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Kawagoe Town Day Excursion from Tokyo with Private guide

8 hours

Explore a town of history retaining the culture and aroma of Edo, so called "Koedo(Little Edo)" Kawagoe With a Private Guide. Kawagoe is a town located in Saitama prefecture, about 50km northeast of Tokyo and a town retaining old atmosphere of Edo, Taisho and Showa period (16th to 20th century). It takes just about 30 min from Tokyo by train and is the perfect place for a day excursion to experience a contrasting change from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

FROM$366/ per group
Sachimi K.
5.00(23) reviews

Visit to Bonsai Village in Saitama

3 hours 30 min

As I am living in a walk distance from Bonsai Village, I can guide you very effectively. Bonsai Village is located In Saitama City. It takes about one...

FROM$93/ per group
Yo O.
4.83(6) reviews

Amusement Town Koedo Kawagoe !

3 hours

Enjoy your half day or full day in Koedo Kawagoe which has Edo period atmosphere. It's just 30 minutes away from Tokyo by train.

FROM$89/ per group
Katie T.
4.00(1) reviews

Kawagoe Old Town - 7hrs

7 hours

This tour showcases well-preserved traditional architecture featuring clay-wall warehouses. Kitain Temple has buildings which were relocated from Edo Castle. These are the only surviving buildings of the ancient Edo Castle in Japan. Let's walk in the 350-year-old Shogun rooms! How can we resist the tempting local sweets and sweet potato snacks!? Come to Kawagoe! I'd love to show you around!

FROM$237/ per group
Toshi H.
4.95(107) reviews

Visiting a few of 34 temples pilgrimage in Chichibu area

7 hours

Do you want a spiritual and hiking experience in one day? Chichibu is famous for the pilgrimage of Buddhism in Japan. Surrounded by low mountains, 34 temples are dispersed in the city. If you want to visit all the temples, it will take 3days. As your guide, I will be able to walk or run with you for 7 or 8 hours in a day including eating lunch and taking Spa! You can refresh yourself after the pilgrimage and a long walk.

FROM$252/ per group
Daisuke I.
5.00(2) reviews

For Children and Railway fans ! Tour to The Railway Museum

5 hours

The Railway Museum in Omiya city (about one hour by train from Tokyo) is a very popular for children and railways fans in Japan. It's a wonderful facility to enjoy the exhibitions of many formerly actually used trains in Japan.

FROM$93/ per group
Shinichiro H.
5.00(9) reviews

Bonsai village & Neighboring Optional Tour [Cherry Blossom Viewing in Omiya Park]

8 hours 30 min

After meeting at your hotel - by train - arriving at Omiya station at 9:30 am - a 20 minute walking - Hikawa Shrine(famous and high-class) - a 20 minute walking - Omiya Bonsai village: Bonsai Specialty shops, Bonsai Art Museum - by train - Optional one: The Railway Museum or Kawagoe(old castle town) strolling - by train - at your hotel(break up)

FROM$202/ per group
Hiroyuki I.
4.50(20) reviews

KAWAGOE: A traditional Japan Tour

7 hours

Kawagoe will give you wonderful experience of the traditional Japan which you can't see in Tokyo. Only about one-hour ride from Shinjuku ! The old storehouse merchant houses are lined up, and the Toki-no-Kane (Bell Tower), a symbol of Kawagoe, welcomes you to ring four times a day. Let’s take a stroll around the town and you'll feel as if you travelled through time to ancient Edo.

FROM$229/ per group
Yumi I.
5.00(21) reviews

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