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    Popular Tours in Yokohama

    Best Memories of Yokohama

    In this tour, you will visit the most impressive places in Yokohama including Sky Garden of Landmark tower, Sankei-En Japanese Garden where you can experience the tea ceremony, and having a delicious lunch at my favorite restaurant. You can choose one place from the options in the itinerary during 15:00 to 16:00. I was born and grew up in Yokohama and I am sure this tour will become a good memory of your travel in Japan.

    FROM$224/ per person
    Yuki K.
    (269) reviews

    Tours for those who take a cruise tour to/from Yokohama

    This tour is those who take a cruise tour from Yokohama including pick up from your hotel and check-in at your cruising pier in Yokohama.You can choose from three routes; Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamakura.You can keep your luggage either at your hotel or at a cloak counter in Yokohama.

    FROM$192/ per person
    Yuki K.
    (269) reviews

    El jardín Sankei-en y el puerto Yokohama

    El jardín Sankei-en fue construido por un negociante en hilo de seda, Hara Tomitaro, seudonimo Sankei en la época de la modernización de Japón, a los ...

    FROM$279/ per person
    Hasimoto K.
    (10) reviews

    Tours for Cruise ship passengers arriving at Yokohama

    Passengers of Cruise ships arriving at Yokohama have some difficulties to enjoy Japan. Main reason is the location of piers are not in a convenient area and it is not clear how to get the destinations. I will solve those problems and make your staying in Japan a enjoyable one. Please tell me your destination; Tokyo, Yokohama, kamakura or Hakone? I will take you to the places you wish to go.

    FROM$298/ per person
    Hiroshi Y.
    (32) reviews

    Popular Cultural Activities in Yokohama

    Kendo Experience 〜why not experience the martial arts of the samurai ! 〜

    How about experiencing a unique activity ? I' ll offer the "Kendo experience" for foreign people. Kendo is a traditional martial art closely relat...

    FROM$75/ per person
    Mayumi O.
    (10) reviews

    Tea ceremony, Origami and Furoshiki Experience

    Are you interested in experiencing authentic Japanese arts and culture? Enjoy three traditional Japanese arts such as, the tea ceremony, Origami (traditional art of folding papers) and Furoshiki (wrapping square cloths) in a traditional Japanese room. You will not only enjoy watching the works of the master, but will enjoy creating arts of holding papers and wrapping things with Furoshiki yourself. Total experience time is 2.5 hours.

    FROM$46/ per person
    Tomoko H.
    (5) reviews

    [45 Minutes] Tokyo Tour: Tokyo Yokohama Night helicopter tour

    [45minutes] Helicopter tour in TOKYO!! This flight allows passengers to explore the spectacular scenery of both Tokyo and Yokohama at night for over 45 minutes of flight time. The tour takes place over Tokyo Skytree, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku and Yokohama Harbour. Departures are from Yokohama West Heliport.

    FROM$1,638/ per person
    Japan helicopter S.

    [15 Minutes] Yokohama Tour: Yokohama Night City Helicopter Tour

    [15minutes] Helicopter tour in TOKYO!! This 15 minute helicopter night tour is simply the best of its kind. There is no better way to enjoy the romantic view of Yokohama from other than the sky. Fly over symbolic landmarks in Yokohama such as, Yokohama landmark tower, minato mirai, and Yokohama stadium.

    FROM$878/ per person
    Japan helicopter S.