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GoWithGuideFind your perfect tour guide at GoWithGuide. Relax and cherish unforgettable tours with loved ones. Create personalized tours for a truly memorable trip!

Travel Like A Celebrity - Luxury Tours In Rome

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Last updated : May 22, 20249 min read

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Rome - the Eternal City, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, offering visitors a unique blend of ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern landmarks and attractions. In this article, we’ll be going over some of Rome’s romantic and luxurious activities you can take part in when visiting the city. 


From idyllic classic car tours, visiting the soothing thermals of Sorano, or staying at hotels modeled after Roman villas - travel the city like a celebrity with a world of luxurious travel options available in and around Rome. For a few of these recommendations, we’re going to travel a bit outside the city to get away from the hustle and bustle as we attempt to maximize relaxation and luxury.


Classic car tours


While Rome plays host to a robust public transport system, sometimes the itch to zip around the city in a car of your own just can’t be ignored. And while there are numerous rental car services, it seems a bit of a shame to go all the way to Rome just to drive around in a Camry. That’s why we would recommend taking a fun, wheel-based tour of the city in a classic Fiat 500! These trips are available as either chauffeured or self-drive options, and promises an unforgettable joyride through the winding streets of Roma. 


The classic Fiat 500 is the perfect car for such a tour, small enough to effortlessly navigate the intricate streets of Rome, equipped with a built-in sunroof to allow for amazing views and photo opportunities, and of course sporting the colorful flair of a classic Italian compact. Another advantage of these car tours, is the fact that you can customize your tour to focus on the places you want to visit - however for newcomers who may not be too familiar with the city, the guides also provide an amazing pre-planned route.


The landmarks you can visit include the classics such as the Colosseum and Aventine Hill - but also take visitors to sites such as the shop-filled Jewish Ghetto, the market at Campo dei Fiori, and the Theater of Marcellus - an ancient open-air theater completed in 13 BC. These car tours promise a day filled with fun and excitement, and several types can be booked via our intrepid motorized guides


Thermals of Sorano


For our next outing, we’re going to ramp the luxury up to eleven, with a trip to the Terme di Sorano (Thermals of Sorano) located in the medieval village of Sorano in Southern Tuscany, a couple of hours north of Rome by train or car. Tours including pick-up at your hotel in Rome and drop-off again in the evening are available at GoWithGuide. You could also opt for a longer trip, staying overnight at the hotel located next to the thermal pools themselves. 


Sorano itself also makes for a magical experience, this ancient hill town straddling the Lente River offers breathtaking views and a true taste of rural Tuscany. The thermal pools are located just a few kilometers outside of town, so a visit down to the town center to marvel at the Romanesque architecture is a simple affair. 


The main pull of the town however are the thermal pools themselves, the waters filled with comfortable 37.5 C waters that contain purifying minerals such as magnesium, bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate. These pools are well known throughout history for their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and many claim they have the ability to cure dermatological and vascular diseases. The modern Sorano Thermal Springs Residence offers amazing overnight packages, including several types of pools, and five-star treatment all around. 


Lake Bracciano


For our next luxurious excursion, we’re also going a bit outside of Rome to visit the scenic shores of Lake Bracciano. Located approximately 32 km northwest of the Eternal City, it is the second-largest lake in the region, and one of the largest in all the Italian peninsula. The town is bordered by three towns (Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia, and Trevignano Romano), all making for splendid locations to visit in themselves.


The serene shores of the lake is a major tourist attraction in the area and if you’re in Rome, you’ve almost definitely already had some contact with Lake Bracciano - seeing as it serves as the drinking water reservoir for the city. This also means it’s one of the cleanest lakes in Italy, since motor boating is strictly prohibited. Instead, visitors to the lake can enjoy its clear waters via sailing boats, canoes, and of course swimming. 


This makes the lake an excellent spot for an outing on a hot summer day, its idyllic waters perfect for a refreshing dip, sunbathing, and various other watersports. Once you’re done cooling off or enjoying a sailing trip, the shores of the lake also feature various other beautiful sites to visit. This includes the medieval Orsini-Odescalchi Castle with its adjoining museum - the location also known as one of the most prized wedding venues in all of Italy. For a dive into medieval Italy, visitors can also enjoy the Bracciano Civic Museum, or for a more modern take, aviation pioneers can visit the Italian Air Force Museum located nearby.


