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Hello, my name is Mouloud and I have been living in Japan for more than 9 years, more specifically in Kansai. I mainly worked in the tourism field and now I would like to introduce you to my Kansai. Nara, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and so on, so many things to do and to see! I already have some tours for you but do not hesitate to contact me if you have other wishes. I am waiting for you!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Mouloud et ça fait plus de 9 ans que j’habite au Japon, plus précisément dans le Kansai. J’ai surtout travaillé dans le tourisme et maintenant, je voudrais directement vous faire découvrir mon Kansai. Nara, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, etc., tant de choses à faire et à voir ! Je vous propose déjà quelques circuits mais n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez d’autres envies. Je vous attends.


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Half-Day Private Guided Tour to Osaka Castle

4 hours

Osaka Castle was a part during the Japanese unification on the 16th century. In 1614-1615, was held the Osaka Battle where Toyotomis felt and Tokugawas totally established their autority as Shoguns of Japan. There are lots of Historical remains in the park. The Castle was rebuilt in 1931. It is outside a replica of the original castle. Inside, it is a museum about samurais and the siege of Osaka.

FROM$173/ per group

Full-Day Private Guided Tour to Osaka Castle

8 hours

Osaka Castle was a part during the Japanese unification on the 16th-17th centuries. In 1614-1615, was held the Osaka Battle where Toyotomis felt and Tokugawas totally established their autority as Shoguns of Japan. There are lots of Historical remains in the park and around. Nearby, we can visit the Osaka Museum of History, which teaches us about Osakan History from its beginning to nowaday. We also can visit nearby the remains of the Palace of Naniwa, which dates from the 7th century.

FROM$289/ per group

Full-Day Guided Tour in a Japanese Mountain: Ikoma, Osaka

8 hours

When tourists visit Kansai, they usually chose the major cities like Kobe, Osaka or Kyoto. Not so known by tourists, Ikoma is a quiet area a 20 minute train from Osaka. Mount Ikoma is in the middle of Kansai and is worth a little day to visit with me, certified interpreter-guide for Nara Prefecture. You can expect nature, retro city and amusement!

FROM$289/ per group

Visite Guidée d'un Jour en Montagne Japonaise : Ikoma, Osaka

8 hours

Quand un touriste visite le Kansai, il favorise les villes importantes comme Osaka ou Kyoto. Au milieu du Kansai, le mont Ikoma n’est malheureusement pas très connu. C’est un coin paisible à 20 minutes de train d’Osaka et vaut le coup de s’y arrêter au moins un jour. Je suis guide-interprète certifié du département de Nara. Allons découvrir cette montagne dans ce circuit. Vous pouvez vous attendre à de la nature, à de l’urbanisme plutôt rétro, de l’histoire... et à de l’attraction !

FROM$289/ per group

Full-Day Private Guided Tour to Nara Temples

8 hours

Nothing better than to discover Nara by the explanations from an -almost-local person who is also a certified interpreter-guide! The first fixed capital of Japan, a city of tradition and history. You will discover an ancient capital which became a calm countryside city. Nothing to hurry, nothing to worry!

FROM$289/ per group

Visite Guidée Privée d'une Journée des Temples de Nara

8 hours

J’ai vécu 3 ans à Nara et je suis guide certifié. Je peux vous y guider les yeux fermés ! Dans ce tour, nous découvrirons les diverses facettes de cette ville. C’est magnifique ! Première capitale fixe du Japon, haute ville de tradition et d’histoire, vous en saurez plus sur l’histoire de cette ville et du Japon.

FROM$289/ per group



Giorgios V.

Oct 29, 2022

A good guide!

Mouloud was friendly and a very good guide!

Mouloud H.

Thank you Giorgios. I am glad you appreciated your half day tour in Osaka Castle area! I hope to see you again. Have a nice return to Greece.


Alex V.

Oct 10, 2022

An amazing guide for those interested in Japanese history, culture and good conversation.

Mouloud was an amazing guide! On the day of my arrival, he met me at the airport and helped me navigate the train system and walked me to my accommodations. During our tours, Mouloud was very knowledgeable of all of the palaces, temples and shrines that we visited. He was very detailed when it comes to Japanese history and he presents it in a way that keeps you engaged and asking questions. Mouloud also knew all the places that had good food and good shopping spots. Although I didn't part take in shopping, he made sure that he always provided time just in case I changed my mind. If you want to explore nature, Mouloud can also take you to the forests of Kyoto. Although the hills can be difficult, the views at the top of the city are well worth it. I would highly recommend Mouloud if you are looking to explore and learn more about Japan's long history. If you're looking for someone to just explore with, Mouloud is also an excellent travel buddy if you are traveling solo. Thank you Mouloud for the amazing tours! You went above and beyond my expectations.

Mouloud H.

Thank you Alex for booking my tours and for this wonderful review. It was good to guide you to the Kansai region and I am glad that you liked it! I wish you the best for the rest of your stay in Tokyo and I hope to see you again. Best!


Nadia H.

Sep 15, 2022

Osaka Tour

Mouloud was exceptional! He arrives promptly at the airport for pick up even when my flight was landing quite late that day, and was very familiar with the city’s attractions. He is also familiar and reliable with Osaka’s public transportation, super helpful in saving us time when going to USJ by catching the direct train!

Mouloud H.

Thank you, Nadia. It was great to guide you to discover Osaka! I am glad you liked it. I hope you come back soon to visit Japan.