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I am Shuichi, a licensed tour guide in Japan. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, near Asakusa. And lived in Portland, Oregon, USA for 5 years.

I am a travel lover, visited 18 countries with 24 airlines.

Through my experience, I have learned Japanese culture and history are so unique.

I will be more than happy if I can show you interesting places in my country.

I can introduce myself as a tail-economist. It doesn't mean scholar of economics but always boarding tail section of economy class.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Bye now !

COUNTRIES I visited :

Canada, U.S.A, Mexico, U.K. Netherland, Germany, France, U.A.E. Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and S.Korea.

AIRLINES I traveled :

American, Delta, United, Northwest, Alaska, America west, British airways,

Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore air, Thai international, Philippine air, Cathay pacific, Tiger air, China east, Shanghai air, Sichuan air, JAL, ANA, Peach air, and Vanilla air.


Ghibli Museum & Edo-Tokyo Architecture Museum Private Tour

8 hours

** GHIBLI MUSEUM REOPENED FROM FEBRUARY AFTER COVID-19. I ASSUME EDO-TOKYO ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM REOPENS SOMEDAY IN APRIL. Are you a fan of the Studio Ghibli animations? Why don’t you jump into the world of Ghibli? The Ghibli Museum not only exhibits all the works of previous animations, but also another Ghibli movie that you can see only at the museum. Afterward, we will head towards the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum, where the creators of the Ghibli movies got their imagination

FROM$62/ per person

"Your Name" Anime spots in Tokyo

8 hours

We will visit many locations depicted in the animation film Your Name, including staircase at the last scene. Would you like to sharing the atmosphre and breeze with Taki and Mitsuha ?

FROM$44/ per person

Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum and Beer Brewery tour

8 hours

** EDO-TOKYO OPEN AIR ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM AND BEER BREWERY ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO COVID19. RE-OPEN DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER. We are visiting Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum and Suntory Beer Brewery. The Architectural Museum exhibits 30 historical genuine houses. They are not traditional but ancient. Also well-known the place where provided seeds of imagination on "Spirited Away" to Hayao Miyazaki. Then we visit Suntory Beer Brewery nearby.

FROM$53/ per person

Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum Tour : "Spirited Away" too

4 hours

** EDO-TOKYO OPEN AIR ARCHITECTURAL MUSEUM RE-OPENED ON JUN-02 AFTER CORONA, except for cafe, udon restaurant, gift shop and librery. We visit Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. This Architectural Museum exhibits 30 historical genuine houses. They are not imitation nor miniature. Also well-known the place where provided seeds of imagination to creators on "Spirited Away" "My neighbor Totoro" and partly "Your Name".

FROM$31/ per person

One day Tokyo, Family Plan

8 hours

One day sightseeing tour for family group including small children and/or elders I propose an enjoyable plan focusing on children and/or elderly persons. Visiting places are flexible according to your family preference. Please advise me. Alternate plan for bad weather or family's conditions are well prepared. I believe when children/elderly persons are happy, everyone is happy.

FROM$62/ per person



Christine C.

Jan 26, 2020


Highly recommended tour and tour guide. We loved every minute of our tour with Shuichi. His tour was informative and interesting. He went above and beyond to ensure we had a fantastic day and was so great with the kids. Nothing was too much trouble and and we had a fabulous day. The kids keep asking where Shu is today... They were hoping he was going to be with us every day of our holiday in Tokyo.

Shuichi O.

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I also had a great time with your family, especially with the children. Continue your wonderful trip and please come back to Japan someday in future. Good-by today.