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    Popular Tours in Gunma

    Tomioka Silk Mill and Byakuikannon statue in Gunma

    This tour include Tomioka Silk Mill of UNESCO World Heritage and Byakuikannon-statue which is the symbol of Takasaki-city. After you understand the important historical value of Tomioka Silk Mill , you will be very much impressed for the World Heritage. And you will be overwhelmed by the giant statue rising up on top of Mt.Kannon to which people pray for their better fortune and longevity.

    FROM$372/ per person
    Kashima H.
    (53) reviews

    Gunma tour with Kusatsu hot spring for two days

    This tour is one nights, two days tour in Gunma that include various tour spots such as the sightseeing of Yanba Dam ,Agatsumakyou valley , Kusatsu Onsen area ,Onioshidashi and Tomioka Silk Mill with enjoying Kusatsu onsen inn and tasting “Toge no Kamameshi” at Oginoya drive-in Yokokawa. You can have an impressive experience by watching the nature landscape, historical remains of World Cultural Heritage and relaxing with taking onsen bath which is one of the best hot spring in Japan.

    FROM$547/ per person
    Kashima H.
    (53) reviews

    One day trip in Gunma of Fukiwarenotaki and Oigamionsen

    This tour include "Fukiwarinotaki-fall"called Niagara of Orient and "Oigamionsen-hot spring as one day trip in Gunma prefecture. The stream of clear water in Katashina-valley go down to the land space broken between the earth and crashed into white splash. Oigamionsen can heal your fatigue of the walking tour of Fukiwarinotaki by bathing onsen and seeing the calm and spacious view.

    FROM$372/ per person
    Kashima H.
    (53) reviews

    Activity around Kusatsu hot spring,Gunma

    Walking around hot spring field,Yubatake, Walking along hot water river, Sainokawara. Watching hot spring dance show. Visiting a tropical zoo or art museum, temple and shrine. Tour of nurtlalising factory.

    FROM$186/ per person
    Nao M.
    (1) reviews