The lakeside features many more ancient and renaissance marvels, such as the Church of Santa Maria del Riposo where travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and its surroundings from a variety of vantage points.


Roman Villa Experience


For our final recommendation, why not enjoy an overnight stay at a luxurious Roman villa? Modeled after the ancient villas that used to belong to the royalty and nobility of Rome, there are several villa-esque locations where visitors can enjoy a truly luxurious stay. Why not treat yourself as you walk in the footsteps of Roman and Italian royalty? 


There are many such villas located in and around Rome, so we’ll only be touching the surface here - but if we may be so bold, we’d like to recommend the Aldrovandi Villa Borghese. Hidden in the more quiet suburbs of Rome, the villa boasts an impressive 103 guest rooms, private gardens, gorgeous views, and spectacular architecture. Here you can also enjoy dining in the Michelin-star Assaje restaurant, as well as a luxurious spa treatment in the adjoining Mythas Spa. With many more amenities on offer, you can’t go wrong choosing this villa as your overnight location. 


For other luxurious options, why not consider the Hotel Villa Pinciana? Located in the center of a vibrant piazza in Rome, this 4-star hotel offers 25 top classrooms right in the capital, with amazing architecture, decor, and many more amenities. The villa also offers vibrant gardens, appetizing meals, sunbathing locations of the terraced rooftop, and views that would make even the most avid traveler jealous. 


As a final recommendation, we’d like to put forth the Villa Pamphili. Located on the outskirts of Rome, this historic 4-star villa houses a staggering 235 rooms, two full restaurants, a private bar, rooftop terrace, and a massive spa where you can truly lay back and relax as you enjoy massages, an outdoor swimming pool, and a series of luxurious skin treatments. Additionally, the venue also features a private park, shuttle services, a full gym with personal trainers, as well as a 500 square meter solarium.



The Eternal City is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and while it’s fun to enjoy the busy atmosphere of the city, you can also enjoy more private and luxurious options in and around Rome. Our professional vetted guides are on standby to help you experience several of these with their firsthand knowledge of the area, and you can also enjoy the privacy and luxury of a Roman-inspired villa when you decide to turn in for the night. If luxury is what you crave - Rome can provide it, no question! 

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Ciao, I was born in Rome, I'm a proud Roman and I've spent all my 62 years in this wonderful city. I've been running my Fiat 500 vintage car tours experience for the past 8 years. It's the ONLY company in Rome offering this kind of FANTASTIC treat for experienced and discerning travellers. From your message and the information gathered from your website, I understand you wish to offer to your customers top quality and real local experiences far above usual touristic mass services. My promise: to show with passion to your customers the untold and true stories behind the historical Rome. There a quite a lot of spots and corners of Rome which are unknown to tourists and even to locals. Astounding places, off the-beaten-tracks, which wait to be discovered by discerning travellers, away from usual itineraries followed by big double-deck buses. I'm an enthusiast guide and I love passing my passion for Rome to customers that are not content of fast and dull tours. Narrations of each tour is custom made, according to the interest of each single customer. If your customers are searching for a unique, local, enthusiastic Italian experience, well, I'm definitely the right person in Rome. I'll lead them through the MAGIC of Rome aboard our vintage Fiat 500 cars and let them experiencing one of the best 5 tours of their life. The tours normally include foto shooting with customers cameras, and a creamy double expresso or cappuccino in a true local coffee bar. Happiness exists, make it happen! Alvise                                                                                                                                  

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Hello! I have been living IN Italy since 5 years and have some years of experience in the sphere of communication and accommodation (in Rome and Brussels). Lately I have decided to start my own tours as a communication assistant and organisator. Together with me works my husband and a professional Italian guide. I speak 4 languages and have strong organization skills, this is why I believe I could provide a high quality support to travelers.                                                                                                                                  

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We have been accompanying our clients to the most fascinating places in Italy for many years, sharing with them all our tourist knowledge that we have learned over the years. In each tour we have tried to leave our clients a unique experience. Our tours are private tours throughout Italy, offering maximum comfort by traveling comfortably in a Van or with a car with an expert driver and a guide professional. We pick-up our clients to there hotel and take care of them for all the day trip.                                                                                                                                  

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