Aton M.

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Al Buhayrah, Al Fayyum, Cairo (Living), Alexandria, Giza



English, French, Arabic (Native)


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1 hour on average


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About Tour Guide Aton M.

I'm a local, professional and independent guide speaking French and English and French. 

I studied at the Faculty of Tourism.

I'm a member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Tourist Guides.

I invite you to share the daily life and the passion of the Egyptians, especially the little nuggets unknown to the general public, the small typical addresses of the city as well as the gastronomy of the country to better understand the culture and the traditions of the country.

I also offer you a tailor-made trip throughout Egypt according to your desires and your budget.


I can also pick you up from airport at any time per day and per week.


Day tour Sakkara, Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

9 hours

Start your tour by exploring Sakkara Pyramids: you will see the complex of king Djoser " Zoser" , it is considered as an important part in the process of the pyramid evolution. Pyramid of Unas ( Mastaba of Idout) . Serapeum for Egyptian God serapis , then lunch time at local and typical restaurant, we proceed to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza. Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, then getting close up to the Sphinx, get your photo beside it , then back to hotel.

FROM$55/ per person

Private Arrival Airport Transfer to Giza or Cairo Hotel

1 hour

With this private arrival transfer you will save your time, effort and avoid any hassle or trouble dealing and bargaining with cab drivers. No more rip-off or cheats with this punctual, smooth transfer.Save time and avoid hassle by pre-booking your transportation between Cairo Airport and your hotel in Cairo or Giza. you will need to get your luggages, go through the final security check, and then you will see your driver outside.

FROM$21/ per person

Day tour Citadel, Egyptian museum & Civilization museum

9 hours

After meeting your guide, you will visit the Citadel of Saladin, then the Civilization museum, and finally the Egyptian Museum. Then back to hotel.

FROM$65/ per person

Day Tour to Sakkara, Serapeum, Tomb Ti, Dashour & Memphis.

7 hours 30 min

[The tours starts from Cairo] We will visit Sakkara, whereyou see the first construction in stone all-over the world. Continue your day tour to Memphis City that was the ancient capital of Egypt. Dahshor Bent, Red & Black pyramids : Then Discover the most magnificent pyramid which is the red pyramid for the king Senfru, which consider as the final step for the second life king house after they spent 7 years in building the Bent pyramid.Then head to the Serapeum.

FROM$65/ per person

Day tour Sakkara, Serapeum & Ti tomb from Cairo

5 hours

Incredible excursion to across the greatest graveyard of Sakkara, where you see the first construction in stone all-over the world ;Step Pyramid of Djoser. Also you will visit the Pyramids of Titi and Onas, Which you will never forget as long as you live. Engraving, colors, genius of design and execution. along with various tombs such as Kagemni, Mererouka & the amazing Ti. Then head to the Serapeum, the ancient Egyptian burial place for sacred bulls of the Apis cult at Memphis.

FROM$55/ per person

Half Day Private Tour to Giza Pyramids & Sphinx from Cairo

4 hours

We will start visiting Giza Pyramids and Sphinx. You’ll discover the treasures excavated from the tombs and the secret of the pyramids, then take a moment to take some souvenir photos from Giza plateau and getting close up to the Sphinx.

FROM$51/ per person



1 / 5
May 20, 2023

I would give 0 but that isn’t an option

Disclaimer: He will answer saying that we are - like he did with the other review but he is always altering the truth. Read the other reviews including this one and believe them. Very bad experience, he is at most a driver (even a bad one) , we had a customized tour and paid more but he only dealt with his friends and was pushing us to buy, we learned nothing new from him. I am saving you trouble, do not book with him!


Diarmaid M.

5 / 5
Mar 11, 2023

Touring Egypt the right way

Aton was the best, kindest and most knowledgeable guide I had in Egypt. He really let me see the sites that interested me and let me take my time and totally enjoy the whole experience. Aton even showed me special sites not covered by the usual tourist itineraries and he takes great pictures and videos too. Aton really goes the extra mile and I am so grateful to him for such an excellent tour. My advice is you that you should choose Aton for your guide if you really want an excellent enjoyable tour.

Aton M.

Thank you for your kind words Diarmaid. I hope to see you again in Egypt. You're welcome anytime. Sunny regards ???? Aton


Bruno R.

1 / 5
Mar 8, 2023

Horrible. We do not recommend

My wife and I consider ourselves seasoned travelers, but we've never hired guide services as we prefer traveling in our ways. However, we thought Egypt had to be an exception, so we hired Aton for three days in Cairo for Giza, Sakkara, and Museum tours. First impression.. Before we left home, he texted to bring dollars to exchange with him as a favor for his daughter. We decided to bring some dollars just for him (ATM is totally fine to get cash in Egypt), but this wasn't a good first impression as we didn't think it was professional. But ok, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. No, money was his favorite topic throughout the entire tour service, and his professionalism only worsened as we continued our trip. His knowledge level and guide skills: I am trying to remember what we have learned from him, other than the cost of expensive private international schools and waterfront luxury apartments costs. He may have told us some facts here and there that weren't in the guidebook I was carrying (we learned more from this book than from him). He was just a driver for the most part. You will be better off and stress-free by researching and reading before the trip and hiring a driver instead. Few things: I was passing through the Citadel security, holding an empty coffee cup. He told me to litter by leaving the cups on the street. I said no and saw a trashcan just about 5 feet away. Another thing, the Tutankhamun exhibition line at the museum was long (but went by quickly). Aton told us to act like the people in the line close to the entrance were my close friend or family and cut the line. You might get a good experience with Aton, and maybe it was just us. But for us, Aton was the worst guide we hired in Egypt (we hired 4 other guides in Aswan and Luxor). He wasn't even a pleasant person to be in a car for the drives we had.

Aton M.

Thank you for the review. The problem occurred on the third day, because one of the customers did not want to follow the security instructions at the entrance of each visit, to the extent that the tourist police almost took my licence because one of the customers did not follow those instructions. The lady was carrying an empty cup of coffee. The police asked her to search her handbag and asked her to put the cup aside until the search was over. She did not want to follow the instructions. She kept the cup. I asked her to put it aside and then take it again if she wanted, but she refused. She thought I'd ask her to throw the cup in the street and she thought I'd stand together in this situation against the police's instructions. In the Egyptian Museum (especially in front of Tutankhamun’s mask hall), I explained and mentioned that it is forbidden to enter with customers to explain inside this hall due to the presence of large numbers, but she was dissatisfied with that and thought that I would say that because I would not enter with them. There were large numbers and queues in front of Tutankhamun's Mask Hall, she asked me (since they are only 2 customers, not a large group) to slip into the queue to be at the front and to do it myself with them like another guide, I refused because the tourists were dissatisfied with that guide, they almost exploded in my face if I did that, so my customer got angry. In fact, I did not want to respond to all that (especially since I am busy), but what happened must be clarified. I invite everyone who reads these lines and everyone who wants to visit Egypt to book with me to see for themselves the quality of service they will receive and to write their opinion.


Michael B.

5 / 5
Feb 6, 2023

Great sense of humor!

Aton is an experienced guide and delivered what he promised and a bit more. Very easygoing and told a lot of jokes. Explained clearly the nuts and bolts of each location we went to and good English except occasionally I had a difficulty with his accent. Took us not only to trip locations but also added on City of the Dead which was very interesting. We would hire him again if we come back to Cairo!

Aton M.

Thank you Michael, You are welcome every time. Sunny regards ???? Aton