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Hi! I’m Yoshi.

I’m a pure, but a little bit an international, Japanese, living in Yokohama for about half a century. In addition, I used to live in Malaysia for 2 years, U.S.A. for 8 years and Canada for 3 years. I had long been involved in the international trade of U.S., Canadian, Australian and European grains for 40 years, during which I visited more than 40 countries including most of East Asian and South East Asian countries and most of Western European countries.

Now I’m a national certified guide-interpreter, working here for the past couple of years.

Believe! There is much more vast range of tourist spots and attractions throughout the year in Japan, even in Tokyo and its neighboring area, than “Green Michelin” and “Lonely Planet” offer to the world. Oops! You will surely encounter a new electricity here and there, day and night!

It’s really great to be welcoming here those who;

- Like to visit famous historic and cultural sites, shrines and temples in Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko and other local areas,

- Love to bask in the natural beauty of Hakone, Mount Fuji and their vicinity,

- Have a keen interest in time-honored, culture-rich local cities like Kanazawa, Takayama, Matsumoto, Nagano and unique rural areas like Shirakawa-go and so many others,

- Are fascinated in Japanese art and paintings, both traditional and contemporary, including “Ukiyo-e”, wood block printings,

- Are aggressive enough to stroll in the sky by a gondola over an active volcano and sulfurous gush! Oh dear!

- Are passionate enough to directly touch the atmosphere of live, sometimes violent, “Matsuri”, traditional festivals in downtown,

- Wish to experience Japanese traditional, elaborate craftwork, handed down for centuries,

- Are enthusiastic about Japanese various pop culture and unique attractions,

- Like, or need, to escape from your everyday stress or boredom anyway!

Seeing is believing. Sightseeing is feeling through your own five senses! See Naples and Come on in Japan any time! I’m ready here whenever you are.



Pierre S.

Nov 7, 2019

We spent 4 days with Yoshio visiting Kamakura and Nikko and exploring Tokyo more esoteric shopping areas.

Yoshio has been a perfect organizer of tailor-made visits to our areas of interest. While this was my 4th visit to Japan, he was able to provide a number of new insights and experiences.

Yoshio M.

Dear Pierre and Cathy, Many thanks for your hearty comment. I really enjoyed very precious time with you here and there. I have much more places and events to take you to in different seasons. Nothing remains unchanged. See Naples, and see another Naples! Take care. It's nice to drive slowly sometimes. See you soon again here.


Dane D.

Aug 25, 2019

Knowledgeable and Enjoyable Tour Guide

Yoshio is extremely knowledgeable about Japanese culture. He is also experienced living and traveling internationally, which means he is able to relate and explain Japanese culture to foreigners. His English skills are very good. I would highly recommend Yoshio after spending the day with him.

Yoshio M.

Dear Dane, I deeply appreciated your warm message. I really enjoyed pleasant time with you and your family during the excursion to Ishioka. I have many other places and events I like to have you experience throughout Japan, even in Tokyo area and its vicinity. I'm looking forward to meeting you again. Wish you and your family to find and enjoy continuously more wider range of Japanese foods. Take care and see you soon. Beast regards, Yoshio Muramatsu


Ellen B.

Apr 30, 2019

We Spent an Amazing Day with Yoshio

Our ship had a planned stopover in Yokohama so 8 of us arranged for a day trip to Kamakura with Yoshio. He was extremely punctual and met us at the dock. Having lived in the United States, Yoshio's English is excellent. He also has a great understanding of Japan's transportation network and was able to assist our group in smoothly navigating the system. We saw all of the key sights in Kamakura, with an interesting lunch and a side trip to Enoshima Island. Our day with Yoshi was one of the highlights of our 30-day trip to Japan and each of us would wholeheartedly recommend him as a personable and competent guide. Given the opportunity, we would engage his services again. Thank you, Yoshi, for sharing your knowledge and expertise of Japan.

Yoshio M.

I really enjoyed a splendid time with you and your friends in Kamakura, and now I miss merry and pleasant faces of you all when you were on a charming local train, "Enoden", or when you ate a Japanese sweets, "Manjuu" and "Kinakomoti" etc. on the street. Many thanks for your kind comments which I sincerely appreciate. Telling the truth, I have much more places to take you to, much more things including traditional festivals, "Matsuri", to have you experience, much more Japanese food and sweets to have you try and so on in order for you to "enjoy Japan." I'm ready whenever you would be back here with your fiends. Stay healthy. See you soon!