyond the schedule and suggested a few extra sites that took more time. We booked Mak for a day trip from Kyoto to Nara for a couple days later, and when he saw that were concerned about how to get from Kyoto to Nara for our meeting, he volunteered to meet us in Kyoto at no extra charge. Highly recommeded.

Makoto Y.

Dear Carol and Richard, Thanks for your nice review comment. We have concentrated visiting locations in Arashiyama area based on your request, and it was very good idea to visit such as Jojakkouin, as there are less tourist visiting there. I also enjoyed the ancient atmosphere. I hope that you enjoyed there. Thanks again for your choosing me of your guide. Makoto Yokoyama


Carol R.

Nov 6, 2022

Day Trip from Kyoto to Nara with Mak

Our day trip from Tokyo to Nara with Makito was a joy. Mak was everything an excellent guide should be. He was efficient, and knowledgeable of course, and also extremely personable with a great sense of humor. We had toured Kyoto with him a few days earlier and had such a great experience that we couldn't wait to explore Nara with him. Clearly he enjoys his job and and by the end of our tour we felt sad to have to say goodbye. Highly recommended.

Makoto Y.

Dear Carl and Richard, Thanks for your nice review comment. It was the best time to visit Nara especially Isuien Garden. Also, there are some special events going on such as chrysanthemum festival, which I enjoyed and happy to show it to you in Nara. I hope that you visit Japan again in different season such as springtime. Thanks again for your choosing me of your guide. It was so enjoyable to guide you. Makoto Yokoyama


Bryce P.

Oct 28, 2022

Great Tour with Knowledgable Guide

Makoto was fantastic. He was patient and blended history with fun and current facts. He was prompt and informative, and catered toward our preferences. He also was very conscientious of our pace throughout the day. We enjoyed our time with Makoto!

Makoto Y.

Dear Bryce, Thanks for your nice comment. I also enjoyed very much being with you. I hope that you visit Japan again someday with your children next time. Thanks again for your choosing me of your guide. Makoto


Alfonso S.

Oct 17, 2022

Our shirt and intense day in Osaka

We appreciate Mak experience and good English in our day program in Osaka. The grey day and sprinkle rain limited a little our enjoyment, but definitely we recommend Mak of you visit Osaka.

Makoto Y.

Dear Alfonso, I have enjoyed the time spent with you today very much and this would be good memory. I hope that you have a nice trip further and enjoy Japan. Thank you very much for your choosing me of your guide. Best regards, Mac Yokoyama